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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in Idaho from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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00ID: Delta Shores, Clark Fork ID13: Sky Island Ranch, St Maries
01ID: Lava Hot Springs, Lava Hot Springs ID14: Benewah Community Hospital, St Maries
02ID: Morgan Ranch, Cascade ID15: Teton Springs, Victor
03ID: Flying Y Ranch, Council ID16: Sluder Airstrip, Bellevue
04ID: Lanham Field, Emmett ID17: Seven Devils, Council
05ID: Running Creek Ranch, Grangeville ID18: Eirmc, Idaho Falls
06ID: Larkin, Kuna ID19: Bird Nr 2, Sandpoint
07ID: Shepard Strip, Oldtown ID20: Hubof's, Post Falls
08ID: Symms, Marsing ID21: Smith Ranch, Hauser Lake
09ID: Taylor Ranch Landing Area, Moscow ID22: Treeport, Spirit Lake
0ID0: South Fork Ranch, Featherville ID23: Rock Creek Farm, Worley
0ID1: Ziggy's, Filer ID24: Timber Basin Airpark Inc, Sagle
0ID2: Flying Joseph Ranch, May ID25: Olmstead Sky Ranch, Sandpoint
0ID3: Coyote Run, Mountain Home ID26: P And R Field, Mayfield
0ID4: Black Butte Ranch, Shoshone ID27: Hawk Haven, Coeur D'Alene
0ID7: Z X Ranch, Murphy ID28: Mackay Bar, Dixie
0ID8: Pinnacle, Grangeville ID29: Big Island, Orofino
0S5: Nez Perce Municipal, Nez Perce ID30: Everett II, Ketchum
0U0: Landmark US Forest Service, Landmark ID31: Young, Eagle
0U1: Warm Springs Creek, Lowman ID32: Tuka, Clark Fork
0U2: Copper Basin, Mackay ID33: Stocking Meadows, Clarkia
0U3: Mahoney Creek US Forest Service, Mahoney Creek ID35: High Valley Swanson, Cascade
0U7: Hollow Top, Carey ID36: King Mountain Glider Park, Moore
0U8: May, May ID37: St Joseph's Regional Medical Center, Lewiston
0U9: Lee Williams Memorial, Midvale ID38: Sutherland, Hauser Lake
0WN8: Sheldon, Coeur D'Alene ID39: Owen Ranches Inc, Bruneau
10ID: Flat Top Airstrip, Muldoon ID40: Sunrise Skypark, Marsing
11ID: Elk Creek, Riggins ID41: Stibnite, Yellow Pine
12ID: Flying B Ranch Landing Strip, Salmon ID43: Carlin Bay, Coeur D'Alene
13ID: Silva Ranch, Stanley ID44: Hidden Lakes, Cascade
14ID: Peaceful Cove, Boise ID46: Dworshak, Ahsahka
15ID: Scanlon, Coeur D'Alene ID47: Whelan's, Huston
16ID: Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Helipad, Montpelier ID48: Western Spur, Athol
17ID: Coyote Ridge, Midvale ID49: St Luke's Boise Medical Center, Boise
18ID: Elmore Medical Center, Mountain Home ID53: Minidoka Memorial Hospital, Rupert
19ID: Race Creek, Riggins ID54: Bottle Bay, Sandpoint
1DA: Big Bar, Lucile ID55: Cascade Medical Center, Cascade
1ID2: Horseshoe Bend, Horseshoe Bend ID56: Star 'S' Ranch, Mackay
1ID3: Beaux Ranch Field, Sandpoint ID58: Nampa Valley, Boise
1ID4: Red Baron Airpark, Boise ID59: Flying A Ranch, Lake Fork
