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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in South Dakota from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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South Dakota

04SD: Cheyenne River Health Center, Eagle Butte D58: Timber Lake Municipal, Timber Lake
08SD: Douglas County Memorial Hospital, Armour D65: Corsica Municipal, Corsica
0D8: Gettysburg Municipal, Gettysburg EFC: Belle Fourche Municipal, Belle Fourche
0SD0: Lenling, Glencross FSD: Joe Foss Field, Sioux Falls
0SD1: Lodi, Wakonda HON: Huron Regional, Huron
0SD2: Prairie Lakes West, Watertown HSR: Hot Springs Municipal, Hot Springs
0SD3: Bledsoe Ranch, Hoover ICR: Winner Regional, Winner
0SD4: Brookings Health System, Brookings IEN: Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge
0SD5: The Fort, Custer LEM: Lemmon Municipal, Lemmon
0SD7: Porch Ranch, Wanblee MBG: Mobridge Municipal, Mobridge
0SD9: Crazy Horse, Custer MDS: Madison Municipal, Madison
10SD: Wanblee Health Center, Wanblee MHE: Mitchell Municipal, Mitchell
15SD: Brownlee, Watertown MKA: Miller Municipal, Miller
16SD: Madison Community Hospital, Madison PHP: Philip, Philip
17SD: Stone's Conservation, Gary PIR: Pierre Regional, Pierre
18SD: Lost Creek, Miller RAP: Rapid City Regional, Rapid City
1D1: Milbank Municipal, Milbank RCA: Ellsworth Air Force Base, Rapid City
1D3: Platte Municipal, Platte SD00: Mj Aviation II, Elk Point
1D7: The Sigurd Anderson, Webster SD01: Mj Aviation I, Letcher
1D8: Redfield Municipal, Redfield SD03: Calico Field, Winfred
1SD0: Dorsey Ranch, Glad Valley SD05: Thorson Airfield, Aberdeen
1SD1: Burke Field, Scotland SD06: Faulkton Area Medical Center, Faulkton
1SD3: Turkey Ridge, Hurley SD09: Mid-Dakota Hospital, Chamberlain
1SD4: Vig Limousin, Faith SD13: Hofer Private, Doland
1SD5: Drake Farm, White Lake SD14: Valburg Ranch, Draper
1SD6: Bogner No II, Oelrich'S SD17: Cdp Hospital, Sisseton
1SD7: Rosebud Comprehensive Health Care Facility, Rosebud SD18: Keystone Adventures, Rapid City
1SD9: Sanford Usd Medical Center, Sioux Falls SD19: Andersen Farms, Badger
20SD: Lutgen, White SD2: Lake Cochrane, Gary
26SD: Shooting Star Ranch, Radip City SD21: Hayes Emergency Airstrip, Hayes
27SD: Albrecht, De Smet SD22: Avera Dells Area Hospital, Dell Rapids
2E6: Groton Municipal, Groton SD23: Black Hills Health Care System, Hot Springs
2SD0: Paradise Valley, Nemo SD24: Bruch Ranch, Sturgis
2SD1: Mc Kennan Hospital, Sioux Falls SD25: Rappe Field, Ipswich
2SD4: Nicolaisen, Mount Vernon SD26: Mike Jacob Sturgis, Sturgis
2SD5: Sturgis, Sturgis SD29: Glenwood Field, Beresford
2SD6: Avera Heart Hospital Of South Dakota, Sioux Falls SD30: Selle, Bonesteel
2SD7: Dangel, Hurley SD32: Braun, Aberdeen
2SD9: Tc Field, Ipswich SD33: Sky Ranch For Boys, Camp Crook
30SD: Barber Field, Aberdeen SD35: Bruch Airfield, Sturgis
3A9: Arlington Municipal, Arlington SD36: Booth Ranch, Ridgeview
3FU: Faulkton Municipal, Faulkton SD40: Rapid City Regional Hospital, Rapid City
3SD2: Kauer Private, Box Elder SD42: Waltner & Richards, Bridgewater
