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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in Maryland from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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00MD: Slater Field, Federalsburg 8MD2: Montebello Filtration Plant, Baltimore
01MD: Annapolis, Annapolis 8MD3: Sinai II, Baltimore
02MD: Garner Field, Brandywine 8MD4: Spiering, Greensboro
03MD: Upper Chesapeake Medical Center, Bel Air 8MD5: Flying H Farm, Libertytown
04MD: Chesapeake City, Chesapeake City 8MD6: Burgess Field, Riverside
05MD: Breezecroft, Chestertown 8MD7: Deerfield, Leonardtown
06MD: Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore 93MD: Knollwood Farm, Elkton
07MD: Baugher's Orchard, Westminster 9MD9: G W Farm, Denton
08MD: St Joseph Hospital, Towson ADW: Joint Base Andrews, Camp Springs
0MD0: Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Glen Burnie ANP: Lee, Annapolis
0MD1: Taylor Field, Sudlersville APG: Phillips AAF, Aberdeen Proving Grounds(Aberdeen)
0MD2: Squier Landing, Cobb Island BWI: Baltimore/Washington Intl Thurgood Marshall, Baltimore
0MD3: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore CBE: Greater Cumberland Rgnl, Cumberland
0MD4: Pond View Private, Chestertown CGE: Cambridge-Dorchester Rgnl, Cambridge
0MD5: Greater Laurel Beltsville Hospital, Laurel CGS: College Park, College Park
0MD6: Walters, Mount Airy DMW: Carroll County Rgnl/Jack B Poage Field, Westminster
0MD7: The Aspen Institute, Queenstown EDG: Weide AHP (Aberdeen Proving Ground), Edgewood Arsenal
0MD9: Calvert Memorial Hospital, Prince Frederick ESN: Easton/Newnam Field, Easton
0W3: Harford County, Churchville FDK: Frederick Muni, Frederick
11MD: Tim's, Salisbury FME: Tipton, Fort Meade(Odenton)
12MD: St Agnes Health Care, Baltimore GAI: Montgomery County Airpark, Gaithersburg
16MD: High Valley, North East HGR: Hagerstown Rgnl-Richard A Henson Field, Hagerstown
17MD: Johns Hopkins Hospital Critical Care Tower, Baltimore M06: Havre De Grace, Havre De Grace
18MD: Medstar Montgomery Medical Center, Olney MD00: Fair's, Pocomoke City
1MD1: Big Oak Farm, Cambridge MD01: Wingfield, Dameron
1MD4: Prince George's Hospital Center, Cheverly MD02: St Mary's Hospital East, Leonardtown
1MD5: Federal Support Center, Laytonsville MD04: Rossneck, Cambridge
1MD6: Metroplex, New Carrollton MD05: Finagin Airfield, Welcome
1MD7: Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Rockville MD06: Pilots Cove, Tompkinsville
1MD8: Mayberry Run, Westminster/Silver Run MD07: Kitzmiller Landing Zone, Kitzmiller
1N5: Bennett, Salisbury MD08: Gregory May, Havre De Grace
1W3: Mexico Farms, Cumberland MD1: Massey Aerodrome, Massey
20MD: Anne Arundel Medical Center, Annapolis MD10: Baltimore Police Department, Baltimore
21MD: Carroll, Ridgely MD11: Wright Field, Chestertown
22MD: Laura's Landing, Hagerstown MD12: Bell, Emmittsburg
23MD: Breezecroft, Chestertown MD13: Black & Decker/Parking Lot 2, Towson
24MD: Marriott Parking Garage "Rooftop", Baltimore MD14: Robinson, Benedict
25MD: Whalen Field, Sudlersville MD19: Hybarc Farm, Chestertown
26MD: Cmti, Baltimore MD20: Makoutz, Taneytown
