AvnWx Privacy Policy

In summary, we collect what you provide us, store it to provide better service, and disclose it to no one, except where required by the government following legal processes. We do not sell or disclose email address, we do not "share" them with others, nor do we send unsolicited emails to you.


We don't do anything in secret. Here's what and how we collect information.

Cookies: When you access AvnWx.com, we set and update a few cookies associated exclusively with this site. The cookies allow us to identify you as a returning visitor. For some browsers, we use cookies to store information to setup your browser to your preferences (IE6). You may disable cookies and most features should continue to work.
Local Storage: For IE7+, Safari and Chrome browsers, we try to use standard browser Local Storage (UserData for IE7) to store information about your browser preferences: what to display, whether tooltips are active, etc. instead of standard cookies. This information is available only to this website and acts like a 'super cookie' except it doesn't send the information back to the server (which is great, because the server doesn't want to know!)
Log information: Our servers automatically record information sent by your browser, each time you access the site. These are standard server logs, which record information such as your request, Internet Protocol address, browser information and cookies associated with your browser.
User communications: When you send email, we may keep a copy of the communication (including your email) for the purpose of resolving your inquiry or improving our service. If you provide us with a photo, we store a copy of that photo for use with this website.
Online comments: When you provide comments or feedback via our online method (rather than via the email form) we will display your comment, together with a portion of your email address -- we exclude your domain information. This allows us to work better as a community where we (each) take responsibility for our own posts and comments. If you don't like this idea, don't post a comment. You may email us, to keep your comments private. AvnWx.com reserves to right to edit comments for clarity, and delete comments which are offensive, redundant, or severely off-topic. Please use a Forum (AOPA, Pilots Of America, Purple Board, etc.) for lengthy discussions. We'll also expunge older comments to save space. We also have a page on Facebook where you can leave comments and questions. Facebook comments and questions are generally kept, but AvnWx.com still reserves the right to remove comments and block users.
Information you provide: Information about you, your aircraft, your flightplans, etc., which you may provide to AvnWx.com may be stored for your later retrieval. We do not make this information available to other people. In the future we may make some anonymous information available (such as "recent flight plans" between similar endpoints, but at no time will we make your information directly visible to others such as using user id or airplane number.
Links: In order to better understand usage of this site, AvnWx.com may use simple link-navigation software which records the order in which you traverse pages on this site. This allows us improve service by understanding how people tend to access and use the site. Since 2007 we've been using Google Analytics...just like a bazillion other websites.


In general, information which we collect are for the following purposes:

Provide you service: That is, we store information about you and your preferences to provide you with the convenience on not having to re-enter similar information on future visits. We record payment information, if applicable.
Improve our offering: Server logs, links, etc., are scanned to gather information about usage trends, to make sure we're offering a workable solution to as many people as possible. From the logs, for example, we can see which browser versions are in use, and this allows us to test for compatibility. Additionally, we can see which airports (areas) are accessed the most, allowing us to focus efforts to provide good service to those who use AvnWx.com the most... If no one accesses Alaska, then we don't spend time in Alaska. Alternatively (and in direct contrast with the previous statement), we can see which areas are not being used, and this allows us to reevaluate the offering... If no one accesses Alaska, then perhaps we're doing something wrong or inadequte for Alaska.
Provide advertising statistics: Because most of the site is supported by advertising, aggregate usage information is used to justify advertising rates. Being able to say the site is used by 500 different pilots daily (for example) means more to a potential advertiser than saying my grandmother checks it out once a week. Only aggregated statistics are provided, including number of users, visits, and which airports. Individually identifying information -- N-numbers, IP addresses, email addresses, are never provided.


Third parties: We do not provide affiliates with any information about you. All processing of information is done by AvnWx.com, on AvnWx.com servers, located in the United States. We do contract with PayPal for processing of payments, but you provide that information to PayPal at their request. See Affiliates below, for details about any affiliate agreements.
Regulatory compliance: Honestly, I can't imagine what this may mean, but if the law enforcement asks, I may be required to provide information. I intend to comply with valid legal processes such as search warrants, court orders, or subpoenas seeking personal information. I am not a lawyer, don't play one on TV.

Your Choice

Ultimately, you have control over the data we collect, and if you are uncomforable about any aspect, contact us using the "Email Us" link at the top of the page. We may be able to allay your fears, or alter our service to provide a better environment for all.

You may choose to disable cookies. You may choose to not provide us with airplane, email, etc. information. Or, if provided, you may choose to remove that information, associated with your login preferences.

Your IP address and queries will always be logged in standard server logs, as there is not an effective way to provide you service without logging access. If this makes you uncomfortable, don't use this site.


Some services are provided by affiliates who have their own privacy policies. At this time, the Pilot Shop is managed by AviationFulfillmentCenter which has provides its own Privacy Policy. No information you provide to AvnWx.com (this website) is shared with the Pilot Shop (you will use a separate login, for example.) Your use of the Pilot Shop does support AvnWx.com, keeping as much of our website free and available for all. Thank you.

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