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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in West Virginia from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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West Virginia

00WV: Lazy J Aerodrome, Beverly WV06: Lost Mountain, Romney
04WV: West Virginia Univ. Hosp Inc Gnd Pad #2, Morgantown WV07: State Police, Charleston
12V: Ona Airpark, Milton WV08: Island, Chesapeake
12WV: Crazy Horse, Hamlin WV09: Mike Ferrell Field, Corinne
13WV: Bsa Summit Bechtel Reserve, Mt. Hope WV12: Mallory, South Charleston
14WV: Snowshoe Resort/Topof The World, Linwood WV13: Minnick's, Upland
18WV: Lynn, Newburg WV14: Walker I, Belle
1WV0: Potomac Valley Hospital, Keyser WV15: Gerstell Farms, Keyser
22WV: Grafton City Hospital, Grafton WV16: Cng Division 4, Clarksburg
2WV2: Louis A Johnson Va Medical Center, Clarksburg WV17: Michaels Farms, Martinsburg
2WV3: Hales Landing, Elizabeth WV18: Miller Field, Keyser
2WV5: Willow Bend, Union WV19: Moore Field, Kingwood
2WV6: West Virginia State Police, Wheeling WV20: Wetzel County Hospital, New Martinsville
38WV: River's Edge Farm, Capon Bridge WV21: Needwood Farm, Harpers Ferry
3G5: Dawson Army Air Field, Camp Dawson (Kingwood) WV22: Green Landings, Hedgesville
3I2: Mason County, Point Pleasant WV23: Louis Bennett Field, Weston
3I4: Richwood Municipal, Richwood WV24: Coon Knob, Sutton
3WV2: Va Medical Center, Huntington WV26: Glade Springs, Beckley
3WV7: United Medical Center, Bridgeport WV27: Cabell Huntington Hospital, Huntington
48I: Braxton County, Sutton WV28: Ruth Field, Clarksburg
4G7: Fairmont Municipal-Frankman Field, Fairmont WV29: Valley Point, Valley Point
4I0: Mingo County, Williamson WV30: Rainelle, Rainelle
4WV4: Heaven's Landing, Medley WV31: Pratt Mining, Lewisburg
55I: Slate Run, Spencer WV32: New River Gorge, Lansing
5WV5: St Joseph's Hospital, Parkersburg WV34: Bluefield Regional Medical Center, Bluefield
6L4: Logan County, Logan WV35: Pomeroy-Mason, Mason
6W0: Wade F Maley Field, Shinnston WV37: New Martinsville, New Martinsville
70D: Titus Field, Arthurdale WV38: West Parkersburg, Parkersburg
75D: P W Johnson Memorial, New Martinsville WV39: Ravenswood, Ravenswood
75WV: Nicholson, West Union WV40: St Mary's, St Mary'S
79D: Philippi/Barbour County Regional, Philippi WV41: East Liverpool, East Liverpool - Chester
7G1: Herron, New Cumberland WV42: Weirton - Steubenville, Weirton
85WV: Hampshire Memorial Hospital, Romney WV43: Warwood - Martins Ferry, Wheeling
9W3: Simpson, Philippi WV44: Moundsville, Moundsville
BKW: Raleigh County Memorial, Beckley WV45: Princeton Community Hospital, Princeton
BLF: Mercer County, Bluefield WV46: Wellsburg, Wellsburg
CKB: North Central West Virginia, Clarksburg WV48: City Hospital, Inc, Martinsburg
CRW: Yeager, Charleston WV50: Dickirson, Fairplain
EBD: Appalachian Regional, Williamson WV51: University Hospital, Morgantown
EKN: Elkins-Randolph Co-Jennings Randolph Field, Elkins WV52: Nrao Green Bank, Green Bank
HLG: Wheeling Ohio Co, Wheeling WV53: Larew, Newburg
HTS: Tri-State/Milton J Ferguson Field, Huntington WV54: Walker Vi, Rita
I16: Kee Field, Pineville WV56: Camc-Memorial, Charleston
I18: Jackson County, Ravenswood WV57: Mckee Sky Ranch, Terra Alta
I25: Welch Municipal, Welch WV58: Pleasant Valley Hospital, Point Pleasant
I41: Robert Newlon Field, Huntington WV59: Fayette, Fayetteville
LWB: Greenbrier Valley, Lewisburg WV60: Walker III, Crab Orchard
MGW: Morgantown Municipal-Walter L Bill Hart Field, Morgantown WV61: Buzzards Gap, Berkeley Springs
MPG: Marshall County, Moundsville WV62: Windwood Fly-In Resort, Davis
MRB: Eastern Wv Regional/Shepherd Field, Martinsburg WV63: Herold, Craigsville
PKB: Mid-Ohio Valley Regional, Parkersburg WV65: Carr, Fairmont
SXL: Summersville, Summersville WV66: Glendale Fokker Field, Glendale
USW: Boggs Field, Spencer WV67: Eastview, Romney
W22: Upshur County Regional, Buckhannon WV69: Bluefield Regional Medical Center, Bluefield
W35: Potomac Airpark, Berkeley Springs WV70: Fairview, Elkins
W99: Grant County, Petersburg WV72: Philip Sporn Plant, New Haven
WV00: Deer Creek Farm, Arbovale WV73: Wood County, Parkersburg
WV01: Lee Massey, Ansted WV74: Snowshoe, Snowshoe
WV02: St Mary's Hospital, Huntington WV75: Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, Weston
WV03: Lee Norse Nr 2, Beckley WV77: Hinton-Alderson, Pence Springs
WV04: Appalachian Regional Hospital, Beckley WV78: Rach, Richwood
WV05: Va Medical Center, Martinsburg