1ID5: St Luke's Wood River Medical Center, Ketchum ID60: Fountains, Moscow
1ID6: Sligars Landing, Kimberly ID61: Valenov Ranch, Priest River
1ID7: Fairbanks Airfield, Eden ID62: Simpson, Grace
1ID8: Gooding County Memorial Hospital, Gooding ID63: Richards, Homedale
1ID9: Skyline, Inkom ID64: Portneuf Medical Center, Pocatello
1S1: Eckhart International, Porthill ID65: Pisch's Place, Coeur D'Alene
1S6: Priest River Municipal, Priest River ID66: Clearwater Valley Hospital, Orofino
1S7: Slate Creek, Slate Creek ID67: Sands, Horseshoe Bend
1U0: Bear Trap, Minidoka ID68: Green Acres, Kuna
1U1: Moose Creek /US Forest Service/, Moose Creek Ranger Station ID69: Sun Valley Gun Club, Sun Valley
1U2: Mud Lake/West Jefferson County/, Mud Lake ID70: Gulch Trust, Ketchum/Sun Valley
1U3: Murphy, Murphy ID71: Big Country, Coeur D'Alene
1U4: New Meadows, New Meadows ID72: Huskey, Irwin
1U6: Oakley Municipal, Oakley ID73: Rockford Bay, Coeur D'Alene
1U7: Bear Lake County, Paris ID74: Sulphur Creek Ranch, Cascade
1U9: Pine, Pine ID75: Riverlake, Clark Fork
20ID: Harrington, Idaho City ID77: Cuddy Meadows, Cambridge
21ID: Phillabaum, Nordman ID78: Cx Ranch Nr 2, Clark Fork
22ID: Treasure Gulch, Placerville ID79: Sky Ranch South, Nampa
23ID: Southfork, Feathervlle ID80: West Valley Hospital, Caldwell
24K: Krassel US Forest Service, Mc Call ID82: Picabo, Picabo
25ID: Mccall United States Forest Service, Mccall ID83: Mercy, Nampa
26ID: Seven Shamrock, Sandpoint ID84: Cptpa Headquarters, Headquarters
2ID2: Linda's Roost, Mackay ID85: Elk River, Elk River
2ID3: Josephine Ranch, Triangle ID86: Deadwood Dam Airstrip, Cascade
2ID5: Splan, Mccall ID87: Rainbow Ranch, Idaho Falls
2ID6: Lemons Field, Fruitland ID88: Tracy Ranch, Hill City
2U0: Smith Prairie, Prairie ID89: Boise Plaza, Boise
2U4: Rockford Municipal, Rockford ID91: St Alphonsus, Boise
2U5: Shearer /US Forest Service/, Shearer ID92: Foster Field - Skydive Idaho, Star
2U7: Stanley, Stanley ID94: Friendly Persuasion Farm, Troy
2U8: Thomas Creek, Stanley ID95: Loomis, Horseshoe Bend
33ID: Ozzy's, Fairfield ID96: Bear Air, Donnelly
34ID: Freeman Creek, Cavendish ID97: Hibbs Airport, Greenleaf
36ID: Dorothy Roeber Memorial, Atlanta ID98: Scanlon, Coeur D'Alene
37ID: Hungry Ridge Ranch, Grangeville IDA: Idaho Falls Regional, Idaho Falls
38ID: Sky Ranch North, Nampa JER: Jerome County, Jerome
3ID2: The Last Resort, Weippe LLJ: Challis, Challis
3ID4: Health Center, Glenns Ferry LWS: Lewiston-Nez Perce County, Lewiston
3U0: Murphy Hot Springs, Three Creek MAN: Nampa Municipal, Nampa
3U1: Warren /US Forest Service/, Warren MLD: Malad City, Malad City
3U2: Johnson Creek, Yellow Pine MUO: Mountain Home Air Force Base, Mountain Home
40ID: Camas Creek Ranch, Fairfield MYL: Mc Call Municipal, Mc Call
41ID: Black's Airfield, Kuna PIH: Pocatello Regional, Pocatello
