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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in North Dakota from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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North Dakota

03ND: Olafson Brothers, Edinburg 9Y1: Dunn County Weydahl Field, Killdeer
05D: New Town Municipal, New Town ASY: Ashley Municipal, Ashley
06D: Rolla Municipal, Rolla BAC: Barnes County Municipal, Valley City
08D: Stanley Municipal, Stanley BIS: Bismarck Municipal, Bismarck
08ND: Brecht Strip, Golden Valley BWP: Harry Stern, Wahpeton
0NA1: Goerger, Barney BWW: Bowman Regional, Bowman
0NA5: Sorlie, Maddock D03: Kulm Municipal, Kulm
0NA9: Boyd's Turf, Golva D05: Garrison Municipal, Garrison
0ND0: Gilbertson Field, Flora D06: Minto Municipal, Minto
0ND6: Schumacher Strip, Hague D09: Bottineau Municipal, Bottineau
0ND7: Saville Private, Hazelton D24: Fessenden-Streibel Municipal, Fessenden
10ND: Smith Strip, Halliday D29: Drayton Municipal, Drayton
12ND: Pietschtree Airstrip, Burlington D31: Leeds Municipal, Leeds
14ND: Hagen Private, Reeder D49: Columbus Municipal, Columbus
16ND: Kalberer, Bismarck D50: Crosby Municipal, Crosby
18ND: Bearpaw, Menoken D54: West Fargo Municipal, Fargo
19ND: Breckheimer, Tolna D55: Robertson Field, Langdon
1A2: Arthur, Arthur D56: Mayville Municipal, Mayville
1NA5: Gienger/Box Bar Ranch, Streeter D57: Glen Ullin Regional, Glen Ullin
1NA8: Preszler Airstrip, Braddock D60: Tioga Municipal, Tioga
1ND4: Walkinshaw, Argusville D61: Towner Municipal, Towner
20U: Beach, Beach D64: Westhope Municipal, Westhope
21ND: Rosenau, Upham DIK: Dickinson - Theodore Roosevelt Regional, Dickinson
23ND: Anderson, Rogers DVL: Devils Lake Regional, Devils Lake
25ND: Landeis Airstrip, Mandan FAR: Hector International, Fargo
27ND: Overland-Lohse Field, Alamo GAF: Hutson Field, Grafton
2C8: Cavalier Municipal, Cavalier GFK: Grand Forks International, Grand Forks
2D5: Oakes Municipal, Oakes GWR: Gwinner-Roger Melroe Field, Gwinner
2H9: Rolette, Rolette HBC: Mohall Municipal, Mohall
2L1: Larimore Municipal, Larimore HEI: Hettinger Municipal, Hettinger
2NA0: Soderquist, Wilton HZE: Mercer County Regional, Hazen
2ND0: Kraft, Mapleton ISN: Sloulin Field International, Williston
2ND1: Westerlind, Mercer JMS: Jamestown Regional, Jamestown
2ND2: Makeeff, Mercer K74: Robert Odegaard Field, Kindred
2ND3: Casslindan, Grand Forks MIB: Minot Air Force Base, Minot
2ND4: Trinity Health, Minot MOT: Minot International, Minot
2ND5: Cloud 9, Turtle Lake NA02: Saure, Reynolds
2ND7: Johnson, Newburg NA05: Kraig Farms, Sheldon
2ND9: Brekhus Field, Norma NA06: Bouret Ranch, Sheyenne
34ND: Plath Farms, Davenport NA07: Kornkven Airstrip, Souris
37N: Garrison Dam Recreational Airpark, Riverdale NA10: Anderson Private, Starkweather
37ND: Sunset Strip, Dunn Center NA12: Johnson Private, Turtle Lake
