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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in New Mexico from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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New Mexico

01NM: Champion Ranch, Artesia NM08: Solo Ranch, Deming
03NM: Miner's Colfax Medical Center, Raton NM09: First Aero Squadron Airpark, Columbus
0E0: Moriarty Muni, Moriarty NM1: Black Rock, Zuni
0E8: Crownpoint, Crownpoint NM10: Tequesquite Ranch, Albert
0NM0: Columbus Muni, Columbus NM11: University Of Nm Hospital, Albuquerque
0NM7: Negrito Airstrip, Reserve NM13: Rancho Milagro, Taos
13NM: Beaverhead Airstrip, Silver City NM14: Wedding Cake Ranch, Clayton
13Q: Jewett Mesa, Apache Creek NM15: Los Alamos Medical Center, Los Alamos
18T: Tatum, Tatum NM16: Chama Land & Cattle Co, Chama
1N1: Sandia Airpark Estates East, Edgewood NM17: Ray Ranch, Roy
1NM0: Me-Own, Silver City NM19: Ruidoso, Ruidoso
1V0: Navajo Lake, Navajo Dam NM20: Benedict Airpark, Roswell
24N: Jicarilla Apache Nation, Dulce NM22: Sierra Vista Hospital, Truth Or Consequences
25NM: Dream Catcher Ranch, Pie Town NM24: Eastside, Chama
2NM9: High Desert Ranch, Corona NM25: Lincoln Station, Corona
30NM: Crusader, Sedan NM26: Luna Landing, Deming
4AZ2: Block Ranch, Capitan NM27: Sanostee, Gallup
50NM: Sandoval Rgnl Medical Center, Rio Rancho NM28: Beckett Farm, Tularosa
52NM: Timberon, Alamogordo NM29: Rosebud, Rosebud
55NM: Burris Ranch Nr 1, Belen NM31: Elk Valley, Pie Town
57NM: Monte Prieto Ranch, Claunch NM32: Bell Ranch Waggoner, Bell Ranch
5V5: Shiprock Airstrip, Shiprock NM33: Bell Ranch Headquarters, Bell Ranch
62NM: Seven Rivers, Carlsbad NM34: Keelin, Alamogordo
65NM: Curtis And Curtis, Forrest NM35: Socorro General Hospital, Socorro
68NM: Flying H Ranch, Hope NM37: Adobe Ranch Private, Truth Or Consequences
72NM: Otero Mill, La Luz NM38: Double V Ranch, Fort Sumner
7NM1: Mesa Verde Ranch Strip, Alamogordo NM41: Happy Mountain, Pie Town
82NM: Skeen Ranch, Picacho NM42: Aero Tech Inc, Clovis
85NM: Playas Medical Bldg, Playas NM43: Southwell H Q, Hachita
94E: Whiskey Creek, Silver City NM45: Pay Jay Nr 1, Artesia
95E: Stallion AAF, Socorro NM46: Pay Jay Nr 2, Artesia
9NM9: Spaceport America, Truth Or Consequences NM47: 2 X 4 Ranch, Artesia
ABQ: Albuquerque Intl Sunport, Albuquerque NM48: Esenada, Ensenada
AEG: Double Eagle II, Albuquerque NM49: J & M Farms, Willard
ALM: Alamogordo-White Sands Rgnl, Alamogordo NM50: Lovelace Westside Hospital, Albuquerque
ATS: Artesia Muni, Artesia NM51: Chloride, Chloride
AXX: Angel Fire, Angel Fire NM52: Camco Ranch, Nara Visa
BRG: Belen Rgnl, Belen NM53: San Miguel Ranch, Las Vegas
