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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in Maine from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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01ME: Saint Peter's, Portage Lake LRG: Lincoln Regional, Lincoln
02ME: Old Acton Airfield, Acton M00: Augusta, Augusta
03M: Lakeside Marina, East Winthrop M57: Rangeley Lake, Rangeley
03ME: Maple Ridge, Harrison ME00: Fort Fairfield, Fort Fairfield
04ME: Beech Hill, Mercer ME01: Crescent Lake, East Raymond
05B: Van Buren, Van Buren ME02: Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor
05ME: Drisko, Jonesboro ME03: Webber Jones, Brownville
06B: Lucky Landing Marina And Spb, Bangor ME04: Ilco Landing Area, Clayton Lake
06ME: Barker, Bethel ME05: Allen St Peter Memorial, Portage
07ME: Westbrook, Westbrook ME06: Flying Ed, Charlotte
08B: Merrymeeting Field, Bowdoinham ME07: Acadian, Bar Harbor
08ME: Lindbergh, Avon ME08: Gadabout Gaddis, Bingham
09ME: Perrotti Skyranch Airfield, Berwick ME09: Panther Pond, Raymond
0B1: Bethel Regional, Bethel ME11: Cooper, Hartford
0B2: Brewer, Brewer ME12: Brettuns Pond, Livermore
0ME4: Peasley Field, Otis ME14: Bald Mountain, Camden
0ME7: Sebago Lake Basin, North Windham ME15: Blue Hill Memorial Hospital, Blue Hill
12ME: Ridgeview Airport, Searsmont ME16: Loring International, Limestone
13ME: Socatean Bay, Rockwood ME17: Thomas, Roxbury
14ME: Ring Hill, Carmel ME18: Chesuncook Forestry District, Chesuncook
15ME: Eagle Field, North Yarmouth ME19: Clayton Lake Strip, Clayton Lake
17ME: Bresett's Mountainside, Van Buren ME2: Cutler Regional, Cutler
18ME: Ruby, Bristol ME20: Bob-Mar, Fairfield
1B0: Dexter Regional, Dexter ME22: Avery Field, Rockwood
1ME: Chesuncook Lake House, Chesuncook ME23: Franklin Memorial Hospital, Farmington
1ME1: Victor, Belfast ME24: Ben Hur, Appleton
20ME: Jerry Douglass, Lisbon ME25: Sunrise Farms, Fort Kent
21M: Currier's, Greenville Junction ME26: Super Cub Field, Westbrook
21ME: Moody Field, Gorham ME27: Double A, Glenburn
24ME: Slip Knot Landing, Windham ME28: Forest Lake, Cumberland
29ME: Teconnet, China ME29: Redington-Fairview General Hospital, Skowhegan
2B7: Pittsfield Municipal, Pittsfield ME3: Bradford Camps, Ashland
2ME3: Heartstone Farm, Charleston ME30: Greenville Forestry, Greenville
35ME: Matinicus Island, Matinicus Island ME32: Morrel Field, Sangerville
39B: Nugent Chamberlain Lake, Chesuncook ME33: Farr Field, Harpswell
3B1: Greenville Municipal, Greenville ME34: Robinson Ridge Field, Jefferson
3B4: Littlebrook Air Park, Eliot ME35: Terra B & B, Levant
3B5: Twitchell, Turner ME37: Bridgton Hospital, Bridgton
3ME7: Destiny Cove, Peru ME39: Rocky Ridge, Greene
3ME8: Mast Cove, Naples ME40: Mars Hill, Mars Hill
3S2: Swans Field, Dixfield ME41: Witherspoons Landing Strip, Inc, North Haven
40ME: Tib Field, Fryeburg ME42: Mid Coast Hospital, Brunswick
43B: Deblois Flight Strip, Deblois ME43: Mayo Regional Hospital, Dover-Foxcroft
44B: Charles A Chase Jr Memorial Field, Dover/Foxcroft ME44: Rigby, Boothbay
4ME4: Lovewell Pond, Fryeburg ME45: Goosefair, Kennebunkport
52B: Greenville, Greenville ME46: Back Acres, Kennebunkport
