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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in New Hampshire from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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New Hampshire

01NH: Moore Airfield, Enfield EEN: Dillant-Hopkins, Keene
02NH: Iroquois Landing, Dummer ERR: Errol, Errol
03NH: Lorden, Milford HIE: Mount Washington Regional, Whitefield
05NH: Stumpfield, Kensington LCI: Laconia Municipal, Laconia
06NH: Cole Farm, Kensington LEB: Lebanon Municipal, Lebanon
07NH: Diving Rock, Washington MHT: Manchester, Manchester
08NH: Memorial Hospital Heliport, North Conway NH06: Dynasty Farms, Salem
10NH: Clark, Hampstead NH07: Cooper Farm, Loudon
12NH: Gile Pond, Sanbornton NH09: Seabrook Station, Seabrook
13NH: Coffin Brook Landing, Alton NH13: Concord Hospital, Concord
14NH: Cheshire Medical Center, Keene NH15: Locke Lake, Barnstead
15NH: Nashua Technology Park, Nashua NH16: Brookline, Brookline
16NH: Bossey's, Meredith NH17: Zim, Mason
17NH: Pomroy, Londonderry NH18: Chickville, Center Ossipee
18NH: Catholic Medical Center, Manchester NH19: Air-Wood, Plainfield
19NH: Lorden II, New Boston NH20: Ward Field, Sanbornton
1B5: Franconia, Franconia NH21: Abbott, Jackson
1P1: Plymouth Municipal, Plymouth NH22: Lancaster, Lancaster
21NH: Propwash, Kensington NH24: Prescott Hill, Grafton
23NH: Windswept, Windsor NH26: Dragonwings, Bedford
24NH: Bountiful Farm, Westmoreland NH27: Huggins Hospital, Wolfeboro
25NH: Presby Field, Franconia NH28: Hillsboro Ford, Hillsboro
26NH: Phantom Two, Lebanon NH29: Hollander's, Plainfield
27NH: Phantom One, Hanover NH30: Avery Point, Moultonborough
28NH: A And K, New Boston NH31: Mountain View Field, Wolfeboro
29NH: Cleary, Auburn NH32: Bentley, Exeter
2B3: Parlin Field, Newport NH33: Brigham, Pembroke
2G8: Gorham, Gorham NH35: Fisher Scientific, Hampton
2ME7: Leinsing, Dover NH37: Southern Nh Medical Center, Nashua
2N2: Newfound Valley, Bristol NH38: Leavitt, Albany
2NH1: Foote, Merrimack NH39: Frank D Comerford, Walpole
2NH2: Westport, Litchfield NH40: Eagles Nest, New London
2NH3: Scott, Bow NH41: Merrimack, Merrimack
2NH4: Speare Memorial Hospital, Plymouth NH42: C S S, Nashua
2NH5: Pilgrim's Home Airfield, Westmoreland NH43: Murphy-Sherwood Park, Nottingham
2NH6: Speedway Northside, Loudon NH44: Dean Kamen, Bedford
2NH9: Brookside, Haverhill NH45: Foss, Hampton
32NH: Lumberjack, Wentworth NH46: Austin's Landing, New Boston
33NH: Bear Hill, Henniker NH48: Elliot Hospital, Manchester
34NH: Stone Song, Milford NH49: Bradley Field, Woodstock
35NH: Cobbetts Pond, Windham NH50: Gordon Brown, Atkinson
36NH: Long Pond Landing, Pelham NH51: Wickson, Jackson
3NH2: Flying Loon, Nelson NH52: Waste, Concord
3NH4: Portsmouth Regional Hospital, Portsmouth NH53: Norden Systems, Merrimack
3NH9: Longview, Alton NH55: Chopper One, Derry
40NH: Lakes Region General Hospital, Laconia NH56: Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, Dover
42NH: Androscoggin Valley Hospital, Berlin NH57: Exeter Hospital, Exeter
45NH: Hayes, Raymond NH58: D W, Franklin
46NH: Upper Valley, Orford NH59: Speedway, Loudon
48NH: Winter Harbor, Wolfeboro NH60: Huff Memorial, New Boston
4C4: Gifford Field, Colebrook NH61: New Poverty Flats, Chester
50NH: Smith Point, Alton NH62: Millipore, Jaffrey
51NH: Blue Puffin Farm, Deerfield NH63: Weston Street, Derry
