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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in Nevada from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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01NV: Lantana Ranch, Yerington NV06: Soldier Meadow Nr 1, Gerlach
01U: Duckwater, Duckwater NV07: Ranch Irene, Wells
02NV: Paiute Meadows, Winnemucca NV08: Petan Ranch, Mountain City
03NV: Llama Ranch, Ruby Valley NV09: H Bar H, Reno
04NV: Kingston Ranch, Sandy Valley NV10: Renegades Mines Partners Llc, Searchlight
05NV: Baker Ranches, Baker NV11: Owyhee Hospital, Owyhee
05U: Eureka, Eureka NV12: I-L Ranch, Tuscarora
06NV: Silver Creek, Baker NV14: Juniper, Montello
06U: Jackpot/Hayden Field, Jackpot NV15: Carson-Tahoe Rgnl Medical Center, Carson City
07NV: Border Line Farm, Baker NV16: Boulder City Hospital, Boulder City
08U: Stevens-Crosby, North Fork NV17: Youngberg Ranch, Lemmon Valley
0L4: Lida Junction, Goldfield NV18: Logandale Fire/Ems, Logandale
0L7: Jean, Jean NV19: Pershing General Hospital, Lovelock
0L9: Echo Bay, Overton NV20: Northeastern Nevada Rgnl Hospital, Elko
0NV1: Summerlin Medical Center, Las Vegas NV21: Sky Ranch, Sandy Valley
10NV: Sunrise Mountain View Hospital, Las Vegas NV22: Red Rock Ranch, Elko
10U: Owyhee, Owyhee NV23: Air Sailing, Sparks
18NV: Empire, Empire NV24: Emerus, North Las Vegas
1A8: Goldfield, Goldfield NV25: St Rose Dominican Hospital, Henderson
1L1: Lincoln County, Panaca NV26: Banner Churchill Community Hospital, Fallon
1L3: Searchlight, Searchlight NV27: Circle L Ranch, Dyer
1L4: Kidwell, Cal Nev Ari NV28: Mt Grant Hospital, Hawthorne
1NV1: Fallon Southwest Airpark, Fallon NV29: Amargosa, Amargosa Valley
22NV: Humboldt General Hospital Ems, Winnemucca NV30: Dixie Valley, Fallon
25NV: Parker Carson, Carson City NV31: Barker Creek Ranch Airstrip, Round Mountain
26NV: Darrow Field, Fallon NV33: Farias Wheel, Smith Valley
2NV2: Gibb Ranch, Sparks NV34: University Medical Center-Southern Nevada, Las Vegas
2NV3: Vista Del Monte Lot 55, Mesquite NV35: Hudson, Austin
2NV8: Mercy Air-Pahrump, Pahrump NV36: Desert View Hospital, Pahrump
2Q9: Dyer, Dyer NV37: Eldorado Substation, Nelson
2VE2: Spring Valley Hospital, Las Vegas NV38: Klas Channel 8, Las Vegas
32NV: Henderson Hospital, Henderson NV39: Nevada Airways, Lovelock
3A5: Flying M Ranch, Yerington NV40: Action, Las Vegas
3L2: Sky Ranch, Sandy Valley NV44: South Lyon County Hospital, Yerington
3NV1: Desert Springs Hospital, Las Vegas NV45: Planet 13 Ems, Beatty
3Q0: Mina, Mina NV47: New Farm, Winnemucca
43NV: Topaz Ranch, Wellington NV49: Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center, Reno
53NV: Battle Mountain Ems, Battle Mountain NV53: Valley Hospital Medical Center, Las Vegas
55NV: Pruitt Aviation, Elko NV54: Flying S Ranch, Pahrump
64NV: St Rose Dominican San Martin Campus, Las Vegas NV55: Pinenut, Gardnerville
67L: Mesquite, Mesquite NV56: Centennial Hills Medical Center, Las Vegas
74P: Calvada Meadows, Pahrump NV57: Renown Rgnl Medical Center, Reno
77NV: Flying Eagle, Reno NV58: St Mary's Rgnl Medical Center, Reno
7NV8: Geyser Ranch, Ely/Pioche NV60: Carson-Tahoe Hospital, Carson City
88NV: Black Rock City, Gerlach NV61: Gilbert Development Corp, Las Vegas
90NV: Kpvm Television, Pahrump NV64: Swanson Ranch 3, Battle Mountain
99NV: Mesa View Rgnl Hospital, Mesquite NV65: Desert Rock, Mercury
9CA6: North Valley, Dyer NV67: Pilot Creek Ranches, Montello
9U7: Currant Ranch, Currant NV68: 16 Mile Road, Winnemucca
A34: Dayton Valley Airpark, Dayton/Carson City NV69: Northern Nevada Medical Center, Sparks