44ID: Boulder Creek Airstrip, Donnelly RXE: Rexburg-Madison County, Rexburg
45ID: Fox Creek, Priest River S66: Homedale Municipal, Homedale
50S: Parma, Parma S68: Orofino Municipal, Orofino
52U: Weatherby US Forest Service, Atlanta S72: St Maries Municipal, St Maries
54U: Big Creek, Big Creek S73: Kamiah Municipal, Kamiah
55H: Atlanta, Atlanta S75: Payette Municipal, Payette
55ID: Spear Valley, Sandpoint S76: Brooks, Coeur D'Alene
59ID: Palisades Field, Palisades S77: Magee, Coeur D'Alene
61ID: Flying W Ranch, Priest River S78: Emmett Municipal, Emmett
63ID: Hoskins Field, Caldwell S81: Indian Creek US Forest Service, Indian Creek
65S: Boundary County, Bonners Ferry S82: Kooskia Municipal, Kooskia
66ID: Wind Ridge, Grangeville S83: Shoshone County, Kellogg
66S: Cavanaugh Bay, Coolin S84: Cottonwood Municipal, Cottonwood
67ID: Steele Memorial, Salmon S87: Weiser Municipal, Weiser
67S: Priest Lake US Forest Service, Nordman S89: Craigmont Municipal, Craigmont
68ID: Rapoport Ranch, Sandpoint S90: Elk City, Elk City
6ID1: Regan Ranch, Coeur D'Alene S92: Fish Lake /US Forest Service/, Fish Lake
73U: Golden Age Mine, Idaho City S96: Lake Pend Oreille, Glengary
75C: Orogrande, Orogrande SMN: Lemhi County, Salmon
77ID: Ashley, Meridian SUN: Friedman Memorial, Hailey
78U: Snake River, Lewiston SZT: Sandpoint, Sandpoint
79ID: Clear Creek Int, Kooskia TWF: Joslin Field - Magic Valley Regional, Twin Falls
7ID7: Gritman Medical Center, Moscow U00: Leadore, Leadore
80ID: St Luke's Magic Valley, Twin Falls U01: American Falls, American Falls
84ID: Shetler's, Twin Falls U02: Mccarley Field, Blackfoot
85U: Soldier Bar US Forest Service, Soldier Bar U03: Buhl Municipal, Buhl
8ID8: Lewis And Clark Airstrip, Salmon U10: Preston, Preston
90ID: St Luke's Meridian Medical Center, Meridian U12: Stanford Field, St Anthony
91ID: Double Dreidel, Smith'S Ferry U36: Aberdeen Municipal, Aberdeen
93ID: Salmon River Helicopters, Riggins U37: Midway, Atomic City
95ID: Deer Creek, Lewiston U41: Dubois Municipal, Dubois
96ID: Flying H Ranch, Priest River U45: Graham US Forest Service, Atlanta
98ID: Walter Knox Memorial Hospital, Emmett U46: Big Southern Butte, Atomic City
99ID: Cahc Emergency, Challis U48: Coxs Well, Atomic City
9ID0: Jenkins Creek Ranch, Weiser U51: Bancroft Municipal, Bancroft
9ID6: Mallard Creek Ranch, Elk City U53: Henry's Lake, Island Park
A05: Dixie US Forest Service, Dixie U54: Bernard US Forest Service, Bernard
AOC: Arco-Butte County, Arco U56: Rigby, Rigby
BOI: Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field, Boise U58: Downey/Hyde Memorial/, Downey
BYI: Burley Municipal, Burley U60: Big Creek, Big Creek
C48: Wilson Bar US Forest Service, Dixie U61: Twin Bridges, Ketchum
C53: Lower Loon Creek, Challis U62: Mackay, Mackay