38ND: Schroeder Private, Erie NA13: Linrud Airstrip, Velva
3H4: Hillsboro Municipal, Hillsboro NA17: Jacob Gust, West Fargo
3NA0: Erickson, Clifford NA18: Hought Airstrip, Williston
3NA2: Lorentzen, Washburn NA21: Thompson Private, Wyndmere
3NA6: Risovi Ranch Strip, Hamberg NA22: Vernon Miller Private, Rhame
3NA7: J R, Kensal NA30: Behrens Airstrip, Burlington
3ND5: Gage Flying Farmer, Oriska NA32: Johnson Airstrip, Eldridge
3P3: Mott Municipal, Mott NA33: Ripplinger Strip, Esmond
40ND: Gorder Farm, Galchutt NA38: Sabbe Brothers Landing Strip, Maddock
41ND: Hill, Minot NA49: Paul Airstrip, Rugby
44ND: Fredericks Ranch, Halliday NA54: Moser Airstrip, Westfield
46D: Carrington Municipal, Carrington NA55: Hager Strip, Barney
48ND: Schirmeister Private, Hazelton NA56: Moffet Airstrip, Barney
4E7: Ellendale Municipal, Ellendale NA60: Dakota, Grandin
4E8: Richardton, Richardton NA63: Storseth Airstrip, Grenora
4F9: La Moure Rott Municipal, La Moure NA65: Anderson Strip, Hoople
4N4: Lidgerwood Municipal, Lidgerwood NA70: Smith Airstrip, Sheyenne
4NA0: Lindvig Airstrip, Williston NA71: M Bodvig Airstrip, Tappen
4NA1: Ring Rock Ranch, Williston NA73: Welstad Farms Airstrip, Upham
4NA3: Peterson Airstrip, Antler NA75: Lill Strip, Bremen
4NA5: Berg Strip, Berthold NA79: Philbrick Private Airstrip, Turtle Lake
4NA6: Nicks Landing, Grenora NA81: Central Valley Aviation, Buxton
4ND1: Knutson, Thompson NA84: L Seckerson Airstrip, Eldridge
4ND8: Sanden, Wyndmere NA86: Johnson Private Airstrip, Luverne
4R6: Milnor Municipal, Milnor NA88: Regan Airstrip, Regan
4S5: St Thomas Municipal, St Thomas NA90: Circle Z Landing Strip, Underwood
4V4: Northwood Municipal-Vince Field, Northwood NA98: Dilse Private Airstrip, Scranton
51D: Edgeley Municipal, Edgeley NA99: Bakko Airstrip, Walcott
52ND: Richtsmeier, Hunter ND01: Nelson, Amenia
55ND: Pete's Port, Killdeer ND02: Ricketyback Field, Aneta
57ND: Odegaard, Kindred ND07: Punton Private, Absaraka
5B4: Bowbells Municipal, Bowbells ND09: Bryn, Dazey
5B5: Napoleon Municipal, Napoleon ND10: Kadrmas, Dickinson
5C8: Washburn Municipal, Washburn ND11: R J Bohn Armory, Bismarck
5H4: Harvey Municipal, Harvey ND12: Snyders, Hazelton
5L0: Lakota Municipal, Lakota ND14: Fordville, Fordville
5N4: Sky Haven, Enderlin ND16: Frei Private, Halliday
5N8: Casselton Robert Miller Regional, Casselton ND18: Judy Strip, Glenburn
5NA0: Semchenko, Max ND20: Gensrich, Hatton
5NA2: Largo Base, Portland ND22: Fischer Private, Garrison
5ND0: Stiehl, Buford ND23: Sanford Fargo Medical Center, Fargo
5ND3: Craig Private, Bathgate ND24: Inkster, Inkster
5ND9: Deck, Hillsboro ND25: Prop Wash Field, Watford City
61ND: Bakke, Larimore ND26: Gajewski Field, Alexander
62ND: Morten, Larimore ND27: St Aloisius Medical Center, Harvey
64G: Page Regional, Page ND28: Towner County Medical Center, Cando
64ND: Z P Field, Mandan ND29: Swenson, Belfield