3SD3: Brown Field, Scenic SD43: Ingle, Cavour
3SD4: Chris Hofer Landing Strip, Tea SD44: Cook Field, Chamberlain
3SD5: Dilligaf, Lead SD45: Community Memorial Hospital, Redfield
3V0: Custer State Park, Fairburn SD46: Jensen, Dell Rapids
3W8: Eureka Municipal, Eureka SD47: Hunt Field, Eagle Butte
3Y7: Isabel Municipal, Isabel SD48: Blomberg 42 Ranch Private, Faith
49B: Sturgis Municipal, Sturgis SD49: Hite Private, Ferney
4P3: Flandreau Municipal, Flandreau SD50: Harrold Municipal, Harrold
4SD4: Dan's, Rapid City SD52: Avera Queen Of Peace Hospital, Mitchell
4X4: Wessington Springs, Wessington Springs SD53: Howard Field, Beresford
5H3: Clear Lake Municipal, Clear Lake SD54: Avera St Luke's, Aberdeen
5P2: Mc Laughlin Municipal, Mc Laughlin SD55: Winter Airfield, Huron
5P5: Presho Municipal, Presho SD56: Ralph Myers, Onida
5SD3: Bowdle Municipal, Bowdle SD57: W L Thompson, Pierre
5T4: Herreid Municipal, Herreid SD58: Burke Hospital, Burke
5V8: Kadoka Municipal, Kadoka SD59: Lone Tree, Crocker
6A6: Kimball Municipal, Kimball SD61: Plihal Farms, Tyndall
6E5: Wilder, Desmet SD64: Estelline Medical Clinic, Estelline
6V0: Edgemont Municipal, Edgemont SD65: Whipple Ranch, Wilmot
6V4: Wall Municipal, Wall SD66: Cooks, Cottonwood
6V5: Bison Municipal, Bison SD67: Flandreau Medical Center, Flandreau
7G9: Canton Municipal, Canton SD68: Flying T, Hot Springs
7K7: Graham Field, North Sioux City SD69: Badlands, Interior
7Q7: White River Municipal, White River SD71: Bogner Field, Oelrichs
80SD: Comstock Field, Aberdeen SD72: Vig Ranch Airfield, Opal
84D: Cheyenne Eagle Butte, Eagle Butte SD73: Erickson, Valley Springs
8D3: Sisseton Municipal, Sisseton SD74: Vander Wal Private, Pollock
8D7: Clark County, Clark SD76: Tennant Ranch, Camp Crook
8D8: Lake Andes Municipal, Lake Andes SD77: Mettler, Menno
8D9: Howard Municipal, Howard SD78: Anderson Aerial Spraying, Kennebec
8F6: Murdo Municipal, Murdo SD80: Mobridge Regional Hospital, Mobridge
8OA5: Camp Crook Municipal, Camp Crook SD83: Lee, De Smet
8V3: Parkston Municipal, Parkston SD86: Custer Regional Hospital, Custer
98D: Onida Municipal, Onida SD87: Platte Community Memorial Hospital, Platte
9D0: Highmore Municipal, Highmore SD90: Mitchell's Strip, Spearfish
9D1: Gregory Municipal - Flynn Field, Gregory SD91: Star Aviation Nr 1, Spearfish
9D2: Harding County, Buffalo SD92: Telstar, Mitchell
9F8: Hoven Municipal, Hoven SD93: Gary Myers, Gettysburg
9SD7: Beaman, Selby SD94: Lundin, Revillo
9SD8: Oakleaf, Hartford SD96: Pioneer Memorial Hospital, Viborg
9SD9: Weelborg, Dell Rapids SD97: Oller, Vivian
9V6: Martin Municipal, Martin SD98: Barber, Enning
9V9: Chamberlain Municipal, Chamberlain SPF: Black Hills-Clyde Ice Field, Spearfish
ABR: Aberdeen Regional, Aberdeen SUO: Rosebud Sioux Tribal, Rosebud
AGZ: Wagner Municipal, Wagner VMR: Harold Davidson Field, Vermillion
ATY: Watertown Regional, Watertown Y03: Springfield Municipal, Springfield
BKX: Brookings Regional, Brookings Y14: Marv Skie-Lincoln County, Tea