C12: Cimarron, Cimarron NM55: Whitewater Mesa Ranch, Glenwood
C54: Catron County, Quemado NM56: Mystic Bluffs, Ramah
CAO: Clayton Muni Arpk, Clayton NM57: Governor's Residence, Santa Fe
CNM: Cavern City Air Trml, Carlsbad NM58: Emergency Operations Center, Truth Or Consequences
CVN: Clovis Muni, Clovis NM62: Sjrmc, Farmington
CVS: Cannon AFB, Clovis NM64: Gray Ranch, Animas
DMN: Deming Muni, Deming NM65: Holy Cross Hospital, Taos
DNA: Dona Ana County Intl Jetport, Santa Teresa NM66: Poco Loco, Pie Town
E05: Hatch Muni, Hatch NM69: Casas Adobes Airpark, Mimbres
E06: Lea County-Zip Franklin Memorial, Lovington NM70: Rodeo, Rodeo
E14: Ohkay Owingeh, Espanola NM73: Akin And Akin, Mc Alister
E26: Lea County/Jal/, Jal NM74: Cubero, Cubero
E32: Lindrith Airpark, Lindrith NM76: Park Springs, Anton Chico
E61: Conchas Lake, Conchas Dam NM77: Memorial Medical Center, Las Cruces
E89: Conchas Lake, Conchas Dam NM78: Hacienda Sur Luna, Columbus
E92: Estancia Muni, Estancia NM80: Quemado, Quemado
E94: Glenwood, Glenwood NM83: Industrial Airpark, Hobbs
E98: Mid Valley Airpark, Los Lunas NM84: G Bar F Ranch, Capitan
F37: Carrizozo Muni, Carrizozo NM85: Gila Rgnl, Silver City
FMN: Four Corners Rgnl, Farmington NM86: Playas Air Strip, Playas
FSU: Fort Sumner Muni, Fort Sumner NM87: Jenkins, Roswell
GNT: Grants-Milan Muni, Grants NM88: Skywagon Farm, Bosque
GUP: Gallup Muni, Gallup NM89: Manzano Mtn Air Ranch, Los Lunas
HMN: Holloman AFB, Alamogordo NM90: Amigos Del Cielo, Rodeo
HOB: Lea County Rgnl, Hobbs NM91: High Lonesome, Fence Lake
LAM: Los Alamos, Los Alamos NM92: Tierra De Dios, Rowe
LRU: Las Cruces Intl, Las Cruces NM93: Lovelace Regional Hospital - Roswell, Roswell
LSB: Lordsburg Muni, Lordsburg NM94: Nor Lea County General Hospital, Lovington
LVS: Las Vegas Muni, Las Vegas NM95: Careflight 25, Carlsbad
M10: Mountainair Muni, Mountainair NM99: Murrow Field On The Divide, Gavilan
N01: Mosquero Emergency Services, Mosquero ONM: Socorro Muni, Socorro
N02: Red River, Red River PRZ: Portales Muni, Portales
N17: Vaughn Muni, Vaughn ROW: Roswell Intl Air Center, Roswell
N19: Aztec Muni, Aztec RTN: Raton Muni/Crews Field, Raton
N24: Questa Muni Nr 2, Questa S42: Springer Muni, Springer
N29: Magdalena, Magdalena SAF: Santa Fe Muni, Santa Fe
NM00: Albuquerque Rgnl Medical Center, Albuquerque SKX: Taos Rgnl, Taos
NM01: Rancho Magdalena, Magdalena SRR: Sierra Blanca Rgnl, Ruidoso
NM02: Biplane Ranch, Moriarty SVC: Grant County, Silver City
NM03: Grant Besley, Taos SXU: Santa Rosa Route 66, Santa Rosa
NM04: Mimbres Memorial Hospital, Deming T16: Reserve, Reserve
NM05: Cielo Dorado Estates, Santa Teresa TCC: Tucumcari Muni, Tucumcari