67ND: Waldie Farms, Marion ND30: Sanford Health-Bismark, Bismarck
69ND: Tengesdal, Maxbass ND33: Dawson Mediport, Dawson
6D3: Maddock Municipal, Maddock ND35: Lindemann, Lucca
6H8: Hazelton Municipal, Hazelton ND36: Sundre, Minot
6L3: Lisbon Municipal, Lisbon ND38: Rices Airpark, Maddock
6L5: Wishek Municipal, Wishek ND40: Rau Field, Medina
6NA0: Strom Private, Columbus ND41: Voller, Strasburg
6NA5: Chase Airstrip, Hebron ND42: Warren Pietsch, Sawyer
6NA6: Marsh Brothers Airstrip, Newburg ND43: Flying S Ranch, Minot
6ND2: Larson, Fullerton ND44: Underwood, Underwood
6ND3: Lisburg, Argusville ND45: Essentia Health Fargo, Fargo
6ND6: Fugleberg Farm, Portland ND46: St Alexius Med-I-Port, Bismarck
6ND9: Skinningsrud, Berthold ND47: Geske Airfield, Enderlin
70ND: Oak Creek, Sawyer ND48: Sanford Health, Fargo
72ND: Berg Field, Northwood ND49: Krause Private, Wyndmere
7G2: Mc Clusky Municipal, Mc Clusky ND50: Sakakawea Medical Center, Hazen
7K5: Kenmare Municipal, Kenmare ND52: True North Airpark, West Fargo
7L2: Linton Municipal, Linton ND53: Pueppke, Ayr
7NA2: Undlin Airstrip, Lansford ND54: Whitman Field, Robinson
7NA4: Ingebretson Airspray, Mayville ND55: Sperr, Ypsilanti
7NA9: Sjule Private Airstrip, Souris ND59: Grieve, Buffalo
7ND1: Wolberg's Private, Dickinson ND60: Frokjer, Arvilla
7ND5: Buchmiller, Bowdon ND62: Brands, Taylor
7ND8: Forest, Langdon ND68: Vining, Wheatland
80ND: Troy Field, Crosby ND72: Lonetree Airstrip, Harvey
81ND: Millers Airstrip, Deering ND73: Peterson, Amenia
84ND: Kyllo, Mc Canna ND74: Smith Private, Amenia
88ND: Goodman Strip, Milton ND75: Pete's Tractor Salvage, Anamoose
89ND: Poleschook, Minot ND78: Wilcox Farm, Ayr
8J7: Tomlinson Field, New Rockford ND80: Spitzer, Baldwin
8M6: Mc Ville Municipal, Mc Ville ND81: Grand Forks Par Site, Cavalier
8NA0: Tappen Airstrip, Tappen ND85: Humann Private Airstrip, Hazelton
8NA5: Liechty Farm, Montpelier ND86: Peterson, Grendra
8NA7: Camp Grafton, Devils Lake ND89: Mutschler Field, Clementsville
8NA9: Hashbarger Farm Airstrip, Hope ND90: Dahl Private, Cogswell/Brampton/
8ND0: Amble - Tiger North Farms, Sarles ND96: Sauter, Bismark
8ND4: Heyde, Manvel ND98: Cloud Nine, Lincoln
8ND5: Ausk Strip, Chaffee ND99: Ellig Field, Hickson
8ND6: J Vining, Chaffee PMB: Pembina Municipal, Pembina
8ND7: Sprague, Courtenay RDR: Grand Forks Air Force Base, Grand Forks
91N: Turtle Lake Municipal, Turtle Lake RUG: Rugby Municipal, Rugby
95D: Beulah, Beulah S25: Watford City Municipal, Watford City
96D: Walhalla Municipal, Walhalla S28: International Peace Garden, Dunseith
97ND: Walser Strip, Park River S32: Cooperstown Municipal, Cooperstown
98ND: Sobolik, Pisek Y19: Mandan Municipal, Mandan
9D7: Cando Municipal, Cando Y27: Standing Rock, Fort Yates
9G9: Gackle Municipal, Gackle Y37: Park River - W C Skjerven Field, Park River
9NA2: Essentia Health, Medina Y71: Elgin Municipal, Elgin