BTN: Britton Municipal, Britton Y34: Lake Preston Municipal, Lake Preston
CUT: Custer County, Custer YKN: Chan Gurney Municipal, Yankton
D07: Faith Municipal, Faith

Ordered by City

Aberdeen: 30SD, Barber Field Kimball: 6A6, Kimball Municipal
Aberdeen: 80SD, Comstock Field Lake Andes: 8D8, Lake Andes Municipal
Aberdeen: ABR, Aberdeen Regional Lake Preston: Y34, Lake Preston Municipal
Aberdeen: SD05, Thorson Airfield Lead: 3SD5, Dilligaf
Aberdeen: SD32, Braun Lemmon: LEM, Lemmon Municipal
Aberdeen: SD54, Avera St Luke's Letcher: SD01, Mj Aviation I
Arlington: 3A9, Arlington Municipal Madison: 16SD, Madison Community Hospital
Armour: 08SD, Douglas County Memorial Hospital Madison: MDS, Madison Municipal
Badger: SD19, Andersen Farms Martin: 9V6, Martin Municipal
Belle Fourche: EFC, Belle Fourche Municipal Mc Laughlin: 5P2, Mc Laughlin Municipal
Beresford: SD29, Glenwood Field Menno: SD77, Mettler
Beresford: SD53, Howard Field Milbank: 1D1, Milbank Municipal
Bison: 6V5, Bison Municipal Miller: 18SD, Lost Creek
Bonesteel: SD30, Selle Miller: MKA, Miller Municipal
Bowdle: 5SD3, Bowdle Municipal Mitchell: MHE, Mitchell Municipal
Box Elder: 3SD2, Kauer Private Mitchell: SD52, Avera Queen Of Peace Hospital
Bridgewater: SD42, Waltner & Richards Mitchell: SD92, Telstar
Britton: BTN, Britton Municipal Mobridge: MBG, Mobridge Municipal
Brookings: 0SD4, Brookings Health System Mobridge: SD80, Mobridge Regional Hospital
Brookings: BKX, Brookings Regional Mount Vernon: 2SD4, Nicolaisen
Buffalo: 9D2, Harding County Murdo: 8F6, Murdo Municipal
Burke: SD58, Burke Hospital Nemo: 2SD0, Paradise Valley
Camp Crook: 8OA5, Camp Crook Municipal North Sioux City: 7K7, Graham Field
Camp Crook: SD33, Sky Ranch For Boys Oelrich'S: 1SD6, Bogner No II
Camp Crook: SD76, Tennant Ranch Oelrichs: SD71, Bogner Field
Canton: 7G9, Canton Municipal Onida: 98D, Onida Municipal
Cavour: SD43, Ingle Onida: SD56, Ralph Myers
Chamberlain: 9V9, Chamberlain Municipal Opal: SD72, Vig Ranch Airfield
Chamberlain: SD09, Mid-Dakota Hospital Parkston: 8V3, Parkston Municipal
Chamberlain: SD44, Cook Field Philip: PHP, Philip
Clark: 8D7, Clark County Pierre: PIR, Pierre Regional
Clear Lake: 5H3, Clear Lake Municipal Pierre: SD57, W L Thompson
Corsica: D65, Corsica Municipal Pine Ridge: IEN, Pine Ridge
Cottonwood: SD66, Cooks Platte: 1D3, Platte Municipal
Crocker: SD59, Lone Tree Platte: SD87, Platte Community Memorial Hospital
Custer: 0SD5, The Fort Pollock: SD74, Vander Wal Private
Custer: 0SD9, Crazy Horse Presho: 5P5, Presho Municipal
Custer: CUT, Custer County Radip City: 26SD, Shooting Star Ranch
Custer: SD86, Custer Regional Hospital Rapid City: 4SD4, Dan's
De Smet: 27SD, Albrecht Rapid City: RAP, Rapid City Regional
De Smet: SD83, Lee Rapid City: RCA, Ellsworth Air Force Base
Dell Rapids: 9SD9, Weelborg Rapid City: SD18, Keystone Adventures
Dell Rapids: SD22, Avera Dells Area Hospital Rapid City: SD40, Rapid City Regional Hospital
Dell Rapids: SD46, Jensen Redfield: 1D8, Redfield Municipal
Desmet: 6E5, Wilder Redfield: SD45, Community Memorial Hospital
Doland: SD13, Hofer Private Revillo: SD94, Lundin