54ME: Cliff Dow, New Gloucester ME47: Payne Field, Hartland
55ME: Highland View Field, Searsmont ME48: Northern Maine Medical Center, Fort Kent
57B: Islesboro, Islesboro ME49: C A Dean Memorial Hospital, Greenville
57ME: Dyer's Landing, Fryeburg ME5: Banks, Swans Island
59B: Newton Field, Jackman ME51: Douglass, Standish
5ME: Brandy Pond, Naples ME52: Down East Community Hospital, Machias
60B: Moose River, Jackman ME55: Vinalhaven, Vinalhaven
63B: Limington-Harmon, Limington ME57: Bauneg Beg, North Berwick
64ME: Dave Libby, Falmouth ME58: Milbridge, Milbridge
65B: Lubec Municipal, Lubec ME59: Maine Helicopters, North Whitefield
66B: Gillespie Field, Meddybemps ME6: Wales, Wales
67ME: Station-Kel, Westbrook ME60: Sunny Hill, Belgrade
68JY: Hancock Pond, Denmark ME61: Salmon Falls, Berwick
6ME6: East Sumner Aerodrome, East Sumner ME62: Grignons Private Lndg Area, West Pittsfield
70B: Millinocket, Millinocket ME64: Skydive Lebanon, West Lebanon
70ME: Swn Pond Splash In Go, Lyman ME65: Miara, West Bath
71ME: Twin Eagles, Naples ME66: Scottow Bog Flightpark, Scarborough
72ME: Philbrick Mountain, Ellsworth ME67: Morrill Airpark, Van Buren
74ME: Labrador Landing, New Castle ME68: Newport Sky Park, Newport
75B: Seven G S, Mount Vernon ME69: Cliffords, Sabattus
76B: Long Lake, Naples ME70: Greenfield Hill, Cambridge
77ME: Long Pond, North Livermore ME71: Webb Lake, Weld
78B: Buckhorn Camps, Norcross/Millinocket/ ME72: Seboomook Forestry District Headquarters, Pittston Farm
78ME: Eric's Field, Falmouth ME74: Miller's Field, Newburgh
80ME: Bayley's Field, Scarborough ME75: Margerison, Lisbon Falls
81B: Oxford County Regional, Oxford ME76: Penobscot Bay Medical Center, Rockport
83B: Northern Maine Regional, Presque Isle ME79: Two Falls, Willimantic
85B: Shin Pond, Patten ME80: Dry Pond, Gray
87B: Portage Lake Municipal, Portage Lake ME81: 4 Winds, Manhegan
8B0: Steven A Bean Municipal, Rangeley ME85: Riverside, Dover Foxcroft
90ME: Zinck, Rumford ME86: Libby Camps, Ashland
92B: Long Lake, Sinclair ME87: Goodall Hospital, Sanford
92ME: Buzzport, Passadumkeag ME88: Morrison's, Perry
93B: Stonington Municipal, Stonington ME89: Buzzy's Field, Acton
98M: Greaton Airfield, Saco ME90: Little Ossipee Lake, Waterboro Center
AUG: Augusta State, Augusta ME91: Webster Field, Gorham
B10: Bowman Field, Livermore Falls ME92: Hilltop, Jay
B19: Biddeford Municipal, Biddeford ME95: Cmmc Air Ambulance Landing Site, Lewiston
B21: Sugarloaf Regional, Carrabassett MLT: Millinocket Municipal, Millinocket
BGR: Bangor International, Bangor MVM: Machias Valley, Machias
BHB: Hancock County-Bar Harbor, Bar Harbor OLD: Dewitt Field, Old Town Municipal, Old Town
BST: Belfast Municipal, Belfast OWK: Central Maine Airport Of Norridgewock, Norridgewock
BXM: Brunswick Executive, Brunswick PG1: Griffin Field, Levant
CAR: Caribou Municipal, Caribou PNN: Princeton Municipal, Princeton
EPM: Eastport Municipal, Eastport PQI: Northern Maine Regional Airport At Presque Is, Presque Isle
FVE: Northern Aroostook Regional, Frenchville PWM: Portland International Jetport, Portland
HUL: Houlton International, Houlton RKD: Knox County Regional, Rockland
IWI: Wiscasset, Wiscasset SFM: Sanford Seacoast Regional, Sanford