9NA4: Bodmer, Kenmare Y74: Parshall-Hankins, Parshall
9ND8: Hinkle, Cavalier Y99: Trulson Field, Plaza

Ordered by City

Absaraka: ND07, Punton Private Killdeer: 55ND, Pete's Port
Alamo: 27ND, Overland-Lohse Field Killdeer: 9Y1, Dunn County Weydahl Field
Alexander: ND26, Gajewski Field Kindred: 57ND, Odegaard
Amenia: ND01, Nelson Kindred: K74, Robert Odegaard Field
Amenia: ND73, Peterson Kulm: D03, Kulm Municipal
Amenia: ND74, Smith Private La Moure: 4F9, La Moure Rott Municipal
Anamoose: ND75, Pete's Tractor Salvage Lakota: 5L0, Lakota Municipal
Aneta: ND02, Ricketyback Field Langdon: 7ND8, Forest
Antler: 4NA3, Peterson Airstrip Langdon: D55, Robertson Field
Argusville: 1ND4, Walkinshaw Lansford: 7NA2, Undlin Airstrip
Argusville: 6ND3, Lisburg Larimore: 2L1, Larimore Municipal
Arthur: 1A2, Arthur Larimore: 61ND, Bakke
Arvilla: ND60, Frokjer Larimore: 62ND, Morten
Ashley: ASY, Ashley Municipal Leeds: D31, Leeds Municipal
Ayr: ND53, Pueppke Lidgerwood: 4N4, Lidgerwood Municipal
Ayr: ND78, Wilcox Farm Lincoln: ND98, Cloud Nine
Baldwin: ND80, Spitzer Linton: 7L2, Linton Municipal
Barney: 0NA1, Goerger Lisbon: 6L3, Lisbon Municipal
Barney: NA55, Hager Strip Lucca: ND35, Lindemann
Barney: NA56, Moffet Airstrip Luverne: NA86, Johnson Private Airstrip
Bathgate: 5ND3, Craig Private Maddock: 0NA5, Sorlie
Beach: 20U, Beach Maddock: 6D3, Maddock Municipal
Belfield: ND29, Swenson Maddock: NA38, Sabbe Brothers Landing Strip
Berthold: 4NA5, Berg Strip Maddock: ND38, Rices Airpark
Berthold: 6ND9, Skinningsrud Mandan: 25ND, Landeis Airstrip
Beulah: 95D, Beulah Mandan: 64ND, Z P Field
Bismarck: 16ND, Kalberer Mandan: Y19, Mandan Municipal
Bismarck: BIS, Bismarck Municipal Manvel: 8ND4, Heyde
Bismarck: ND11, R J Bohn Armory Mapleton: 2ND0, Kraft
Bismarck: ND30, Sanford Health-Bismark Marion: 67ND, Waldie Farms
Bismarck: ND46, St Alexius Med-I-Port Max: 5NA0, Semchenko
Bismark: ND96, Sauter Maxbass: 69ND, Tengesdal
Bottineau: D09, Bottineau Municipal Mayville: 7NA4, Ingebretson Airspray
Bowbells: 5B4, Bowbells Municipal Mayville: D56, Mayville Municipal
Bowdon: 7ND5, Buchmiller Mc Canna: 84ND, Kyllo
Bowman: BWW, Bowman Regional Mc Clusky: 7G2, Mc Clusky Municipal
Braddock: 1NA8, Preszler Airstrip Mc Ville: 8M6, Mc Ville Municipal
Bremen: NA75, Lill Strip Medina: 9NA2, Essentia Health
Buffalo: ND59, Grieve Medina: ND40, Rau Field
Buford: 5ND0, Stiehl Menoken: 18ND, Bearpaw
Burlington: 12ND, Pietschtree Airstrip Mercer: 2ND1, Westerlind
Burlington: NA30, Behrens Airstrip Mercer: 2ND2, Makeeff
Buxton: NA81, Central Valley Aviation Milnor: 4R6, Milnor Municipal
Cando: 9D7, Cando Municipal Milton: 88ND, Goodman Strip
Cando: ND28, Towner County Medical Center Minot: 2ND4, Trinity Health
Carrington: 46D, Carrington Municipal Minot: 41ND, Hill
Casselton: 5N8, Casselton Robert Miller Regional Minot: 89ND, Poleschook