C64: Cayuse Creek US Forest Service, Cayuse Creek U63: Bruce Meadows, Stanley
COE: Coeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field, Coeur D'Alene U65: Carey, Carey
D12: Garden Valley, Garden Valley U70: Cascade, Cascade
D28: Tanglefoot, Cavanaugh Bay U72: Upper Loon Creek US Forest Service, Challis
DIJ: Driggs-Reed Memorial, Driggs U76: Mountain Home Municipal, Mountain Home
EUL: Caldwell Industrial, Caldwell U78: Allen H Tigert, Soda Springs
GIC: Idaho County, Grangeville U79: Chamberlain US Forest Service, Chamberlain Guard Station
GNG: Gooding Municipal, Gooding U81: Cold Meadows US Forest Service, Cold Meadows Guard Station
I08: Cabin Creek US Forest Service, Big Creek Ranger Station U82: Council Municipal, Council
I92: Reed Ranch, Yellow Pine U84: Donald D Coski Memorial, Donnelly
ID00: Hubler Field, Caldwell U86: Camas County, Fairfield
ID01: Cx Ranch, Clark Fork U87: Smiley Creek, Smiley Creek
ID02: Coeur D'Alene Resort, Coeur D'Alene U88: Garden Valley, Garden Valley
ID03: Kootenai Medical Center, Coeur D'Alene U89: Glenns Ferry Municipal, Glenns Ferry
ID04: Canyon, Murphy U91: Grasmere, Grasmere
ID05: Hackney Airpark, Athol U92: Antelope Valley, Moore
ID07: Nichols Ranch, Post Falls U93: Magic Reservoir, Hailey
ID09: S Bar Ranch, Hill City U94: Hazelton Municipal, Hazelton
ID10: Weitz, Marsing U97: Howe, Howe
ID11: Southfork River Ranch, Stites U98: Idaho City US Forest Service, Idaho City
ID12: Russell W Anderson Strip, Riverside U99: Laidlaw Corrals, Kimama

Ordered by City

Aberdeen: U36, Aberdeen Municipal Kellogg: S83, Shoshone County
Ahsahka: ID46, Dworshak Ketchum: 1ID5, St Luke's Wood River Medical Center
American Falls: U01, American Falls Ketchum: ID30, Everett II
Arco: AOC, Arco-Butte County Ketchum: U61, Twin Bridges
Athol: ID05, Hackney Airpark Ketchum/Sun Valley: ID70, Gulch Trust
Athol: ID48, Western Spur Kimama: U99, Laidlaw Corrals
Atlanta: 36ID, Dorothy Roeber Memorial Kimberly: 1ID6, Sligars Landing
Atlanta: 52U, Weatherby US Forest Service Kooskia: 79ID, Clear Creek Int
Atlanta: 55H, Atlanta Kooskia: S82, Kooskia Municipal
Atlanta: U45, Graham US Forest Service Kuna: 06ID, Larkin
Atomic City: U37, Midway Kuna: 41ID, Black's Airfield
Atomic City: U46, Big Southern Butte Kuna: ID68, Green Acres
Atomic City: U48, Coxs Well Lake Fork: ID59, Flying A Ranch
Bancroft: U51, Bancroft Municipal Landmark: 0U0, Landmark US Forest Service
Bellevue: ID16, Sluder Airstrip Lava Hot Springs: 01ID, Lava Hot Springs
Bernard: U54, Bernard US Forest Service Leadore: U00, Leadore
Big Creek: 54U, Big Creek Lewiston: 78U, Snake River
Big Creek: U60, Big Creek Lewiston: 95ID, Deer Creek
Big Creek Ranger Station: I08, Cabin Creek US Forest Service Lewiston: ID37, St Joseph's Regional Medical Center