Draper: SD14, Valburg Ranch Ridgeview: SD36, Booth Ranch
Eagle Butte: 04SD, Cheyenne River Health Center Rosebud: 1SD7, Rosebud Comprehensive Health Care Facility
Eagle Butte: 84D, Cheyenne Eagle Butte Rosebud: SUO, Rosebud Sioux Tribal
Eagle Butte: SD47, Hunt Field Scenic: 3SD3, Brown Field
Edgemont: 6V0, Edgemont Municipal Scotland: 1SD1, Burke Field
Elk Point: SD00, Mj Aviation II Selby: 9SD7, Beaman
Enning: SD98, Barber Sioux Falls: 1SD9, Sanford Usd Medical Center
Estelline: SD64, Estelline Medical Clinic Sioux Falls: 2SD1, Mc Kennan Hospital
Eureka: 3W8, Eureka Municipal Sioux Falls: 2SD6, Avera Heart Hospital Of South Dakota
Fairburn: 3V0, Custer State Park Sioux Falls: FSD, Joe Foss Field
Faith: 1SD4, Vig Limousin Sisseton: 8D3, Sisseton Municipal
Faith: D07, Faith Municipal Sisseton: SD17, Cdp Hospital
Faith: SD48, Blomberg 42 Ranch Private Spearfish: SD90, Mitchell's Strip
Faulkton: 3FU, Faulkton Municipal Spearfish: SD91, Star Aviation Nr 1
Faulkton: SD06, Faulkton Area Medical Center Spearfish: SPF, Black Hills-Clyde Ice Field
Ferney: SD49, Hite Private Springfield: Y03, Springfield Municipal
Flandreau: 4P3, Flandreau Municipal Sturgis: 2SD5, Sturgis
Flandreau: SD67, Flandreau Medical Center Sturgis: 49B, Sturgis Municipal
Gary: 17SD, Stone's Conservation Sturgis: SD24, Bruch Ranch
Gary: SD2, Lake Cochrane Sturgis: SD26, Mike Jacob Sturgis
Gettysburg: 0D8, Gettysburg Municipal Sturgis: SD35, Bruch Airfield
Gettysburg: SD93, Gary Myers Tea: 3SD4, Chris Hofer Landing Strip
Glad Valley: 1SD0, Dorsey Ranch Tea: Y14, Marv Skie-Lincoln County
Glencross: 0SD0, Lenling Timber Lake: D58, Timber Lake Municipal
Gregory: 9D1, Gregory Municipal - Flynn Field Tyndall: SD61, Plihal Farms
Groton: 2E6, Groton Municipal Valley Springs: SD73, Erickson
Harrold: SD50, Harrold Municipal Vermillion: VMR, Harold Davidson Field
Hartford: 9SD8, Oakleaf Viborg: SD96, Pioneer Memorial Hospital
Hayes: SD21, Hayes Emergency Airstrip Vivian: SD97, Oller
Herreid: 5T4, Herreid Municipal Wagner: AGZ, Wagner Municipal
Highmore: 9D0, Highmore Municipal Wakonda: 0SD1, Lodi
Hoover: 0SD3, Bledsoe Ranch Wall: 6V4, Wall Municipal
Hot Springs: HSR, Hot Springs Municipal Wanblee: 0SD7, Porch Ranch
Hot Springs: SD23, Black Hills Health Care System Wanblee: 10SD, Wanblee Health Center
Hot Springs: SD68, Flying T Watertown: 0SD2, Prairie Lakes West
Hoven: 9F8, Hoven Municipal Watertown: 15SD, Brownlee
Howard: 8D9, Howard Municipal Watertown: ATY, Watertown Regional
Hurley: 1SD3, Turkey Ridge Webster: 1D7, The Sigurd Anderson
Hurley: 2SD7, Dangel Wessington Springs: 4X4, Wessington Springs
Huron: HON, Huron Regional White: 20SD, Lutgen
Huron: SD55, Winter Airfield White Lake: 1SD5, Drake Farm
Interior: SD69, Badlands White River: 7Q7, White River Municipal
Ipswich: 2SD9, Tc Field Wilmot: SD65, Whipple Ranch
Ipswich: SD25, Rappe Field Winfred: SD03, Calico Field
Isabel: 3Y7, Isabel Municipal Winner: ICR, Winner Regional
Kadoka: 5V8, Kadoka Municipal Yankton: YKN, Chan Gurney Municipal
Kennebec: SD78, Anderson Aerial Spraying