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Looking for an airport? Here's a full list in Montana from the FAA, which contains all US and US territory airports, balloonports, seaplane bases, heliports, gliderports, STOL ports, and ultralight facilities. Also included are a few Canadian border facilities.

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00F: Broadus, Broadus 99MT: Fox Field, Hamilton
00U: Big Horn County, Hardin 9MT0: Pale Morning Dun Ranch, Fort Smith
01MT: Crystal Lakes Resort, Fortine 9MT9: Pierces, Belgrade
02T: Wise River, Wise River 9S2: Scobey, Scobey
04MT: Pluhar, Cohagen 9S4: Mineral County, Superior
06MT: Torgerson, Ethridge 9S5: Three Forks, Three Forks
07MT: Glasgow Industrial, Glasgow 9S7: Winifred, Winifred
08MT: Matovich, Grassrange 9U0: Turner, Turner
0MT1: Williams Field, Augusta 9U1: Wilsall, Wilsall
0MT2: Big Sandy Medical Center, Big Sandy B70: Tiber Dam, Tiber Dam
0MT3: Stock Farm, Hamilton BB0: Black Butte North, Winifred
0MT4: Kimp, Hamilton BHK: Baker Municipal, Baker
0MT5: Cottonwood, Laurel BIL: Billings Logan International, Billings
0MT6: Hanson, Marion BTM: Bert Mooney, Butte
0MT7: Pinehurst Ranch, Thompson Falls BW8: Bullwhacker, Winifred
0MT8: Glacier Heli Tours, West Glacier BZN: Bozeman Yellowstone International, Bozeman
0MT9: Lone Hawk, Whitefish CII: Choteau, Choteau
0MY1: Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Bozeman CTB: Cut Bank International, Cut Bank
0S1: Meadow Creek US Forest Service, Meadow Creek CW0: Cow Creek, Winifred
10MT: Hoolie, Haxby DLN: Dillon, Dillon
12MT: Lincolns Field, Hingham EKS: Ennis - Big Sky, Ennis
13MT: Sorenson, Kremlin GDV: Dawson Community, Glendive
14MT: Sandy Rock, Gildford GFA: Malmstrom Air Force Base, Great Falls
15MT: Saubak, Lustre GGW: Wokal Field/Glasgow International, Glasgow
16MT: Bangart Field, Roberts GPI: Glacier Park International, Kalispell
17MT: Abel Ranch, Kalispell GTF: Great Falls International, Great Falls
18MT: Fish Ranch, Jackson H28: Whetstone International, Port Of Del Bonita
19MT: N Bar Ranch, Grassrange HLN: Helena Regional, Helena
1MT0: Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Gallatin Gateway HVR: Havre City-County, Havre
1MT1: Krinitt Helicopters, Belgrade HWQ: Wheatland County At Harlowton, Harlowton
1MT2: Skyrider, Billings JDN: Jordan, Jordan
1MT3: Wood Strip, Elliston LC0: Left Coulee, Winifred
1MT4: Lonewood Meadows, Helena LTY: Liberty County, Chester
1MT5: Holy Rosary, Miles City LVM: Mission Field, Livingston
1MT6: Bobcat Field, Philipsburg LWT: Lewistown Municipal, Lewistown
1MT7: Prill Field, Sand Coulee M26: Drummond, Drummond
1MT8: St James, Butte M35: Lindey's Landing West, Seeley Lake
1MT9: Wilcox, Billings M42: Russian Flat, Russian Flat
1S3: Tillitt Field, Forsyth M46: Colstrip, Colstrip
20MT: Prevost, Lambert M62: Rotorcraft, Hamilton
22MT: Wounded Buck Ranch, Kalispell M75: Malta, Malta
23MT: Waterfall, Bozeman MLS: Frank Wiley Field, Miles City
23S: Seeley Lake, Seeley Lake MSO: Missoula International, Missoula
24MT: Haggerty, Bozeman MT01: Owen Bros, Geraldine
25MT: Blatter, Glasgow MT02: Hellinger, Devon
26MT: Hutchinson, Hingham MT03: Lakeside, Lakeside
27MT: Rahn, Kalispell MT04: Olfert, Lustre
28MT: Cain Ranch, Lincoln MT05: Laird Ranch, Ekalaka
29MT: Craik, Trout Creek MT06: Duncan, Helena
29S: Gardiner, Gardiner MT07: Moose Country, Rexford
2MT0: Bates Airstrip, Kalispell MT08: Zortman, Zortman
2MT1: Ryan Field, West Glacier MT09: Floyd Ranch, Opheim
2MT2: Braidwater Farm, Kalispell MT10: Riverside, Kalispell
2MT3: Community Medical Center, Missoula MT14: Marco Bay, Somers
2MT4: River Bend Ranch, Ferndale MT15: Fort Harrison Army Air Field, Helena
2MT5: Briar Creek, Bozeman MT18: Hoerner, Columbia Falls
2MT6: Sun River Ranch, Augusta MT19: Hoversland, Ronan
2MT7: Barnaby Lake Medivac Site, Fortine MT21: Nelson Ranch, Lincoln
2MT8: South Boulder, Cardwell MT23: St Patrick Hospital, Missoula
2MT9: Gold Creek, Drummond MT25: St Vincent Healthcare, Billings
32S: Stevensville, Stevensville MT27: Columbus Hospital, Great Falls
33MT: Kruger, West Glacier MT28: Kalispell Regional Hospital, Kalispell