Blackfoot: U02, Mccarley Field Lewiston: LWS, Lewiston-Nez Perce County
Boise: 14ID, Peaceful Cove Lowman: 0U1, Warm Springs Creek
Boise: 1ID4, Red Baron Airpark Lucile: 1DA, Big Bar
Boise: BOI, Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field Mackay: 0U2, Copper Basin
Boise: ID49, St Luke's Boise Medical Center Mackay: 2ID2, Linda's Roost
Boise: ID58, Nampa Valley Mackay: ID56, Star 'S' Ranch
Boise: ID89, Boise Plaza Mackay: U62, Mackay
Boise: ID91, St Alphonsus Mahoney Creek: 0U3, Mahoney Creek US Forest Service
Bonners Ferry: 65S, Boundary County Malad City: MLD, Malad City
Bruneau: ID39, Owen Ranches Inc Marsing: 08ID, Symms
Buhl: U03, Buhl Municipal Marsing: ID10, Weitz
Burley: BYI, Burley Municipal Marsing: ID40, Sunrise Skypark
Caldwell: 63ID, Hoskins Field May: 0ID2, Flying Joseph Ranch
Caldwell: EUL, Caldwell Industrial May: 0U8, May
Caldwell: ID00, Hubler Field Mayfield: ID26, P And R Field
Caldwell: ID80, West Valley Hospital Mc Call: 24K, Krassel US Forest Service
Cambridge: ID77, Cuddy Meadows Mc Call: MYL, Mc Call Municipal
Carey: 0U7, Hollow Top Mccall: 25ID, Mccall United States Forest Service
Carey: U65, Carey Mccall: 2ID5, Splan
Cascade: 02ID, Morgan Ranch Meridian: 77ID, Ashley
Cascade: ID35, High Valley Swanson Meridian: 90ID, St Luke's Meridian Medical Center
Cascade: ID44, Hidden Lakes Midvale: 0U9, Lee Williams Memorial
Cascade: ID55, Cascade Medical Center Midvale: 17ID, Coyote Ridge
Cascade: ID74, Sulphur Creek Ranch Minidoka: 1U0, Bear Trap
Cascade: ID86, Deadwood Dam Airstrip Montpelier: 16ID, Bear Lake Memorial Hospital Helipad
Cascade: U70, Cascade Moore: ID36, King Mountain Glider Park
Cavanaugh Bay: D28, Tanglefoot Moore: U92, Antelope Valley
Cavendish: 34ID, Freeman Creek Moose Creek Ranger Station: 1U1, Moose Creek /US Forest Service/
Cayuse Creek: C64, Cayuse Creek US Forest Service Moscow: 09ID, Taylor Ranch Landing Area
Challis: 99ID, Cahc Emergency Moscow: 7ID7, Gritman Medical Center
Challis: C53, Lower Loon Creek Moscow: ID60, Fountains
Challis: LLJ, Challis Mountain Home: 0ID3, Coyote Run
Challis: U72, Upper Loon Creek US Forest Service Mountain Home: 18ID, Elmore Medical Center
Chamberlain Guard Station: U79, Chamberlain US Forest Service Mountain Home: MUO, Mountain Home Air Force Base
Clark Fork: 00ID, Delta Shores Mountain Home: U76, Mountain Home Municipal
Clark Fork: ID01, Cx Ranch Mud Lake: 1U2, Mud Lake/West Jefferson County/
Clark Fork: ID32, Tuka Muldoon: 10ID, Flat Top Airstrip
Clark Fork: ID75, Riverlake Murphy: 0ID7, Z X Ranch
Clark Fork: ID78, Cx Ranch Nr 2 Murphy: 1U3, Murphy
Clarkia: ID33, Stocking Meadows Murphy: ID04, Canyon
Coeur D'Alene: 0WN8, Sheldon Nampa: 38ID, Sky Ranch North
Coeur D'Alene: 15ID, Scanlon Nampa: ID79, Sky Ranch South
Coeur D'Alene: 6ID1, Regan Ranch Nampa: ID83, Mercy
