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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in Delaware from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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0N4: Chandelle Estates, Dover DE16: Rollins Bldg, Wilmington
0N5: Deldot Helistop, Dover DE17: Sugar Hill, Greenwood
0N6: Henderson Aviation, Felton DE19: Duffy's, Townsend
15N: Jenkins, Wyoming DE20: Spirit Airpark, Townsend
16DE: A I Dupont Children's Hospital, Wilmington DE21: West Private, Roxana
1DE5: Mckeown, Middletown DE23: Ockel Farms, Milton
23DE: Full Throttle Farm, Clayton DE24: Elliott, Dover
2DE2: Willaview, Farmington DE25: Eagle Crest-Hudson, Milton
2DE3: Hrupsa, Felton DE26: Christina Hospital, Newark
33N: Delaware Airpark, Dover/Cheswold DE29: Scotty's Place, Smyrna
38N: Smyrna, Smyrna DE30: Bracebridge III, Wilmington
64DE: Bayhealth Medical Center, Dover DE31: Greenville, Wilmington
D74: Chorman, Farmington DE32: Belfair, Felton
DE00: Doyle's, Felton DE33: Okolona Plantation, Middletown
DE02: Delaware State Police, Dover DE34: Townsend A, Townsend
DE03: Dover Downs Helistop, Dover DOV: Dover Air Force Base, Dover
DE04: Newberg, Smyrna EVY: Summit, Middletown
DE07: Flying C, Hartly GED: Sussex County, Georgetown
DE09: Johnsons, Magnolia ILG: New Castle, Wilmington
DE14: Huey, Bridgeville N06: Laurel, Laurel
DE15: Pevey, Seaford

Ordered by City

Bridgeville: DE14, Huey Middletown: 1DE5, Mckeown
Clayton: 23DE, Full Throttle Farm Middletown: DE33, Okolona Plantation
Dover: 0N4, Chandelle Estates Middletown: EVY, Summit
Dover: 0N5, Deldot Helistop Milton: DE23, Ockel Farms
Dover: 64DE, Bayhealth Medical Center Milton: DE25, Eagle Crest-Hudson
Dover: DE02, Delaware State Police Newark: DE26, Christina Hospital
Dover: DE03, Dover Downs Helistop Roxana: DE21, West Private
Dover: DE24, Elliott Seaford: DE15, Pevey
Dover: DOV, Dover Air Force Base Smyrna: 38N, Smyrna
Dover/Cheswold: 33N, Delaware Airpark Smyrna: DE04, Newberg
Farmington: 2DE2, Willaview Smyrna: DE29, Scotty's Place
Farmington: D74, Chorman Townsend: DE19, Duffy's
Felton: 0N6, Henderson Aviation Townsend: DE20, Spirit Airpark
Felton: 2DE3, Hrupsa Townsend: DE34, Townsend A
Felton: DE00, Doyle's Wilmington: 16DE, A I Dupont Children's Hospital
Felton: DE32, Belfair Wilmington: DE16, Rollins Bldg
Georgetown: GED, Sussex County Wilmington: DE30, Bracebridge III
Greenwood: DE17, Sugar Hill Wilmington: DE31, Greenville
Hartly: DE07, Flying C Wilmington: ILG, New Castle
Laurel: N06, Laurel Wyoming: 15N, Jenkins
Magnolia: DE09, Johnsons