IZG: Eastern Slopes Regional, Fryeburg WVL: Waterville Robert Lafleur, Waterville
LEW: Auburn/Lewiston Municipal, Auburn/Lewiston

Ordered by City

Acton: 02ME, Old Acton Airfield Levant: PG1, Griffin Field
Acton: ME89, Buzzy's Field Lewiston: ME95, Cmmc Air Ambulance Landing Site
Appleton: ME24, Ben Hur Limestone: ME16, Loring International
Ashland: ME3, Bradford Camps Limington: 63B, Limington-Harmon
Ashland: ME86, Libby Camps Lincoln: LRG, Lincoln Regional
Auburn/Lewiston: LEW, Auburn/Lewiston Municipal Lisbon: 20ME, Jerry Douglass
Augusta: AUG, Augusta State Lisbon Falls: ME75, Margerison
Augusta: M00, Augusta Livermore: ME12, Brettuns Pond
Avon: 08ME, Lindbergh Livermore Falls: B10, Bowman Field
Bangor: 06B, Lucky Landing Marina And Spb Lubec: 65B, Lubec Municipal
Bangor: BGR, Bangor International Lyman: 70ME, Swn Pond Splash In Go
Bangor: ME02, Eastern Maine Medical Center Machias: ME52, Down East Community Hospital
Bar Harbor: BHB, Hancock County-Bar Harbor Machias: MVM, Machias Valley
Bar Harbor: ME07, Acadian Manhegan: ME81, 4 Winds
Belfast: 1ME1, Victor Mars Hill: ME40, Mars Hill
Belfast: BST, Belfast Municipal Matinicus Island: 35ME, Matinicus Island
Belgrade: ME60, Sunny Hill Meddybemps: 66B, Gillespie Field
Berwick: 09ME, Perrotti Skyranch Airfield Mercer: 04ME, Beech Hill
Berwick: ME61, Salmon Falls Milbridge: ME58, Milbridge
Bethel: 06ME, Barker Millinocket: 70B, Millinocket
Bethel: 0B1, Bethel Regional Millinocket: MLT, Millinocket Municipal
Biddeford: B19, Biddeford Municipal Mount Vernon: 75B, Seven G S
Bingham: ME08, Gadabout Gaddis Naples: 3ME8, Mast Cove
Blue Hill: ME15, Blue Hill Memorial Hospital Naples: 5ME, Brandy Pond
Boothbay: ME44, Rigby Naples: 71ME, Twin Eagles
Bowdoinham: 08B, Merrymeeting Field Naples: 76B, Long Lake
Brewer: 0B2, Brewer New Castle: 74ME, Labrador Landing
Bridgton: ME37, Bridgton Hospital New Gloucester: 54ME, Cliff Dow
Bristol: 18ME, Ruby Newburgh: ME74, Miller's Field
Brownville: ME03, Webber Jones Newport: ME68, Newport Sky Park
Brunswick: BXM, Brunswick Executive Norcross/Millinocket/: 78B, Buckhorn Camps
Brunswick: ME42, Mid Coast Hospital Norridgewock: OWK, Central Maine Airport Of Norridgewock
Cambridge: ME70, Greenfield Hill North Berwick: ME57, Bauneg Beg
Camden: ME14, Bald Mountain North Haven: ME41, Witherspoons Landing Strip, Inc
Caribou: CAR, Caribou Municipal North Livermore: 77ME, Long Pond
Carmel: 14ME, Ring Hill North Whitefield: ME59, Maine Helicopters
Carrabassett: B21, Sugarloaf Regional North Windham: 0ME7, Sebago Lake Basin
Charleston: 2ME3, Heartstone Farm North Yarmouth: 15ME, Eagle Field
Charlotte: ME06, Flying Ed Old Town: OLD, Dewitt Field, Old Town Municipal
Chesuncook: 1ME, Chesuncook Lake House Otis: 0ME4, Peasley Field
Chesuncook: 39B, Nugent Chamberlain Lake Oxford: 81B, Oxford County Regional
Chesuncook: ME18, Chesuncook Forestry District Passadumkeag: 92ME, Buzzport
China: 29ME, Teconnet Patten: 85B, Shin Pond
Clayton Lake: ME04, Ilco Landing Area Perry: ME88, Morrison's
Clayton Lake: ME19, Clayton Lake Strip Peru: 3ME7, Destiny Cove
Cumberland: ME28, Forest Lake Pittsfield: 2B7, Pittsfield Municipal
Cutler: ME2, Cutler Regional Pittston Farm: ME72, Seboomook Forestry District Headquarters