Coeur D'Alene: COE, Coeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field Nampa: MAN, Nampa Municipal
Coeur D'Alene: ID02, Coeur D'Alene Resort New Meadows: 1U4, New Meadows
Coeur D'Alene: ID03, Kootenai Medical Center Nez Perce: 0S5, Nez Perce Municipal
Coeur D'Alene: ID27, Hawk Haven Nordman: 21ID, Phillabaum
Coeur D'Alene: ID43, Carlin Bay Nordman: 67S, Priest Lake US Forest Service
Coeur D'Alene: ID65, Pisch's Place Oakley: 1U6, Oakley Municipal
Coeur D'Alene: ID71, Big Country Oldtown: 07ID, Shepard Strip
Coeur D'Alene: ID73, Rockford Bay Orofino: ID29, Big Island
Coeur D'Alene: ID98, Scanlon Orofino: ID66, Clearwater Valley Hospital
Coeur D'Alene: S76, Brooks Orofino: S68, Orofino Municipal
Coeur D'Alene: S77, Magee Orogrande: 75C, Orogrande
Cold Meadows Guard Station: U81, Cold Meadows US Forest Service Palisades: 59ID, Palisades Field
Coolin: 66S, Cavanaugh Bay Paris: 1U7, Bear Lake County
Cottonwood: S84, Cottonwood Municipal Parma: 50S, Parma
Council: 03ID, Flying Y Ranch Payette: S75, Payette Municipal
Council: ID17, Seven Devils Picabo: ID82, Picabo
Council: U82, Council Municipal Pine: 1U9, Pine
Craigmont: S89, Craigmont Municipal Placerville: 22ID, Treasure Gulch
Dixie: A05, Dixie US Forest Service Pocatello: ID64, Portneuf Medical Center
Dixie: C48, Wilson Bar US Forest Service Pocatello: PIH, Pocatello Regional
Dixie: ID28, Mackay Bar Porthill: 1S1, Eckhart International
Donnelly: 44ID, Boulder Creek Airstrip Post Falls: ID07, Nichols Ranch
Donnelly: ID96, Bear Air Post Falls: ID20, Hubof's
Donnelly: U84, Donald D Coski Memorial Prairie: 2U0, Smith Prairie
Downey: U58, Downey/Hyde Memorial/ Preston: U10, Preston
Driggs: DIJ, Driggs-Reed Memorial Priest River: 1S6, Priest River Municipal
Dubois: U41, Dubois Municipal Priest River: 45ID, Fox Creek
Eagle: ID31, Young Priest River: 61ID, Flying W Ranch
Eden: 1ID7, Fairbanks Airfield Priest River: 96ID, Flying H Ranch
Elk City: 9ID6, Mallard Creek Ranch Priest River: ID61, Valenov Ranch
Elk City: S90, Elk City Rexburg: RXE, Rexburg-Madison County
Elk River: ID85, Elk River Rigby: U56, Rigby
Emmett: 04ID, Lanham Field Riggins: 11ID, Elk Creek
Emmett: 98ID, Walter Knox Memorial Hospital Riggins: 19ID, Race Creek
Emmett: S78, Emmett Municipal Riggins: 93ID, Salmon River Helicopters
Fairfield: 33ID, Ozzy's Riverside: ID12, Russell W Anderson Strip
Fairfield: 40ID, Camas Creek Ranch Rockford: 2U4, Rockford Municipal
Fairfield: U86, Camas County Rupert: ID53, Minidoka Memorial Hospital
Featherville: 0ID0, South Fork Ranch Sagle: ID24, Timber Basin Airpark Inc
Feathervlle: 23ID, Southfork Salmon: 12ID, Flying B Ranch Landing Strip
Filer: 0ID1, Ziggy's Salmon: 67ID, Steele Memorial
Fish Lake: S92, Fish Lake /US Forest Service/ Salmon: 8ID8, Lewis And Clark Airstrip
