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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in Wyoming from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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00WY: Mountain View Regional Hospital, Casper TOR: Torrington Muni, Torrington
01WY: Keyhole, Moorcroft U06: Cokeville Muni, Cokeville
07WY: Stallions, Sheridan U68: North Big Horn County, Cowley/Lovell/Byron
0WY0: Freedom Air Ranch, Freedom W43: Hulett Muni, Hulett
0WY1: Dorsey Creek Ranch, Basin WRL: Worland Muni, Worland
10WY: Willow Creek Ranch, Kaycee WY00: Red Reflet Ranch, Ten Sleep
11WY: Thompson Creek Oilfield, Hulett WY01: Dilts Ranch, Bill
12WY: Black Diamond, Burlington WY03: Marbleton Big Piney Clinic, Big Piney
18WY: Teton County Search & Rescue, Jackson WY04: Powell Hospital, Powell
22WY: Kissack/Reynolds, Rozet WY05: Skyview Airpark, Cheyenne
23WY: St John's Medical Center, Jackson WY06: Luckinbill Airstrip, Cody
2WY3: Haas, Merna WY07: Hardy Ranch, Douglas
2WY8: Bar Flying E, Cody WY09: Sherwin Field Nr 1, Dull Center/Sw Clareton/
32WY: Double L Ranch, Etna WY11: A Bar A Ranch, Encampment
44WY: Underwood, Douglas WY12: Ohman Ranch, Gillette
45WY: American Falconry, Casper WY13: Little Buffalo Ranch, Gillette
46U: Alpine, Alpine WY14: Ipy Ranch, Hulett
48U: Gtr Green River Intergalactic Spaceport, Green River WY15: Bunch Grass Intergalactic, Powell
49U: Shoshoni Muni, Shoshoni WY16: Robbins, Medicine Bow
50WY: Mc Murry, Casper WY17: Ellis Ranch, Medicine Bow
76V: Thomas Memorial, Glendo WY18: Iberlin Ranch Nr 2, Midwest
80V: Medicine Bow, Medicine Bow WY20: Heli X, Jackson
82V: Pine Bluffs Muni, Pine Bluffs WY21: Campbell County Memorial Hospital, Gillette
83V: Upton Muni, Upton WY22: Iberlin Ranch Nr 1, Savageton
84WY: Moore Ranch, Douglas WY23: Iberlin Strip, Sussex
96WY: Cedar Creek Ranch, Saratoga WY24: Riverton Memorial Hospital, Riverton
97WY: Snake River Canyon, Jackson WY25: Snell - North Laramie River, Wheatland
98WY: Hmhs, Jackson WY26: Community Hospital, Torrington
99WY: Xingu Airstrip, Dayton WY27: Wagonhound, Douglas
9WY0: Sheridan Memorial Hospital, Sheridan WY28: Pinedale Medical Clinic, Pinedale
AFO: Afton Muni, Afton WY29: Vowers Ranch, Chugwater
BPI: Miley Memorial Field, Big Piney WY30: Kinky Creek Divide, Dubois
BYG: Johnson County, Buffalo WY31: Melody Ranch, Jackson
COD: Yellowstone Rgnl, Cody WY32: Circle B, Cokeville
CPR: Casper/Natrona County Intl, Casper WY33: Mountain King Ranch, Daniel
CYS: Cheyenne Rgnl/Jerry Olson Field, Cheyenne WY34: Bridger Creek, Lysite
DGW: Converse County, Douglas WY35: Washakie Memorial Hospital, Worland
DUB: Dubois Muni, Dubois WY36: Bakers Field, Powell
DWX: Dixon, Dixon WY38: Orchard Ranch, Ten Sleep
EAN: Phifer Airfield, Wheatland WY39: Star Valley Ranch, Thayne
ECS: Mondell Field, Newcastle WY40: Ivinson Memorial Hospital, Laramie
EMM: Kemmerer Muni, Kemmerer WY42: Yu Ranch, Meeteetse
EVW: Evanston-Uinta County Burns Field, Evanston WY43: Wyoming Game And Fish, Jackson
FBR: Fort Bridger, Fort Bridger WY44: Robbers Roost Ranch, Mule Creek Junction
FEW: Francis E Warren AFB, Cheyenne WY45: Sloan, Cheyenne
GCC: Gillette-Campbell County, Gillette WY47: True, Casper
GEY: South Big Horn County, Greybull WY49: Meml Hospital Of Sweetwater County, Rock Springs
GUR: Camp Guernsey, Guernsey WY50: Cheyenne Echo, Cheyenne
HAD: Harford Field, Casper WY52: Evanston Rgnl Hospital, Evanston
HSG: Hot Springs County, Thermopolis WY55: Taylor Field, Sundance
JAC: Jackson Hole, Jackson WY57: Wyoming Medical Center, Casper
LAR: Laramie Rgnl, Laramie WY59: Two Bar Ranch, Wheatland
LND: Hunt Field, Lander WY60: Heiner, Afton
LSK: Lusk Muni, Lusk WY61: Rock & A Hard Place Ranch, Laramie
PNA: Ralph Wenz Field, Pinedale WY62: West Park Hospital, Cody
POY: Powell Muni, Powell WY64: Lone Pine Flying Ranch, Thayne
RIW: Riverton Rgnl, Riverton WY65: Madsen, Gillette
RKS: Southwest Wyoming Rgnl, Rock Springs WY66: Chamberlain Brothers Ranch, Douglas
RWL: Rawlins Muni/Harvey Field, Rawlins WY67: South Lincoln Medical Center, Kemmerer