Cavalier: 2C8, Cavalier Municipal Minot: MIB, Minot Air Force Base
Cavalier: 9ND8, Hinkle Minot: MOT, Minot International
Cavalier: ND81, Grand Forks Par Site Minot: ND36, Sundre
Chaffee: 8ND5, Ausk Strip Minot: ND43, Flying S Ranch
Chaffee: 8ND6, J Vining Minto: D06, Minto Municipal
Clementsville: ND89, Mutschler Field Mohall: HBC, Mohall Municipal
Clifford: 3NA0, Erickson Montpelier: 8NA5, Liechty Farm
Cogswell/Brampton/: ND90, Dahl Private Mott: 3P3, Mott Municipal
Columbus: 6NA0, Strom Private Napoleon: 5B5, Napoleon Municipal
Columbus: D49, Columbus Municipal New Rockford: 8J7, Tomlinson Field
Cooperstown: S32, Cooperstown Municipal New Town: 05D, New Town Municipal
Courtenay: 8ND7, Sprague Newburg: 2ND7, Johnson
Crosby: 80ND, Troy Field Newburg: 6NA6, Marsh Brothers Airstrip
Crosby: D50, Crosby Municipal Norma: 2ND9, Brekhus Field
Davenport: 34ND, Plath Farms Northwood: 4V4, Northwood Municipal-Vince Field
Dawson: ND33, Dawson Mediport Northwood: 72ND, Berg Field
Dazey: ND09, Bryn Oakes: 2D5, Oakes Municipal
Deering: 81ND, Millers Airstrip Oriska: 3ND5, Gage Flying Farmer
Devils Lake: 8NA7, Camp Grafton Page: 64G, Page Regional
Devils Lake: DVL, Devils Lake Regional Park River: 97ND, Walser Strip
Dickinson: 7ND1, Wolberg's Private Park River: Y37, Park River - W C Skjerven Field
Dickinson: DIK, Dickinson - Theodore Roosevelt Regional Parshall: Y74, Parshall-Hankins
Dickinson: ND10, Kadrmas Pembina: PMB, Pembina Municipal
Drayton: D29, Drayton Municipal Pisek: 98ND, Sobolik
Dunn Center: 37ND, Sunset Strip Plaza: Y99, Trulson Field
Dunseith: S28, International Peace Garden Portland: 5NA2, Largo Base
Edgeley: 51D, Edgeley Municipal Portland: 6ND6, Fugleberg Farm
Edinburg: 03ND, Olafson Brothers Reeder: 14ND, Hagen Private
Eldridge: NA32, Johnson Airstrip Regan: NA88, Regan Airstrip
Eldridge: NA84, L Seckerson Airstrip Reynolds: NA02, Saure
Elgin: Y71, Elgin Municipal Rhame: NA22, Vernon Miller Private
Ellendale: 4E7, Ellendale Municipal Richardton: 4E8, Richardton
Enderlin: 5N4, Sky Haven Riverdale: 37N, Garrison Dam Recreational Airpark
Enderlin: ND47, Geske Airfield Robinson: ND54, Whitman Field
Erie: 38ND, Schroeder Private Rogers: 23ND, Anderson
Esmond: NA33, Ripplinger Strip Rolette: 2H9, Rolette
Fargo: D54, West Fargo Municipal Rolla: 06D, Rolla Municipal
Fargo: FAR, Hector International Rugby: NA49, Paul Airstrip
Fargo: ND23, Sanford Fargo Medical Center Rugby: RUG, Rugby Municipal
Fargo: ND45, Essentia Health Fargo Sarles: 8ND0, Amble - Tiger North Farms
Fargo: ND48, Sanford Health Sawyer: 70ND, Oak Creek
Fessenden: D24, Fessenden-Streibel Municipal Sawyer: ND42, Warren Pietsch
Flora: 0ND0, Gilbertson Field Scranton: NA98, Dilse Private Airstrip
Fordville: ND14, Fordville Sheldon: NA05, Kraig Farms
Fort Yates: Y27, Standing Rock Sheyenne: NA06, Bouret Ranch
Fullerton: 6ND2, Larson Sheyenne: NA70, Smith Airstrip
