AvnWx QICP Certification

Qualified Internet Communications Provider (QICP) servers and communication interfaces are approved by the FAA as secure, reliable, and accessible in accordance with AC 00-62.

Current AvnWx.com QICP Status

At present, this website is not certified.

The plan is to partition the site such that only the Weather Brief pages are certified. This is to support the regulation which requires we store at least 15 days of information associated with your login on certified pages.

There is no plan to have the Map Page QICP certified.

You can identify pages which are certified by the existence of the message under the logo in the upper left of the window indicating the certification status:
QICP ceritified page
Pages which have no message are not certified, or include a different message such as: non-QICP certified page

As a temporary measure, some pages indicate they are "Not Yet QICP" certified. These are pages for which certification is being applied, but are not currently certified.

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