27MD: Myles Landing, Church Hill MD21: Ashland Landing Farm, Centreville
28MD: Fedex Field, Landover MD22: Deale, Deale
29MD: Schlosser, Galena MD23: Kennersley, Church Hill
2G4: Garrett County, Oakland MD25: Howard County General Hospital, Columbia
2MD0: Anderson Farm, Marion MD27: Chalk Point Generating Station, Eagle Harbor
2MD1: Recompense Farm, Clements MD28: Ewing, Easton
2MD2: Aerospace Tech Center, Columbia MD29: Memorial Hospital, Easton
2MD3: Fly Away Farm, Boyds MD30: Craig Company, Hagerstown
2MD4: Ennis Aerodrome, Salisbury MD31: Forest Hill, Forest Hill
2MD5: Hoby Wolf, Eldersburg MD32: Fort Detrick Helipad, Fort Detrick(Frederick)
2MD6: Cherry Field, Lexington Park MD33: Dorchester General Hospital, Cambridge
2MD7: Maritime Institute, Linthicum Heights MD34: Gaithersburg, Gaithersburg
2MD8: Greater Gortner, Oakland MD35: Spring Hill, Hebron
2W2: Clearview Airpark, Westminster MD36: Tar Cove, Glen Burnie
2W5: Maryland, Indian Head MD37: Citizens Bank Headquarters, Laurel
2W6: St Mary's County Rgnl, Leonardtown MD39: Buds Ferry, Indian Head
31MD: Agh, Berlin MD40: Mrs Bozman, Jacksonville
32MD: Roseland, Sudlersville MD42: Keymar Airpark, Keymar
33MD: Greer, Taneytown MD43: Mountain Road, Lakeshore
3MD0: Burhans Memorial, Frederick MD45: Hampton, Leonardtown
3MD1: Southern Md Hospital Center, Clinton MD46: Glenair, Dayton
3MD2: Garrett County Memorial Hospital, Oakland MD47: Barnes, Lisbon
3MD4: Fairview, Annapolis MD48: Albrecht Airstrip, Long Green
3MD5: Hidden Hills, Hurlock MD49: Peninsula Rgnl Medical Center, Salisbury
3MD6: West St Mary's, Drayden MD50: Chesapeake Ranch, Lusby
3MD7: Green Terrace, Baltimore MD51: Chester River Hospital, Chestertown
3MD8: Pokety, Cambridge MD52: Mccready Memorial Hospital, Crisfield
3MD9: Bonham, Ridge MD55: Holly Springs Farm, Nanjemoy
3W3: Kentmorr Airpark, Stevensville MD56: Three J, New Windsor
42MD: Herrington Field, Oakland MD57: Beverly, Pocomoke City
44MD: Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore MD58: Montgomery County Police Norwood, Olney
48MD: Le Champ, Princess Anne MD59: Morgan State University - Pearl, St Leonard
4MD: Pier 7, Baltimore MD61: Lynch's Landing, Rising Sun
4MD0: Mears Creek Airfield, Lusby MD63: Cromwell Farm, Chestertown
4MD1: Bunting's Field, Berlin MD64: Asplundh, St Michaels
4MD2: Ward's, Oakland MD65: Western Maryland Health System, Cumberland
4MD3: Carey Field, Bishopville MD68: Berg's Field, Stevenson
4MD4: Clements, Clements MD69: Harris, Still Pond
4MD6: Moxley's, Dublin MD70: Flying Acres, Sudlersville
4MD7: Catoctin Crosswind, Thurmont MD71: University Of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, Baltimore
4MD8: Ijamsville, Frederick MD72: Fort Washington Medical Center, Fort Washington
4MD9: Worthington Valley, Owings Mills MD73: Happy Landings Farm, Unionville
50MD: Queen Anne Er, Grasonville MD74: Good Neighbor Farm, Unionville
58M: Claremont, Elkton MD75: Stolcrest, Urbana
5MD1: Brooklandville, Brooklandville MD76: Carroll Hospital Center, Westminster
5MD3: Meritus Hospital, Hagerstown MD78: Woodbine, Woodbine
5MD4: Oak Grove Farm, Federalsburg MD79: Nuodex Inc, Worton