Gackle: 9G9, Gackle Municipal Souris: 7NA9, Sjule Private Airstrip
Galchutt: 40ND, Gorder Farm Souris: NA07, Kornkven Airstrip
Garrison: D05, Garrison Municipal St Thomas: 4S5, St Thomas Municipal
Garrison: ND22, Fischer Private Stanley: 08D, Stanley Municipal
Glen Ullin: D57, Glen Ullin Regional Starkweather: NA10, Anderson Private
Glenburn: ND18, Judy Strip Strasburg: ND41, Voller
Golden Valley: 08ND, Brecht Strip Streeter: 1NA5, Gienger/Box Bar Ranch
Golva: 0NA9, Boyd's Turf Tappen: 8NA0, Tappen Airstrip
Grafton: GAF, Hutson Field Tappen: NA71, M Bodvig Airstrip
Grand Forks: 2ND3, Casslindan Taylor: ND62, Brands
Grand Forks: GFK, Grand Forks International Thompson: 4ND1, Knutson
Grand Forks: RDR, Grand Forks Air Force Base Tioga: D60, Tioga Municipal
Grandin: NA60, Dakota Tolna: 19ND, Breckheimer
Grendra: ND86, Peterson Towner: D61, Towner Municipal
Grenora: 4NA6, Nicks Landing Turtle Lake: 2ND5, Cloud 9
Grenora: NA63, Storseth Airstrip Turtle Lake: 91N, Turtle Lake Municipal
Gwinner: GWR, Gwinner-Roger Melroe Field Turtle Lake: NA12, Johnson Private
Hague: 0ND6, Schumacher Strip Turtle Lake: NA79, Philbrick Private Airstrip
Halliday: 10ND, Smith Strip Underwood: NA90, Circle Z Landing Strip
Halliday: 44ND, Fredericks Ranch Underwood: ND44, Underwood
Halliday: ND16, Frei Private Upham: 21ND, Rosenau
Hamberg: 3NA6, Risovi Ranch Strip Upham: NA73, Welstad Farms Airstrip
Harvey: 5H4, Harvey Municipal Valley City: BAC, Barnes County Municipal
Harvey: ND27, St Aloisius Medical Center Velva: NA13, Linrud Airstrip
Harvey: ND72, Lonetree Airstrip Wahpeton: BWP, Harry Stern
Hatton: ND20, Gensrich Walcott: NA99, Bakko Airstrip
Hazelton: 0ND7, Saville Private Walhalla: 96D, Walhalla Municipal
Hazelton: 48ND, Schirmeister Private Washburn: 3NA2, Lorentzen
Hazelton: 6H8, Hazelton Municipal Washburn: 5C8, Washburn Municipal
Hazelton: ND12, Snyders Watford City: ND25, Prop Wash Field
Hazelton: ND85, Humann Private Airstrip Watford City: S25, Watford City Municipal
Hazen: HZE, Mercer County Regional West Fargo: NA17, Jacob Gust
Hazen: ND50, Sakakawea Medical Center West Fargo: ND52, True North Airpark
Hebron: 6NA5, Chase Airstrip Westfield: NA54, Moser Airstrip
Hettinger: HEI, Hettinger Municipal Westhope: D64, Westhope Municipal
Hickson: ND99, Ellig Field Wheatland: ND68, Vining
Hillsboro: 3H4, Hillsboro Municipal Williston: 4NA0, Lindvig Airstrip
Hillsboro: 5ND9, Deck Williston: 4NA1, Ring Rock Ranch
Hoople: NA65, Anderson Strip Williston: ISN, Sloulin Field International
Hope: 8NA9, Hashbarger Farm Airstrip Williston: NA18, Hought Airstrip
Hunter: 52ND, Richtsmeier Wilton: 2NA0, Soderquist
Inkster: ND24, Inkster Wishek: 6L5, Wishek Municipal
Jamestown: JMS, Jamestown Regional Wyndmere: 4ND8, Sanden
Kenmare: 7K5, Kenmare Municipal Wyndmere: NA21, Thompson Private
Kenmare: 9NA4, Bodmer Wyndmere: ND49, Krause Private
Kensal: 3NA7, J R Ypsilanti: ND55, Sperr