Fruitland: 2ID6, Lemons Field Salmon: SMN, Lemhi County
Garden Valley: D12, Garden Valley Sandpoint: 1ID3, Beaux Ranch Field
Garden Valley: U88, Garden Valley Sandpoint: 26ID, Seven Shamrock
Glengary: S96, Lake Pend Oreille Sandpoint: 55ID, Spear Valley
Glenns Ferry: 3ID4, Health Center Sandpoint: 68ID, Rapoport Ranch
Glenns Ferry: U89, Glenns Ferry Municipal Sandpoint: ID19, Bird Nr 2
Gooding: 1ID8, Gooding County Memorial Hospital Sandpoint: ID25, Olmstead Sky Ranch
Gooding: GNG, Gooding Municipal Sandpoint: ID54, Bottle Bay
Grace: ID62, Simpson Sandpoint: SZT, Sandpoint
Grangeville: 05ID, Running Creek Ranch Shearer: 2U5, Shearer /US Forest Service/
Grangeville: 0ID8, Pinnacle Shoshone: 0ID4, Black Butte Ranch
Grangeville: 37ID, Hungry Ridge Ranch Slate Creek: 1S7, Slate Creek
Grangeville: 66ID, Wind Ridge Smiley Creek: U87, Smiley Creek
Grangeville: GIC, Idaho County Smith'S Ferry: 91ID, Double Dreidel
Grasmere: U91, Grasmere Soda Springs: U78, Allen H Tigert
Greenleaf: ID97, Hibbs Airport Soldier Bar: 85U, Soldier Bar US Forest Service
Hailey: SUN, Friedman Memorial Spirit Lake: ID22, Treeport
Hailey: U93, Magic Reservoir St Anthony: U12, Stanford Field
Hauser Lake: ID21, Smith Ranch St Maries: ID13, Sky Island Ranch
Hauser Lake: ID38, Sutherland St Maries: ID14, Benewah Community Hospital
Hazelton: U94, Hazelton Municipal St Maries: S72, St Maries Municipal
Headquarters: ID84, Cptpa Headquarters Stanley: 13ID, Silva Ranch
Hill City: ID09, S Bar Ranch Stanley: 2U7, Stanley
Hill City: ID88, Tracy Ranch Stanley: 2U8, Thomas Creek
Homedale: ID63, Richards Stanley: U63, Bruce Meadows
Homedale: S66, Homedale Municipal Star: ID92, Foster Field - Skydive Idaho
Horseshoe Bend: 1ID2, Horseshoe Bend Stites: ID11, Southfork River Ranch
Horseshoe Bend: ID67, Sands Sun Valley: ID69, Sun Valley Gun Club
Horseshoe Bend: ID95, Loomis Three Creek: 3U0, Murphy Hot Springs
Howe: U97, Howe Triangle: 2ID3, Josephine Ranch
Huston: ID47, Whelan's Troy: ID94, Friendly Persuasion Farm
Idaho City: 20ID, Harrington Twin Falls: 80ID, St Luke's Magic Valley
Idaho City: 73U, Golden Age Mine Twin Falls: 84ID, Shetler's
Idaho City: U98, Idaho City US Forest Service Twin Falls: TWF, Joslin Field - Magic Valley Regional
Idaho Falls: ID18, Eirmc Victor: ID15, Teton Springs
Idaho Falls: ID87, Rainbow Ranch Warren: 3U1, Warren /US Forest Service/
Idaho Falls: IDA, Idaho Falls Regional Weippe: 3ID2, The Last Resort
Indian Creek: S81, Indian Creek US Forest Service Weiser: 9ID0, Jenkins Creek Ranch
Inkom: 1ID9, Skyline Weiser: S87, Weiser Municipal
Irwin: ID72, Huskey Worley: ID23, Rock Creek Farm
Island Park: U53, Henry's Lake Yellow Pine: 3U2, Johnson Creek
Jerome: JER, Jerome County Yellow Pine: I92, Reed Ranch
Kamiah: S73, Kamiah Municipal Yellow Pine: ID41, Stibnite