5MD5: Flying W, Princess Anne MD80: Barren Creek Field, Mardela Springs
5MD8: Edelen Field, La Plata MD81: South River, Edgewater
5MD9: Suburban, Bethesda MD82: Ragged Island, Cambridge
60MD: Walter Reed Natl Med Ctr, Bethesda MD83: Ty-Ti-To, La Plata
62MD: Sandy Point, Prince Frederick MD85: Carmean, Ridgely
64MD: Dominion Cove Point Business Center, Lusby MD88: Links, Pylesville
6MD1: Dileo Field, Denton MD91: Saxon Farms, Church Hill
6MD3: Harp, Wolfsville MD93: Hexton Farms, Cecilton
6MD4: Pembroke Farm, Conowingo MD95: Reservoir, Finksburg
6MD6: Um Charles Rgnl Medical Center, La Plata MD97: Lanseair Farms, La Plata
6MD7: D'Angelo, Golts MTN: Martin State, Baltimore
6MD8: Delmarvair, Pittsville NHK: Patuxent River NAS/Trapnell Field/, Patuxent River
6MD9: Washington Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park NUI: Webster NOLF, St Inigoes
77MD: National Harbor, Oxon Hill OXB: Ocean City Muni, Ocean City
7MD0: Our Domain, Marydel RJD: Ridgely Airpark, Ridgely
7MD1: Magennis Farm, Federalsburg SBY: Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Rgnl, Salisbury
7MD2: Nat'L Emergency Training Cntr, Emmitsburg VKX: Potomac Airfield, Friendly
7MD3: Frederick Memorial Hospital, Frederick W00: Freeway, Bowie
7MD4: Vinayaka Missions America University, Hagerstown W29: Bay Bridge, Stevensville
7MD5: St Mary's Hospital, Leonardtown W32: Washington Executive/Hyde Field, Clinton
7MD7: Boomers Field, Pocomoke W41: Crisfield-Somerset County, Crisfield
7MD8: Kent Fort Manor, Stevensville W42: Fallston, Fallston
7MD9: Tilghman Whipp, Tilghman W48: Essex Skypark, Baltimore
8MD0: Suzie Field, Woodbine W50: Davis, Laytonsville
8MD1: Rite Aid Distribution Center, Aberdeen

Ordered by City

Aberdeen: 8MD1, Rite Aid Distribution Center Hagerstown: 7MD4, Vinayaka Missions America University
Aberdeen Proving Grounds(Aberdeen): APG, Phillips AAF Hagerstown: HGR, Hagerstown Rgnl-Richard A Henson Field
Annapolis: 01MD, Annapolis Hagerstown: MD30, Craig Company
Annapolis: 20MD, Anne Arundel Medical Center Havre De Grace: M06, Havre De Grace
Annapolis: 3MD4, Fairview Havre De Grace: MD08, Gregory May
Annapolis: ANP, Lee Hebron: MD35, Spring Hill
Baltimore: 06MD, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Hurlock: 3MD5, Hidden Hills
Baltimore: 0MD3, Johns Hopkins Hospital Indian Head: 2W5, Maryland
Baltimore: 12MD, St Agnes Health Care Indian Head: MD39, Buds Ferry
Baltimore: 17MD, Johns Hopkins Hospital Critical Care Tower Jacksonville: MD40, Mrs Bozman
Baltimore: 24MD, Marriott Parking Garage "Rooftop" Keymar: MD42, Keymar Airpark
Baltimore: 26MD, Cmti Kitzmiller: MD07, Kitzmiller Landing Zone
Baltimore: 3MD7, Green Terrace La Plata: 5MD8, Edelen Field
Baltimore: 44MD, Union Memorial Hospital La Plata: 6MD6, Um Charles Rgnl Medical Center
Baltimore: 4MD, Pier 7 La Plata: MD83, Ty-Ti-To
Baltimore: 8MD2, Montebello Filtration Plant La Plata: MD97, Lanseair Farms
Baltimore: 8MD3, Sinai II Lakeshore: MD43, Mountain Road
Baltimore: BWI, Baltimore/Washington Intl Thurgood Marshall Landover: 28MD, Fedex Field
