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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in Vermont from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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04VT: Lightning Bolt Field, Cabot VT15: Savage Island, Grand Isle
05VT: Port Of Highgate Springs, Highgate Springs VT16: Velco, Rutland
07VT: Meadow, Jericho VT17: Smith, Ludlow
0B7: Warren-Sugarbush, Warren VT22: Shelburne Farms, Shelburne
11VT: Burke, Killington VT23: Bostwick Farm, Shelburne
18VT: Springfield Hospital, Springfield VT25: Sky Acres, South Burlington
1VT8: Mortimer Brown Landing, Castleton VT26: Allenholm, South Hero
22VT: Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital, Johnsbury VT28: Vergennes Armory, Vergennes
26VT: Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, Brattleboro VT30: Ketcham Lndg Area, Waitsfield
29VT: Middle Hero, Grand Isle VT31: Carriers Skypark, Washington
2B9: Post Mills, Post Mills VT32: Bobby, Brookline
2VT2: Northern Lights, Alburg VT34: Major W Guth, Westminster
36VT: North Hero Passage, North Hero VT36: Mchv, Burlington
37VT: Brisson, Shoreham VT37: Windsor Armory, Windsor
42VT: Frogs End, Shelburne VT38: Greenwoods Airfield, Alburg
47VT: Cub Field, Panton VT39: Taylor, Wolcott
48VT: Cub Cove, Colchester VT40: Wenlock Crossing, Ferdinand
4V8: Deerfield Valley Regional, West Dover VT42: Two Tails, Morrisville
5B1: John H Boylan State (Island Pond), Island Pond VT43: Onyon, Townshend
66VT: Symon, Shoreham VT44: Perras Field, Morrisville
67VT: Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington VT45: Davis Private, Jericho
6B0: Middlebury State, Middlebury VT46: Northern Lights, Alburg
88VT: Hawk's Nest, Isle Lamotte VT47: Miller Farm Airfield, Vernon
B06: Basin Harbor, Vergennes VT50: Enosburg Falls Armory, Enosburg Falls
BTV: Burlington International, Burlington VT51: Essex Junction, Essex Junction
CDA: Caledonia County, Lyndonville VT52: Shaw Meadow, Milton
DDH: William H Morse State, Bennington VT53: Bailey, Panton
EFK: Northeast Kingdom International, Newport VT55: Brandon, Randolph
FSO: Franklin County State, Highgate VT56: West Burke Aerodrome, West Burke
MPV: Edward F Knapp State, Barre/Montpelier VT57: Malletts Head, Colchester
MVL: Morrisville-Stowe State, Morrisville VT59: Ardell Flying Field, Manchester
RUT: Rutland - Southern Vermont Regional, Rutland VT60: Hulett Landing Strip, West Pawlett
VSF: Hartness State (Springfield), Springfield VT61: Rutland Regional Medical Center, Rutland
VT01: Teal Farm, Huntington VT62: Catamount Airfield, Cabot
VT03: Maule's Roost, Lincoln VT63: Douglas Field, North Troy
VT04: Southwestern Vermont, Bennington VT64: Mountain View Farm, Morristown
VT06: Santa's, Putney VT65: Central Vermont Medical Center, Barre
VT08: Bradford Armory, Bradford VT70: North Country Hospital, Newport
VT09: Spencer, Addison VT73: Melrose Springs Airfield, Bridport
VT10: Manning Personal Airstrip, Bridport VT8: Shelburne, Shelburne
VT11: Ass-Pirin Acres, Addison VT88: Vtpad, South Lincoln
VT12: E A Deeds Farm, Charlotte VT95: Gifford Memorial Hospital, Randolph
VT13: Holloway, Chester VT96: Mansfield Heliflight Inc, Milton
VT14: Axinn, Weybridge

Ordered by City

Addison: VT09, Spencer Milton: VT96, Mansfield Heliflight Inc
Addison: VT11, Ass-Pirin Acres Morristown: VT64, Mountain View Farm
Alburg: 2VT2, Northern Lights Morrisville: MVL, Morrisville-Stowe State
Alburg: VT38, Greenwoods Airfield Morrisville: VT42, Two Tails
Alburg: VT46, Northern Lights Morrisville: VT44, Perras Field
Barre: VT65, Central Vermont Medical Center Newport: EFK, Northeast Kingdom International
Barre/Montpelier: MPV, Edward F Knapp State Newport: VT70, North Country Hospital
Bennington: DDH, William H Morse State North Hero: 36VT, North Hero Passage
Bennington: VT04, Southwestern Vermont North Troy: VT63, Douglas Field
Bradford: VT08, Bradford Armory Panton: 47VT, Cub Field
Brattleboro: 26VT, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Panton: VT53, Bailey
Bridport: VT10, Manning Personal Airstrip Post Mills: 2B9, Post Mills
Bridport: VT73, Melrose Springs Airfield Putney: VT06, Santa's
Brookline: VT32, Bobby Randolph: VT55, Brandon
Burlington: 67VT, Fletcher Allen Health Care Randolph: VT95, Gifford Memorial Hospital
Burlington: BTV, Burlington International Rutland: RUT, Rutland - Southern Vermont Regional
Burlington: VT36, Mchv Rutland: VT16, Velco
Cabot: 04VT, Lightning Bolt Field Rutland: VT61, Rutland Regional Medical Center
Cabot: VT62, Catamount Airfield Shelburne: 42VT, Frogs End
Castleton: 1VT8, Mortimer Brown Landing Shelburne: VT22, Shelburne Farms
Charlotte: VT12, E A Deeds Farm Shelburne: VT23, Bostwick Farm
Chester: VT13, Holloway Shelburne: VT8, Shelburne
Colchester: 48VT, Cub Cove Shoreham: 37VT, Brisson
Colchester: VT57, Malletts Head Shoreham: 66VT, Symon
Enosburg Falls: VT50, Enosburg Falls Armory South Burlington: VT25, Sky Acres
Essex Junction: VT51, Essex Junction South Hero: VT26, Allenholm
Ferdinand: VT40, Wenlock Crossing South Lincoln: VT88, Vtpad
Grand Isle: 29VT, Middle Hero Springfield: 18VT, Springfield Hospital
Grand Isle: VT15, Savage Island Springfield: VSF, Hartness State (Springfield)
Highgate: FSO, Franklin County State Townshend: VT43, Onyon
Highgate Springs: 05VT, Port Of Highgate Springs Vergennes: B06, Basin Harbor
Huntington: VT01, Teal Farm Vergennes: VT28, Vergennes Armory
Island Pond: 5B1, John H Boylan State (Island Pond) Vernon: VT47, Miller Farm Airfield
Isle Lamotte: 88VT, Hawk's Nest Waitsfield: VT30, Ketcham Lndg Area
Jericho: 07VT, Meadow Warren: 0B7, Warren-Sugarbush
Jericho: VT45, Davis Private Washington: VT31, Carriers Skypark
Johnsbury: 22VT, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital West Burke: VT56, West Burke Aerodrome
Killington: 11VT, Burke West Dover: 4V8, Deerfield Valley Regional
Lincoln: VT03, Maule's Roost West Pawlett: VT60, Hulett Landing Strip
Ludlow: VT17, Smith Westminster: VT34, Major W Guth
Lyndonville: CDA, Caledonia County Weybridge: VT14, Axinn
Manchester: VT59, Ardell Flying Field Windsor: VT37, Windsor Armory
Middlebury: 6B0, Middlebury State Wolcott: VT39, Taylor
Milton: VT52, Shaw Meadow