BAM: Battle Mountain, Battle Mountain NV72: Sweetwater (Usmc), Wellington
BTY: Beatty, Beatty NV77: Freedom Helipad, Reno
BVU: Boulder City Muni, Boulder City NV78: Remsa/Care Flight, Reno
CXP: Carson City, Carson City NV80: Ruby 360 Lodge, Lamoille
E85: Denio Junction, Denio NV81: Beatty Medical Clinic, Beatty
EKO: Elko Rgnl, Elko NV82: Dils Medical Center, Caliente
ELY: Ely/Yelland Field, Ely NV83: Hadley, Round Mountain
FLX: Fallon Muni, Fallon NV86: Sunrise Medical Center, Children's & Adult, Las Vegas
GAB: Gabbs, Gabbs NV88: Morris Ag Air, Orovada
HND: Henderson Exec, Las Vegas NV89: Red Owl Ranch, Crescent Valley
HTH: Hawthorne Industrial, Hawthorne NV91: Fly Sin City #1, Sandy Valley
INS: Creech AFB, Indian Springs NV92: Fly Sin City #2, Sandy Valley
L23: Pahute Mesa Airstrip, Mercury NV93: Fly Sin City #3, Sandy Valley
L92: Alamo Landing Field, Alamo NV95: Kyle Canyon, Las Vegas
LAS: Harry Reid Intl, Las Vegas NV96: Rolling Thunder, Sparks
LOL: Derby Field, Lovelock NV97: Desert Creek, Wellington
LSV: Nellis AFB, Las Vegas NV98: Caas, Pahrump
LWL: Wells Muni/Harriet Field, Wells NV99: Willow Creek Trading Post, Ely
MEV: Minden-Tahoe, Minden O43: Yerington Muni, Yerington
N15: Kingston, Kingston RNO: Reno/Tahoe Intl, Reno
N58: Samsarg Field, Fernley RTS: Reno/Stead, Reno
N59: Rosaschi Air Park, Smith SPZ: Silver Springs, Silver Springs
N86: Spanish Springs, Reno TMT: Austin, Austin
NFL: Fallon NAS (Van Voorhis Field), Fallon TNX: Tonopah Test Range, Tonopah
NV00: Valley View, Pahrump TPH: Tonopah, Tonopah
NV01: Echo Bay Marina, Overton U08: Perkins Field, Overton
NV02: O'Toole Ranch, Austin U74: Crescent Valley, Crescent Valley
NV03: Carson Valley Medical Center Gardnerville, Gardnerville VGT: North Las Vegas, Las Vegas
NV04: Marys River Ranch, Deeth WMC: Winnemucca Muni, Winnemucca
NV05: Soldier Meadow Nr 2, Gerlach

Ordered by City

Alamo: L92, Alamo Landing Field Las Vegas: NV95, Kyle Canyon
Amargosa Valley: NV29, Amargosa Las Vegas: VGT, North Las Vegas
Austin: NV02, O'Toole Ranch Lemmon Valley: NV17, Youngberg Ranch
Austin: NV35, Hudson Logandale: NV18, Logandale Fire/Ems
Austin: TMT, Austin Lovelock: LOL, Derby Field
Baker: 05NV, Baker Ranches Lovelock: NV19, Pershing General Hospital
Baker: 06NV, Silver Creek Lovelock: NV39, Nevada Airways
Baker: 07NV, Border Line Farm Mercury: L23, Pahute Mesa Airstrip
Battle Mountain: 53NV, Battle Mountain Ems Mercury: NV65, Desert Rock
Battle Mountain: BAM, Battle Mountain Mesquite: 2NV3, Vista Del Monte Lot 55
Battle Mountain: NV64, Swanson Ranch 3 Mesquite: 67L, Mesquite
Beatty: BTY, Beatty Mesquite: 99NV, Mesa View Rgnl Hospital
Beatty: NV45, Planet 13 Ems Mina: 3Q0, Mina
Beatty: NV81, Beatty Medical Clinic Minden: MEV, Minden-Tahoe
Boulder City: BVU, Boulder City Muni Montello: NV14, Juniper
Boulder City: NV16, Boulder City Hospital Montello: NV67, Pilot Creek Ranches
Cal Nev Ari: 1L4, Kidwell Mountain City: NV08, Petan Ranch
Caliente: NV82, Dils Medical Center Nelson: NV37, Eldorado Substation
Carson City: 25NV, Parker Carson North Fork: 08U, Stevens-Crosby
Carson City: CXP, Carson City North Las Vegas: NV24, Emerus
Carson City: NV15, Carson-Tahoe Rgnl Medical Center Orovada: NV88, Morris Ag Air
Carson City: NV60, Carson-Tahoe Hospital Overton: 0L9, Echo Bay
Crescent Valley: NV89, Red Owl Ranch Overton: NV01, Echo Bay Marina
Crescent Valley: U74, Crescent Valley Overton: U08, Perkins Field
Currant: 9U7, Currant Ranch Owyhee: 10U, Owyhee
Dayton/Carson City: A34, Dayton Valley Airpark Owyhee: NV11, Owyhee Hospital