Baltimore: MD10, Baltimore Police Department Laurel: 0MD5, Greater Laurel Beltsville Hospital
Baltimore: MD71, University Of Maryland Shock Trauma Center Laurel: MD37, Citizens Bank Headquarters
Baltimore: MTN, Martin State Laytonsville: 1MD5, Federal Support Center
Baltimore: W48, Essex Skypark Laytonsville: W50, Davis
Bel Air: 03MD, Upper Chesapeake Medical Center Leonardtown: 2W6, St Mary's County Rgnl
Benedict: MD14, Robinson Leonardtown: 7MD5, St Mary's Hospital
Berlin: 31MD, Agh Leonardtown: 8MD7, Deerfield
Berlin: 4MD1, Bunting's Field Leonardtown: MD02, St Mary's Hospital East
Bethesda: 5MD9, Suburban Leonardtown: MD45, Hampton
Bethesda: 60MD, Walter Reed Natl Med Ctr Lexington Park: 2MD6, Cherry Field
Bishopville: 4MD3, Carey Field Libertytown: 8MD5, Flying H Farm
Bowie: W00, Freeway Linthicum Heights: 2MD7, Maritime Institute
Boyds: 2MD3, Fly Away Farm Lisbon: MD47, Barnes
Brandywine: 02MD, Garner Field Long Green: MD48, Albrecht Airstrip
Brooklandville: 5MD1, Brooklandville Lusby: 4MD0, Mears Creek Airfield
Cambridge: 1MD1, Big Oak Farm Lusby: 64MD, Dominion Cove Point Business Center
Cambridge: 3MD8, Pokety Lusby: MD50, Chesapeake Ranch
Cambridge: CGE, Cambridge-Dorchester Rgnl Mardela Springs: MD80, Barren Creek Field
Cambridge: MD04, Rossneck Marion: 2MD0, Anderson Farm
Cambridge: MD33, Dorchester General Hospital Marydel: 7MD0, Our Domain
Cambridge: MD82, Ragged Island Massey: MD1, Massey Aerodrome
Camp Springs: ADW, Joint Base Andrews Mount Airy: 0MD6, Walters
Cecilton: MD93, Hexton Farms Nanjemoy: MD55, Holly Springs Farm
Centreville: MD21, Ashland Landing Farm New Carrollton: 1MD6, Metroplex
Chesapeake City: 04MD, Chesapeake City New Windsor: MD56, Three J
Chestertown: 05MD, Breezecroft North East: 16MD, High Valley
Chestertown: 0MD4, Pond View Private Oakland: 2G4, Garrett County
Chestertown: 23MD, Breezecroft Oakland: 2MD8, Greater Gortner
Chestertown: MD11, Wright Field Oakland: 3MD2, Garrett County Memorial Hospital
Chestertown: MD19, Hybarc Farm Oakland: 42MD, Herrington Field
Chestertown: MD51, Chester River Hospital Oakland: 4MD2, Ward's
Chestertown: MD63, Cromwell Farm Ocean City: OXB, Ocean City Muni
Cheverly: 1MD4, Prince George's Hospital Center Olney: 18MD, Medstar Montgomery Medical Center
Church Hill: 27MD, Myles Landing Olney: MD58, Montgomery County Police Norwood
Church Hill: MD23, Kennersley Owings Mills: 4MD9, Worthington Valley
Church Hill: MD91, Saxon Farms Oxon Hill: 77MD, National Harbor
Churchville: 0W3, Harford County Patuxent River: NHK, Patuxent River NAS/Trapnell Field/
Clements: 2MD1, Recompense Farm Pittsville: 6MD8, Delmarvair
Clements: 4MD4, Clements Pocomoke: 7MD7, Boomers Field
Clinton: 3MD1, Southern Md Hospital Center Pocomoke City: MD00, Fair's
Clinton: W32, Washington Executive/Hyde Field Pocomoke City: MD57, Beverly
Cobb Island: 0MD2, Squier Landing Prince Frederick: 0MD9, Calvert Memorial Hospital
College Park: CGS, College Park Prince Frederick: 62MD, Sandy Point
Columbia: 2MD2, Aerospace Tech Center Princess Anne: 48MD, Le Champ
Columbia: MD25, Howard County General Hospital Princess Anne: 5MD5, Flying W
Conowingo: 6MD4, Pembroke Farm Pylesville: MD88, Links