54NH: Flying Ridge, Meredith NH65: Dean Kamen II, Bedford
55NH: Oxbow, Piermont NH66: Temple, Temple
56NH: Therriaults Landing, Middleton NH67: Winterwood, Brentwood
58NH: Wallace, Danville NH68: Merrymeeting Lake, New Durham
5B9: Dean Memorial, Haverhill NH69: Windsock Village, West Ossipee
5M3: Moultonboro, Moultonboro NH70: Forbes, North Conway
60NH: Sherwood Forest Inc, Freedom NH71: Loons Nest, Tuftonboro
61NH: Hooksett Safety Center, Hooksett NH73: Meader's, Center Ossipee
62NH: Carleton, Hales Location NH74: Crowley, Loudon
63NH: Jackson Fire, Jackson NH76: Mason Airfield, Mason
65NH: Riverdale Farm, Bradford NH77: Smiling Jack, Meredith
70NH: Scenic View, Concord NH78: Steck Farm, Pelham
76NH: Harris Homestead, Loudon NH79: Falcon Station, West Epping
7B3: Hampton Airfield, Hampton NH80: Shanklin, Wilton
82NH: Summit Meadow, Peterborough NH81: Franklin Regional Hospital, Franklin
8B1: Hawthorne-Feather Airpark, Hillsboro NH82: Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon
8B2: Twin Mountain, Twin Mountain NH83: Chiefs Hut, Dunbarton
90NH: Daisy's Landing, Wolfeboro NH84: Northwood, Northwood
92NH: Morrison, Meredith NH85: Apte, North Conway
93NH: Sharkey, Plainfield NH86: Intervale, Henniker
94NH: Tucker Farm, Andover NH87: Blue Light, Plymouth
98NH: Skybast, Northwood NH88: Country Club Air Park, Goffstown
AFN: Jaffrey Airport-Silver Ranch, Jaffrey NH91: Cheney, Hales Location
ASH: Boire Field, Nashua NH92: Littleton Hospital, Littleton
B18: Alton Bay, Alton Bay NH93: Sean, Pelham
BML: Berlin Regional, Berlin NH94: Spring Creek, Milford
CNH: Claremont Municipal, Claremont NH96: Wentworth Aerodrome, Wentworth
CON: Concord Municipal, Concord PSM: Portsmouth International At Pease, Portsmouth
DAW: Skyhaven, Rochester

Ordered by City

Albany: NH38, Leavitt Loudon: 76NH, Harris Homestead
Alton: 13NH, Coffin Brook Landing Loudon: NH07, Cooper Farm
Alton: 3NH9, Longview Loudon: NH59, Speedway
Alton: 50NH, Smith Point Loudon: NH74, Crowley
Alton Bay: B18, Alton Bay Manchester: 18NH, Catholic Medical Center
Andover: 94NH, Tucker Farm Manchester: MHT, Manchester
Atkinson: NH50, Gordon Brown Manchester: NH48, Elliot Hospital
Auburn: 29NH, Cleary Mason: NH17, Zim
Barnstead: NH15, Locke Lake Mason: NH76, Mason Airfield
Bedford: NH26, Dragonwings Meredith: 16NH, Bossey's
Bedford: NH44, Dean Kamen Meredith: 54NH, Flying Ridge
Bedford: NH65, Dean Kamen II Meredith: 92NH, Morrison
Berlin: 42NH, Androscoggin Valley Hospital Meredith: NH77, Smiling Jack
Berlin: BML, Berlin Regional Merrimack: 2NH1, Foote
Bow: 2NH3, Scott Merrimack: NH41, Merrimack
Bradford: 65NH, Riverdale Farm Merrimack: NH53, Norden Systems
Brentwood: NH67, Winterwood Middleton: 56NH, Therriaults Landing
Bristol: 2N2, Newfound Valley Milford: 03NH, Lorden
Brookline: NH16, Brookline Milford: 34NH, Stone Song
Center Ossipee: NH18, Chickville Milford: NH94, Spring Creek
Center Ossipee: NH73, Meader's Moultonboro: 5M3, Moultonboro
Chester: NH61, New Poverty Flats Moultonborough: NH30, Avery Point
Claremont: CNH, Claremont Municipal Nashua: 15NH, Nashua Technology Park
Colebrook: 4C4, Gifford Field Nashua: ASH, Boire Field
Concord: 70NH, Scenic View Nashua: NH37, Southern Nh Medical Center
Concord: CON, Concord Municipal Nashua: NH42, C S S
Concord: NH13, Concord Hospital Nelson: 3NH2, Flying Loon