Deblois: 43B, Deblois Flight Strip Portage: ME05, Allen St Peter Memorial
Denmark: 68JY, Hancock Pond Portage Lake: 01ME, Saint Peter's
Dexter: 1B0, Dexter Regional Portage Lake: 87B, Portage Lake Municipal
Dixfield: 3S2, Swans Field Portland: PWM, Portland International Jetport
Dover Foxcroft: ME85, Riverside Presque Isle: 83B, Northern Maine Regional
Dover-Foxcroft: ME43, Mayo Regional Hospital Presque Isle: PQI, Northern Maine Regional Airport At Presque Is
Dover/Foxcroft: 44B, Charles A Chase Jr Memorial Field Princeton: PNN, Princeton Municipal
East Raymond: ME01, Crescent Lake Rangeley: 8B0, Steven A Bean Municipal
East Sumner: 6ME6, East Sumner Aerodrome Rangeley: M57, Rangeley Lake
East Winthrop: 03M, Lakeside Marina Raymond: ME09, Panther Pond
Eastport: EPM, Eastport Municipal Rockland: RKD, Knox County Regional
Eliot: 3B4, Littlebrook Air Park Rockport: ME76, Penobscot Bay Medical Center
Ellsworth: 72ME, Philbrick Mountain Rockwood: 13ME, Socatean Bay
Fairfield: ME20, Bob-Mar Rockwood: ME22, Avery Field
Falmouth: 64ME, Dave Libby Roxbury: ME17, Thomas
Falmouth: 78ME, Eric's Field Rumford: 90ME, Zinck
Farmington: ME23, Franklin Memorial Hospital Sabattus: ME69, Cliffords
Fort Fairfield: ME00, Fort Fairfield Saco: 98M, Greaton Airfield
Fort Kent: ME25, Sunrise Farms Sanford: ME87, Goodall Hospital
Fort Kent: ME48, Northern Maine Medical Center Sanford: SFM, Sanford Seacoast Regional
Frenchville: FVE, Northern Aroostook Regional Sangerville: ME32, Morrel Field
Fryeburg: 40ME, Tib Field Scarborough: 80ME, Bayley's Field
Fryeburg: 4ME4, Lovewell Pond Scarborough: ME66, Scottow Bog Flightpark
Fryeburg: 57ME, Dyer's Landing Searsmont: 12ME, Ridgeview Airport
Fryeburg: IZG, Eastern Slopes Regional Searsmont: 55ME, Highland View Field
Glenburn: ME27, Double A Sinclair: 92B, Long Lake
Gorham: 21ME, Moody Field Skowhegan: ME29, Redington-Fairview General Hospital
Gorham: ME91, Webster Field Standish: ME51, Douglass
Gray: ME80, Dry Pond Stonington: 93B, Stonington Municipal
Greene: ME39, Rocky Ridge Swans Island: ME5, Banks
Greenville: 3B1, Greenville Municipal Turner: 3B5, Twitchell
Greenville: 52B, Greenville Van Buren: 05B, Van Buren
Greenville: ME30, Greenville Forestry Van Buren: 17ME, Bresett's Mountainside
Greenville: ME49, C A Dean Memorial Hospital Van Buren: ME67, Morrill Airpark
Greenville Junction: 21M, Currier's Vinalhaven: ME55, Vinalhaven
Harpswell: ME33, Farr Field Wales: ME6, Wales
Harrison: 03ME, Maple Ridge Waterboro Center: ME90, Little Ossipee Lake
Hartford: ME11, Cooper Waterville: WVL, Waterville Robert Lafleur
Hartland: ME47, Payne Field Weld: ME71, Webb Lake
Houlton: HUL, Houlton International West Bath: ME65, Miara
Islesboro: 57B, Islesboro West Lebanon: ME64, Skydive Lebanon
Jackman: 59B, Newton Field West Pittsfield: ME62, Grignons Private Lndg Area
Jackman: 60B, Moose River Westbrook: 07ME, Westbrook
Jay: ME92, Hilltop Westbrook: 67ME, Station-Kel
Jefferson: ME34, Robinson Ridge Field Westbrook: ME26, Super Cub Field
Jonesboro: 05ME, Drisko Willimantic: ME79, Two Falls
Kennebunkport: ME45, Goosefair Windham: 24ME, Slip Knot Landing
Kennebunkport: ME46, Back Acres Wiscasset: IWI, Wiscasset
Levant: ME35, Terra B & B