Crisfield: MD52, Mccready Memorial Hospital Queenstown: 0MD7, The Aspen Institute
Crisfield: W41, Crisfield-Somerset County Ridge: 3MD9, Bonham
Cumberland: 1W3, Mexico Farms Ridgely: 21MD, Carroll
Cumberland: CBE, Greater Cumberland Rgnl Ridgely: MD85, Carmean
Cumberland: MD65, Western Maryland Health System Ridgely: RJD, Ridgely Airpark
Dameron: MD01, Wingfield Rising Sun: MD61, Lynch's Landing
Dayton: MD46, Glenair Riverside: 8MD6, Burgess Field
Deale: MD22, Deale Rockville: 1MD7, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital
Denton: 6MD1, Dileo Field Salisbury: 11MD, Tim's
Denton: 9MD9, G W Farm Salisbury: 1N5, Bennett
Drayden: 3MD6, West St Mary's Salisbury: 2MD4, Ennis Aerodrome
Dublin: 4MD6, Moxley's Salisbury: MD49, Peninsula Rgnl Medical Center
Eagle Harbor: MD27, Chalk Point Generating Station Salisbury: SBY, Salisbury-Ocean City Wicomico Rgnl
Easton: ESN, Easton/Newnam Field St Inigoes: NUI, Webster NOLF
Easton: MD28, Ewing St Leonard: MD59, Morgan State University - Pearl
Easton: MD29, Memorial Hospital St Michaels: MD64, Asplundh
Edgewater: MD81, South River Stevenson: MD68, Berg's Field
Edgewood Arsenal: EDG, Weide AHP (Aberdeen Proving Ground) Stevensville: 3W3, Kentmorr Airpark
Eldersburg: 2MD5, Hoby Wolf Stevensville: 7MD8, Kent Fort Manor
Elkton: 58M, Claremont Stevensville: W29, Bay Bridge
Elkton: 93MD, Knollwood Farm Still Pond: MD69, Harris
Emmitsburg: 7MD2, Nat'L Emergency Training Cntr Sudlersville: 0MD1, Taylor Field
Emmittsburg: MD12, Bell Sudlersville: 25MD, Whalen Field
Fallston: W42, Fallston Sudlersville: 32MD, Roseland
Federalsburg: 00MD, Slater Field Sudlersville: MD70, Flying Acres
Federalsburg: 5MD4, Oak Grove Farm Takoma Park: 6MD9, Washington Adventist Hospital
Federalsburg: 7MD1, Magennis Farm Taneytown: 33MD, Greer
Finksburg: MD95, Reservoir Taneytown: MD20, Makoutz
Forest Hill: MD31, Forest Hill Thurmont: 4MD7, Catoctin Crosswind
Fort Detrick(Frederick): MD32, Fort Detrick Helipad Tilghman: 7MD9, Tilghman Whipp
Fort Meade(Odenton): FME, Tipton Tompkinsville: MD06, Pilots Cove
Fort Washington: MD72, Fort Washington Medical Center Towson: 08MD, St Joseph Hospital
Frederick: 3MD0, Burhans Memorial Towson: MD13, Black & Decker/Parking Lot 2
Frederick: 4MD8, Ijamsville Unionville: MD73, Happy Landings Farm
Frederick: 7MD3, Frederick Memorial Hospital Unionville: MD74, Good Neighbor Farm
Frederick: FDK, Frederick Muni Urbana: MD75, Stolcrest
Friendly: VKX, Potomac Airfield Welcome: MD05, Finagin Airfield
Gaithersburg: GAI, Montgomery County Airpark Westminster: 07MD, Baugher's Orchard
Gaithersburg: MD34, Gaithersburg Westminster: 2W2, Clearview Airpark
Galena: 29MD, Schlosser Westminster: DMW, Carroll County Rgnl/Jack B Poage Field
Glen Burnie: 0MD0, Baltimore Washington Medical Center Westminster: MD76, Carroll Hospital Center
Glen Burnie: MD36, Tar Cove Westminster/Silver Run: 1MD8, Mayberry Run
Golts: 6MD7, D'Angelo Wolfsville: 6MD3, Harp
Grasonville: 50MD, Queen Anne Er Woodbine: 8MD0, Suzie Field
Greensboro: 8MD4, Spiering Woodbine: MD78, Woodbine
Hagerstown: 22MD, Laura's Landing Worton: MD79, Nuodex Inc
Hagerstown: 5MD3, Meritus Hospital