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Using Skype to hear ASOS

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You want really real-time weather? Call the ASOS. With Skype, you can do it from your browser.

Skype is an Internet phone service provided by Skype Limited. is not affiliated with Skype, but we have added links which will enable you to call automated phone systems (such as ATIS and AWOS) via the Internet. When you see phone numbers with the Skype-enabled button you can click on the button and hear the information directly on your computer: no need to grab your phone or write down the number.

You will need to have your own Skype account. In addition, you will need to enable it for "SkypeOut", which allows you to dial out from your computer to regular landlines. Each call to ATIS or ASOS will either be free (US/Canada only, with "Skype Unlimited") or run just a few cents (using "Skype Credit"), payable through your Skype account. Of course, you don't have to just listen to weather, you can also call anyone, anywhere.

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More information is available on the map's Forms and Controls, on the map's icons, and on the data sources.

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