Concord: NH52, Waste New Boston: 19NH, Lorden II
Danville: 58NH, Wallace New Boston: 28NH, A And K
Deerfield: 51NH, Blue Puffin Farm New Boston: NH46, Austin's Landing
Derry: NH55, Chopper One New Boston: NH60, Huff Memorial
Derry: NH63, Weston Street New Durham: NH68, Merrymeeting Lake
Dover: 2ME7, Leinsing New London: NH40, Eagles Nest
Dover: NH56, Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Newport: 2B3, Parlin Field
Dummer: 02NH, Iroquois Landing North Conway: 08NH, Memorial Hospital Heliport
Dunbarton: NH83, Chiefs Hut North Conway: NH70, Forbes
Enfield: 01NH, Moore Airfield North Conway: NH85, Apte
Errol: ERR, Errol Northwood: 98NH, Skybast
Exeter: NH32, Bentley Northwood: NH84, Northwood
Exeter: NH57, Exeter Hospital Nottingham: NH43, Murphy-Sherwood Park
Franconia: 1B5, Franconia Orford: 46NH, Upper Valley
Franconia: 25NH, Presby Field Pelham: 36NH, Long Pond Landing
Franklin: NH58, D W Pelham: NH78, Steck Farm
Franklin: NH81, Franklin Regional Hospital Pelham: NH93, Sean
Freedom: 60NH, Sherwood Forest Inc Pembroke: NH33, Brigham
Goffstown: NH88, Country Club Air Park Peterborough: 82NH, Summit Meadow
Gorham: 2G8, Gorham Piermont: 55NH, Oxbow
Grafton: NH24, Prescott Hill Plainfield: 93NH, Sharkey
Hales Location: 62NH, Carleton Plainfield: NH19, Air-Wood
Hales Location: NH91, Cheney Plainfield: NH29, Hollander's
Hampstead: 10NH, Clark Plymouth: 1P1, Plymouth Municipal
Hampton: 7B3, Hampton Airfield Plymouth: 2NH4, Speare Memorial Hospital
Hampton: NH35, Fisher Scientific Plymouth: NH87, Blue Light
Hampton: NH45, Foss Portsmouth: 3NH4, Portsmouth Regional Hospital
Hanover: 27NH, Phantom One Portsmouth: PSM, Portsmouth International At Pease
Haverhill: 2NH9, Brookside Raymond: 45NH, Hayes
Haverhill: 5B9, Dean Memorial Rochester: DAW, Skyhaven
Henniker: 33NH, Bear Hill Salem: NH06, Dynasty Farms
Henniker: NH86, Intervale Sanbornton: 12NH, Gile Pond
Hillsboro: 8B1, Hawthorne-Feather Airpark Sanbornton: NH20, Ward Field
Hillsboro: NH28, Hillsboro Ford Seabrook: NH09, Seabrook Station
Hooksett: 61NH, Hooksett Safety Center Temple: NH66, Temple
Jackson: 63NH, Jackson Fire Tuftonboro: NH71, Loons Nest
Jackson: NH21, Abbott Twin Mountain: 8B2, Twin Mountain
Jackson: NH51, Wickson Walpole: NH39, Frank D Comerford
Jaffrey: AFN, Jaffrey Airport-Silver Ranch Washington: 07NH, Diving Rock
Jaffrey: NH62, Millipore Wentworth: 32NH, Lumberjack
Keene: 14NH, Cheshire Medical Center Wentworth: NH96, Wentworth Aerodrome
Keene: EEN, Dillant-Hopkins West Epping: NH79, Falcon Station
Kensington: 05NH, Stumpfield West Ossipee: NH69, Windsock Village
Kensington: 06NH, Cole Farm Westmoreland: 24NH, Bountiful Farm
Kensington: 21NH, Propwash Westmoreland: 2NH5, Pilgrim's Home Airfield
Laconia: 40NH, Lakes Region General Hospital Whitefield: HIE, Mount Washington Regional
Laconia: LCI, Laconia Municipal Wilton: NH80, Shanklin
Lancaster: NH22, Lancaster Windham: 35NH, Cobbetts Pond
Lebanon: 26NH, Phantom Two Windsor: 23NH, Windswept
Lebanon: LEB, Lebanon Municipal Wolfeboro: 48NH, Winter Harbor
Lebanon: NH82, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Wolfeboro: 90NH, Daisy's Landing
Litchfield: 2NH2, Westport Wolfeboro: NH27, Huggins Hospital
Littleton: NH92, Littleton Hospital Wolfeboro: NH31, Mountain View Field
Londonderry: 17NH, Pomroy Woodstock: NH49, Bradley Field
Loudon: 2NH6, Speedway Northside