NM06: St Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe TCS: Truth Or Consequences Muni, Truth Or Consequences
NM07: Home, Peralta XNI: Andrew Othole Memorial, Zuni

Ordered by City

Alamogordo: 52NM, Timberon Las Vegas: NM53, San Miguel Ranch
Alamogordo: 7NM1, Mesa Verde Ranch Strip Lindrith: E32, Lindrith Airpark
Alamogordo: ALM, Alamogordo-White Sands Rgnl Lordsburg: LSB, Lordsburg Muni
Alamogordo: HMN, Holloman AFB Los Alamos: LAM, Los Alamos
Alamogordo: NM34, Keelin Los Alamos: NM15, Los Alamos Medical Center
Albert: NM10, Tequesquite Ranch Los Lunas: E98, Mid Valley Airpark
Albuquerque: ABQ, Albuquerque Intl Sunport Los Lunas: NM89, Manzano Mtn Air Ranch
Albuquerque: AEG, Double Eagle II Lovington: E06, Lea County-Zip Franklin Memorial
Albuquerque: NM00, Albuquerque Rgnl Medical Center Lovington: NM94, Nor Lea County General Hospital
Albuquerque: NM11, University Of Nm Hospital Magdalena: N29, Magdalena
Albuquerque: NM50, Lovelace Westside Hospital Magdalena: NM01, Rancho Magdalena
Angel Fire: AXX, Angel Fire Mc Alister: NM73, Akin And Akin
Animas: NM64, Gray Ranch Mimbres: NM69, Casas Adobes Airpark
Anton Chico: NM76, Park Springs Moriarty: 0E0, Moriarty Muni
Apache Creek: 13Q, Jewett Mesa Moriarty: NM02, Biplane Ranch
Artesia: 01NM, Champion Ranch Mosquero: N01, Mosquero Emergency Services
Artesia: ATS, Artesia Muni Mountainair: M10, Mountainair Muni
Artesia: NM45, Pay Jay Nr 1 Nara Visa: NM52, Camco Ranch
Artesia: NM46, Pay Jay Nr 2 Navajo Dam: 1V0, Navajo Lake
Artesia: NM47, 2 X 4 Ranch Peralta: NM07, Home
Aztec: N19, Aztec Muni Picacho: 82NM, Skeen Ranch
Belen: 55NM, Burris Ranch Nr 1 Pie Town: 25NM, Dream Catcher Ranch
Belen: BRG, Belen Rgnl Pie Town: NM31, Elk Valley
Bell Ranch: NM32, Bell Ranch Waggoner Pie Town: NM41, Happy Mountain
Bell Ranch: NM33, Bell Ranch Headquarters Pie Town: NM66, Poco Loco
Bosque: NM88, Skywagon Farm Playas: 85NM, Playas Medical Bldg
Capitan: 4AZ2, Block Ranch Playas: NM86, Playas Air Strip
Capitan: NM84, G Bar F Ranch Portales: PRZ, Portales Muni
Carlsbad: 62NM, Seven Rivers Quemado: C54, Catron County
Carlsbad: CNM, Cavern City Air Trml Quemado: NM80, Quemado
Carlsbad: NM95, Careflight 25 Questa: N24, Questa Muni Nr 2
Carrizozo: F37, Carrizozo Muni Ramah: NM56, Mystic Bluffs
Chama: NM16, Chama Land & Cattle Co Raton: 03NM, Miner's Colfax Medical Center
Chama: NM24, Eastside Raton: RTN, Raton Muni/Crews Field
Chloride: NM51, Chloride Red River: N02, Red River
Cimarron: C12, Cimarron Reserve: 0NM7, Negrito Airstrip
Claunch: 57NM, Monte Prieto Ranch Reserve: T16, Reserve
Clayton: CAO, Clayton Muni Arpk Rio Rancho: 50NM, Sandoval Rgnl Medical Center
Clayton: NM14, Wedding Cake Ranch Rodeo: NM70, Rodeo
Clovis: CVN, Clovis Muni Rodeo: NM90, Amigos Del Cielo