Deeth: NV04, Marys River Ranch Pahrump: 2NV8, Mercy Air-Pahrump
Denio: E85, Denio Junction Pahrump: 74P, Calvada Meadows
Duckwater: 01U, Duckwater Pahrump: 90NV, Kpvm Television
Dyer: 2Q9, Dyer Pahrump: NV00, Valley View
Dyer: 9CA6, North Valley Pahrump: NV36, Desert View Hospital
Dyer: NV27, Circle L Ranch Pahrump: NV54, Flying S Ranch
Elko: 55NV, Pruitt Aviation Pahrump: NV98, Caas
Elko: EKO, Elko Rgnl Panaca: 1L1, Lincoln County
Elko: NV20, Northeastern Nevada Rgnl Hospital Reno: 77NV, Flying Eagle
Elko: NV22, Red Rock Ranch Reno: N86, Spanish Springs
Ely: ELY, Ely/Yelland Field Reno: NV09, H Bar H
Ely: NV99, Willow Creek Trading Post Reno: NV49, Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center
Ely/Pioche: 7NV8, Geyser Ranch Reno: NV57, Renown Rgnl Medical Center
Empire: 18NV, Empire Reno: NV58, St Mary's Rgnl Medical Center
Eureka: 05U, Eureka Reno: NV77, Freedom Helipad
Fallon: 1NV1, Fallon Southwest Airpark Reno: NV78, Remsa/Care Flight
Fallon: 26NV, Darrow Field Reno: RNO, Reno/Tahoe Intl
Fallon: FLX, Fallon Muni Reno: RTS, Reno/Stead
Fallon: NFL, Fallon NAS (Van Voorhis Field) Round Mountain: NV31, Barker Creek Ranch Airstrip
Fallon: NV26, Banner Churchill Community Hospital Round Mountain: NV83, Hadley
Fallon: NV30, Dixie Valley Ruby Valley: 03NV, Llama Ranch
Fernley: N58, Samsarg Field Sandy Valley: 04NV, Kingston Ranch
Gabbs: GAB, Gabbs Sandy Valley: 3L2, Sky Ranch
Gardnerville: NV03, Carson Valley Medical Center Gardnerville Sandy Valley: NV21, Sky Ranch
Gardnerville: NV55, Pinenut Sandy Valley: NV91, Fly Sin City #1
Gerlach: 88NV, Black Rock City Sandy Valley: NV92, Fly Sin City #2
Gerlach: NV05, Soldier Meadow Nr 2 Sandy Valley: NV93, Fly Sin City #3
Gerlach: NV06, Soldier Meadow Nr 1 Searchlight: 1L3, Searchlight
Goldfield: 0L4, Lida Junction Searchlight: NV10, Renegades Mines Partners Llc
Goldfield: 1A8, Goldfield Silver Springs: SPZ, Silver Springs
Hawthorne: HTH, Hawthorne Industrial Smith: N59, Rosaschi Air Park
Hawthorne: NV28, Mt Grant Hospital Smith Valley: NV33, Farias Wheel
Henderson: 32NV, Henderson Hospital Sparks: 2NV2, Gibb Ranch
Henderson: NV25, St Rose Dominican Hospital Sparks: NV23, Air Sailing
Indian Springs: INS, Creech AFB Sparks: NV69, Northern Nevada Medical Center
Jackpot: 06U, Jackpot/Hayden Field Sparks: NV96, Rolling Thunder
Jean: 0L7, Jean Tonopah: TNX, Tonopah Test Range
Kingston: N15, Kingston Tonopah: TPH, Tonopah
Lamoille: NV80, Ruby 360 Lodge Tuscarora: NV12, I-L Ranch
Las Vegas: 0NV1, Summerlin Medical Center Wellington: 43NV, Topaz Ranch
Las Vegas: 10NV, Sunrise Mountain View Hospital Wellington: NV72, Sweetwater (Usmc)
Las Vegas: 2VE2, Spring Valley Hospital Wellington: NV97, Desert Creek
Las Vegas: 3NV1, Desert Springs Hospital Wells: LWL, Wells Muni/Harriet Field
Las Vegas: 64NV, St Rose Dominican San Martin Campus Wells: NV07, Ranch Irene
Las Vegas: HND, Henderson Exec Winnemucca: 02NV, Paiute Meadows
Las Vegas: LAS, Harry Reid Intl Winnemucca: 22NV, Humboldt General Hospital Ems
Las Vegas: LSV, Nellis AFB Winnemucca: NV47, New Farm
Las Vegas: NV34, University Medical Center-Southern Nevada Winnemucca: NV68, 16 Mile Road
Las Vegas: NV38, Klas Channel 8 Winnemucca: WMC, Winnemucca Muni
Las Vegas: NV40, Action Yerington: 01NV, Lantana Ranch
Las Vegas: NV53, Valley Hospital Medical Center Yerington: 3A5, Flying M Ranch
Las Vegas: NV56, Centennial Hills Medical Center Yerington: NV44, South Lyon County Hospital
Las Vegas: NV61, Gilbert Development Corp Yerington: O43, Yerington Muni
Las Vegas: NV86, Sunrise Medical Center, Children's & Adult