SAA: Shively Field, Saratoga WY68: Memorial Hospital, Rawlins
SHR: Sheridan County, Sheridan

Ordered by City

Afton: AFO, Afton Muni Jackson: 97WY, Snake River Canyon
Afton: WY60, Heiner Jackson: 98WY, Hmhs
Alpine: 46U, Alpine Jackson: JAC, Jackson Hole
Basin: 0WY1, Dorsey Creek Ranch Jackson: WY20, Heli X
Big Piney: BPI, Miley Memorial Field Jackson: WY31, Melody Ranch
Big Piney: WY03, Marbleton Big Piney Clinic Jackson: WY43, Wyoming Game And Fish
Bill: WY01, Dilts Ranch Kaycee: 10WY, Willow Creek Ranch
Buffalo: BYG, Johnson County Kemmerer: EMM, Kemmerer Muni
Burlington: 12WY, Black Diamond Kemmerer: WY67, South Lincoln Medical Center
Casper: 00WY, Mountain View Regional Hospital Lander: LND, Hunt Field
Casper: 45WY, American Falconry Laramie: LAR, Laramie Rgnl
Casper: 50WY, Mc Murry Laramie: WY40, Ivinson Memorial Hospital
Casper: CPR, Casper/Natrona County Intl Laramie: WY61, Rock & A Hard Place Ranch
Casper: HAD, Harford Field Lusk: LSK, Lusk Muni
Casper: WY47, True Lysite: WY34, Bridger Creek
Casper: WY57, Wyoming Medical Center Medicine Bow: 80V, Medicine Bow
Cheyenne: CYS, Cheyenne Rgnl/Jerry Olson Field Medicine Bow: WY16, Robbins
Cheyenne: FEW, Francis E Warren AFB Medicine Bow: WY17, Ellis Ranch
Cheyenne: WY05, Skyview Airpark Meeteetse: WY42, Yu Ranch
Cheyenne: WY45, Sloan Merna: 2WY3, Haas
Cheyenne: WY50, Cheyenne Echo Midwest: WY18, Iberlin Ranch Nr 2
Chugwater: WY29, Vowers Ranch Moorcroft: 01WY, Keyhole
Cody: 2WY8, Bar Flying E Mule Creek Junction: WY44, Robbers Roost Ranch
Cody: COD, Yellowstone Rgnl Newcastle: ECS, Mondell Field
Cody: WY06, Luckinbill Airstrip Pine Bluffs: 82V, Pine Bluffs Muni
Cody: WY62, West Park Hospital Pinedale: PNA, Ralph Wenz Field
Cokeville: U06, Cokeville Muni Pinedale: WY28, Pinedale Medical Clinic
Cokeville: WY32, Circle B Powell: POY, Powell Muni
Cowley/Lovell/Byron: U68, North Big Horn County Powell: WY04, Powell Hospital
Daniel: WY33, Mountain King Ranch Powell: WY15, Bunch Grass Intergalactic
Dayton: 99WY, Xingu Airstrip Powell: WY36, Bakers Field
Dixon: DWX, Dixon Rawlins: RWL, Rawlins Muni/Harvey Field
Douglas: 44WY, Underwood Rawlins: WY68, Memorial Hospital
Douglas: 84WY, Moore Ranch Riverton: RIW, Riverton Rgnl
Douglas: DGW, Converse County Riverton: WY24, Riverton Memorial Hospital
Douglas: WY07, Hardy Ranch Rock Springs: RKS, Southwest Wyoming Rgnl
Douglas: WY27, Wagonhound Rock Springs: WY49, Meml Hospital Of Sweetwater County
Douglas: WY66, Chamberlain Brothers Ranch Rozet: 22WY, Kissack/Reynolds
Dubois: DUB, Dubois Muni Saratoga: 96WY, Cedar Creek Ranch
Dubois: WY30, Kinky Creek Divide Saratoga: SAA, Shively Field
Dull Center/Sw Clareton/: WY09, Sherwin Field Nr 1 Savageton: WY22, Iberlin Ranch Nr 1
Encampment: WY11, A Bar A Ranch Sheridan: 07WY, Stallions
Etna: 32WY, Double L Ranch Sheridan: 9WY0, Sheridan Memorial Hospital
Evanston: EVW, Evanston-Uinta County Burns Field Sheridan: SHR, Sheridan County
Evanston: WY52, Evanston Rgnl Hospital Shoshoni: 49U, Shoshoni Muni
Fort Bridger: FBR, Fort Bridger Sundance: WY55, Taylor Field
Freedom: 0WY0, Freedom Air Ranch Sussex: WY23, Iberlin Strip
Gillette: GCC, Gillette-Campbell County Ten Sleep: WY00, Red Reflet Ranch
Gillette: WY12, Ohman Ranch Ten Sleep: WY38, Orchard Ranch
Gillette: WY13, Little Buffalo Ranch Thayne: WY39, Star Valley Ranch
Gillette: WY21, Campbell County Memorial Hospital Thayne: WY64, Lone Pine Flying Ranch
Gillette: WY65, Madsen Thermopolis: HSG, Hot Springs County
Glendo: 76V, Thomas Memorial Torrington: TOR, Torrington Muni
Green River: 48U, Gtr Green River Intergalactic Spaceport Torrington: WY26, Community Hospital
Greybull: GEY, South Big Horn County Upton: 83V, Upton Muni
Guernsey: GUR, Camp Guernsey Wheatland: EAN, Phifer Airfield
Hulett: 11WY, Thompson Creek Oilfield Wheatland: WY25, Snell - North Laramie River
Hulett: W43, Hulett Muni Wheatland: WY59, Two Bar Ranch
Hulett: WY14, Ipy Ranch Worland: WRL, Worland Muni
Jackson: 18WY, Teton County Search & Rescue Worland: WY35, Washakie Memorial Hospital
Jackson: 23WY, St John's Medical Center