Clovis: CVS, Cannon AFB Rosebud: NM29, Rosebud
Clovis: NM42, Aero Tech Inc Roswell: NM20, Benedict Airpark
Columbus: 0NM0, Columbus Muni Roswell: NM87, Jenkins
Columbus: NM09, First Aero Squadron Airpark Roswell: NM93, Lovelace Regional Hospital - Roswell
Columbus: NM78, Hacienda Sur Luna Roswell: ROW, Roswell Intl Air Center
Conchas Dam: E61, Conchas Lake Rowe: NM92, Tierra De Dios
Conchas Dam: E89, Conchas Lake Roy: NM17, Ray Ranch
Corona: 2NM9, High Desert Ranch Ruidoso: NM19, Ruidoso
Corona: NM25, Lincoln Station Ruidoso: SRR, Sierra Blanca Rgnl
Crownpoint: 0E8, Crownpoint Santa Fe: NM06, St Vincent Hospital
Cubero: NM74, Cubero Santa Fe: NM57, Governor's Residence
Deming: DMN, Deming Muni Santa Fe: SAF, Santa Fe Muni
Deming: NM04, Mimbres Memorial Hospital Santa Rosa: SXU, Santa Rosa Route 66
Deming: NM08, Solo Ranch Santa Teresa: DNA, Dona Ana County Intl Jetport
Deming: NM26, Luna Landing Santa Teresa: NM05, Cielo Dorado Estates
Dulce: 24N, Jicarilla Apache Nation Sedan: 30NM, Crusader
Edgewood: 1N1, Sandia Airpark Estates East Shiprock: 5V5, Shiprock Airstrip
Ensenada: NM48, Esenada Silver City: 13NM, Beaverhead Airstrip
Espanola: E14, Ohkay Owingeh Silver City: 1NM0, Me-Own
Estancia: E92, Estancia Muni Silver City: 94E, Whiskey Creek
Farmington: FMN, Four Corners Rgnl Silver City: NM85, Gila Rgnl
Farmington: NM62, Sjrmc Silver City: SVC, Grant County
Fence Lake: NM91, High Lonesome Socorro: 95E, Stallion AAF
Forrest: 65NM, Curtis And Curtis Socorro: NM35, Socorro General Hospital
Fort Sumner: FSU, Fort Sumner Muni Socorro: ONM, Socorro Muni
Fort Sumner: NM38, Double V Ranch Springer: S42, Springer Muni
Gallup: GUP, Gallup Muni Taos: NM03, Grant Besley
Gallup: NM27, Sanostee Taos: NM13, Rancho Milagro
Gavilan: NM99, Murrow Field On The Divide Taos: NM65, Holy Cross Hospital
Glenwood: E94, Glenwood Taos: SKX, Taos Rgnl
Glenwood: NM55, Whitewater Mesa Ranch Tatum: 18T, Tatum
Grants: GNT, Grants-Milan Muni Truth Or Consequences: 9NM9, Spaceport America
Hachita: NM43, Southwell H Q Truth Or Consequences: NM22, Sierra Vista Hospital
Hatch: E05, Hatch Muni Truth Or Consequences: NM37, Adobe Ranch Private
Hobbs: HOB, Lea County Rgnl Truth Or Consequences: NM58, Emergency Operations Center
Hobbs: NM83, Industrial Airpark Truth Or Consequences: TCS, Truth Or Consequences Muni
Hope: 68NM, Flying H Ranch Tucumcari: TCC, Tucumcari Muni
Jal: E26, Lea County/Jal/ Tularosa: NM28, Beckett Farm
La Luz: 72NM, Otero Mill Vaughn: N17, Vaughn Muni
Las Cruces: LRU, Las Cruces Intl Willard: NM49, J & M Farms
Las Cruces: NM77, Memorial Medical Center Zuni: NM1, Black Rock
Las Vegas: LVS, Las Vegas Muni Zuni: XNI, Andrew Othole Memorial