Ordered by City

Ansted: WV01, Lee Massey Mason: WV35, Pomeroy-Mason
Arbovale: WV00, Deer Creek Farm Medley: 4WV4, Heaven's Landing
Arthurdale: 70D, Titus Field Milton: 12V, Ona Airpark
Beckley: BKW, Raleigh County Memorial Morgantown: 04WV, West Virginia Univ. Hosp Inc Gnd Pad #2
Beckley: WV03, Lee Norse Nr 2 Morgantown: MGW, Morgantown Municipal-Walter L Bill Hart Field
Beckley: WV04, Appalachian Regional Hospital Morgantown: WV51, University Hospital
Beckley: WV26, Glade Springs Moundsville: MPG, Marshall County
Belle: WV14, Walker I Moundsville: WV44, Moundsville
Berkeley Springs: W35, Potomac Airpark Mt. Hope: 13WV, Bsa Summit Bechtel Reserve
Berkeley Springs: WV61, Buzzards Gap New Cumberland: 7G1, Herron
Beverly: 00WV, Lazy J Aerodrome New Haven: WV72, Philip Sporn Plant
Bluefield: BLF, Mercer County New Martinsville: 75D, P W Johnson Memorial
Bluefield: WV34, Bluefield Regional Medical Center New Martinsville: WV20, Wetzel County Hospital
Bluefield: WV69, Bluefield Regional Medical Center New Martinsville: WV37, New Martinsville
Bridgeport: 3WV7, United Medical Center Newburg: 18WV, Lynn
Buckhannon: W22, Upshur County Regional Newburg: WV53, Larew
Camp Dawson (Kingwood): 3G5, Dawson Army Air Field Parkersburg: 5WV5, St Joseph's Hospital
Capon Bridge: 38WV, River's Edge Farm Parkersburg: PKB, Mid-Ohio Valley Regional
Charleston: CRW, Yeager Parkersburg: WV38, West Parkersburg
Charleston: WV07, State Police Parkersburg: WV73, Wood County
Charleston: WV56, Camc-Memorial Pence Springs: WV77, Hinton-Alderson
Chesapeake: WV08, Island Petersburg: W99, Grant County
Clarksburg: 2WV2, Louis A Johnson Va Medical Center Philippi: 79D, Philippi/Barbour County Regional
Clarksburg: CKB, North Central West Virginia Philippi: 9W3, Simpson
Clarksburg: WV16, Cng Division 4 Pineville: I16, Kee Field
Clarksburg: WV28, Ruth Field Point Pleasant: 3I2, Mason County
Corinne: WV09, Mike Ferrell Field Point Pleasant: WV58, Pleasant Valley Hospital
Crab Orchard: WV60, Walker III Princeton: WV45, Princeton Community Hospital
Craigsville: WV63, Herold Rainelle: WV30, Rainelle
Davis: WV62, Windwood Fly-In Resort Ravenswood: I18, Jackson County
East Liverpool - Chester: WV41, East Liverpool Ravenswood: WV39, Ravenswood
Elizabeth: 2WV3, Hales Landing Richwood: 3I4, Richwood Municipal
Elkins: EKN, Elkins-Randolph Co-Jennings Randolph Field Richwood: WV78, Rach
Elkins: WV70, Fairview Rita: WV54, Walker Vi
Fairmont: 4G7, Fairmont Municipal-Frankman Field Romney: 85WV, Hampshire Memorial Hospital
Fairmont: WV65, Carr Romney: WV06, Lost Mountain
Fairplain: WV50, Dickirson Romney: WV67, Eastview
Fayetteville: WV59, Fayette Shinnston: 6W0, Wade F Maley Field
Glendale: WV66, Glendale Fokker Field Snowshoe: WV74, Snowshoe
Grafton: 22WV, Grafton City Hospital South Charleston: WV12, Mallory
Green Bank: WV52, Nrao Green Bank Spencer: 55I, Slate Run
Hamlin: 12WV, Crazy Horse Spencer: USW, Boggs Field
Harpers Ferry: WV21, Needwood Farm St Mary'S: WV40, St Mary's
Hedgesville: WV22, Green Landings Summersville: SXL, Summersville
Huntington: 3WV2, Va Medical Center Sutton: 48I, Braxton County
Huntington: HTS, Tri-State/Milton J Ferguson Field Sutton: WV24, Coon Knob
Huntington: I41, Robert Newlon Field Terra Alta: WV57, Mckee Sky Ranch
Huntington: WV02, St Mary's Hospital Union: 2WV5, Willow Bend
Huntington: WV27, Cabell Huntington Hospital Upland: WV13, Minnick's
Keyser: 1WV0, Potomac Valley Hospital Valley Point: WV29, Valley Point
Keyser: WV15, Gerstell Farms Weirton: WV42, Weirton - Steubenville
Keyser: WV18, Miller Field Welch: I25, Welch Municipal
Kingwood: WV19, Moore Field Wellsburg: WV46, Wellsburg
Lansing: WV32, New River Gorge West Union: 75WV, Nicholson
Lewisburg: LWB, Greenbrier Valley Weston: WV23, Louis Bennett Field
Lewisburg: WV31, Pratt Mining Weston: WV75, Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital
Linwood: 14WV, Snowshoe Resort/Topof The World Wheeling: 2WV6, West Virginia State Police
Logan: 6L4, Logan County Wheeling: HLG, Wheeling Ohio Co
Martinsburg: MRB, Eastern Wv Regional/Shepherd Field Wheeling: WV43, Warwood - Martins Ferry
Martinsburg: WV05, Va Medical Center Williamson: 4I0, Mingo County
Martinsburg: WV17, Michaels Farms Williamson: EBD, Appalachian Regional
Martinsburg: WV48, City Hospital, Inc