37S: Fort Peck, Fort Peck MT29: Sunday Creek Airpark, Miles City
38S: Deer Lodge-City-County, Deer Lodge MT3: Knox Ridge, Winifred
3MT3: Three Cross Ranch, Ryegate MT30: Trapper Creek Strip, Conner
3U3: Bowman Field, Anaconda MT31: Central Montana Hospital And Nursing Home, Lewistown
3U4: St Labre Mission, Ashland MT32: Ckye Field, Stevensville
3U5: Augusta, Augusta MT33: Bair, Ulm
3U7: Benchmark, Augusta MT34: Ruff, Custer
3U8: Big Sandy, Big Sandy MT35: St Peter's Community Hospital, Helena
3U9: Boulder, Boulder MT37: Sanders, Kalispell
40MT: Silver Creek, Helena MT38: Swank, Poplar
41MT: R & R Field, Heron MT39: Black Canyon Ranch, Seeley Lake
45MT: Pester, Hingham MT41: Jefco Skypark, Whitehall
48MT: The Landing Zone, Stevensville MT42: Hasskamp, Three Forks
48S: Harlem, Harlem MT43: Klies Air Strip, Basin
49S: Babb, Babb MT44: Missoula Unit, Missoula
4MT1: Kreikemeier, Belgrade MT45: Castleberry, Ekalaka
4MT8: Brier Patch, Stevensville MT47: Metzel Creek, Lakeview
4U4: Hebbelman, Chinook MT48: Flying Y Ranch, Livingston
4U6: Circle Town County, Circle MT50: Lanning Ranch, Alzada
4U7: West Fork Lodge, Conner MT51: Zerbe, Frazer
4U9: Dell Flight Strip, Dell MT52: Nine Mile, Huson
50MT: Fly Wm, Laurel MT53: Carson Field, Kalispell
52S: St Ignatius, St Ignatius MT54: Weaver, Kalispell
53U: Ferndale Airfield, Bigfork MT55: Deaconess Medical Center Of Billings Inc, Billings
57S: Troy, Troy MT58: Nelson, Haxby / Fort Peck
58S: Whitefish, Whitefish MT60: Langton Airstrip, Polebridge
5U0: Denton, Denton MT64: Mineral County Hospital, Superior
5U1: Dutton, Dutton MT66: Livingston Memorial Hospital, Livingston
5U5: Fairfield, Fairfield MT67: Granite County Memorial Hospital, Philipsburg
5U6: Fairview, Fairview MT70: Benefis Healthcare, Great Falls
5U7: Fort Smith Landing Strip, Fort Smith MT71: Edsall Field, Bozeman
5U8: Geraldine, Geraldine MT72: Hedditch, Corvallis
6S0: Big Timber, Big Timber MT74: Sikorski Ranch, Ekalaka
6S1: Bridger Municipal, Bridger MT76: Smith Farms, Great Falls
6S3: Woltermann Memorial, Columbus MT77: Peterson Ranch, Highwood
6S5: Ravalli County, Hamilton MT78: Clark Fork Valley Hospital, Plains
6S8: Laurel Municipal, Laurel MT79: Sand Creek Wildlife Station, Roy
6U5: Hinsdale, Hinsdale MT80: Vine, Wolf Point
6U6: Hogeland, Hogeland MT83: Ten Mile, Helena
6U7: Hysham, Hysham MT86: Bar E, Helena
79S: Fort Benton, Fort Benton MT87: Oglesby Farms Inc, Peerless
7MT5: Kyle, Darby MT88: Campbell Ranch, Marion
7S0: Ronan, Ronan MT91: North Country Pad, Bigfork
7S1: Twin Bridges, Twin Bridges MT92: Dave's Landing, Thompson Falls
7S2: Winnett, Winnett MT94: Ousel Falls, Big Sky
7S4: Wisdom, Wisdom MT95: Flathead Lake Sky Ranch, Kalispell
7S6: White Sulphur Springs, White Sulphur Springs MT96: Wilhelm Airstrip, Helena
7S7: Valier, Valier MT99: Ccmh, Red Lodge
7S8: Ross International, Sweetgrass OLF: L M Clayton, Wolf Point
7U8: Richey, Richey PO1: Poplar Municipal, Poplar
80S: Lavina, Lavina PWD: Sher-Wood, Plentywood
84MT: Shimmon, Corvallis RC0: Rock Creek, Clinton
84U: Butte Aero, Butte RED: Red Lodge, Red Lodge
86MT: Moose City, Polebridge RPX: Roundup, Roundup
88M: Eureka, Eureka S00: Opheim, Opheim
8MT4: Elk Meadows Ranch, Townsend S01: Conrad, Conrad
8S0: Starr-Browning Airstrip, Browning S04: Condon US Forest Service, Condon
8S1: Polson, Polson S09: Hot Springs, Hot Springs
8U0: Ryegate, Ryegate S27: Kalispell City, Kalispell
8U1: Sand Springs Strip, Sand Springs S34: Plains, Plains
8U2: Schafer /US Forest Service/, Schafer S59: Libby, Libby
8U3: Scobey Border Station /East Poplar International/, Scobey S64: Stanford/Biggerstaff Field, Stanford
8U4: Spotted Bear /US Forest Service/, Spotted Bear S69: Lincoln, Lincoln
8U5: Sunburst, Sunburst S71: Edgar G Obie, Chinook
8U6: Terry, Terry S85: Big Sky Field, Culbertson
8U8: Townsend, Townsend SBX: Shelby, Shelby
8U9: Canyon Ferry, Townsend SDY: Sidney-Richland Municipal, Sidney
90MT: Aero, Missoula THM: Thompson Falls, Thompson Falls
92MT: Dbear Ranch, Conner U05: Riddick Field, Philipsburg
93MT: Masonry Field, Bigfork U09: Fort Belknap Agency, Harlem
97M: Ekalaka, Ekalaka WH0: Woodhawk, Winifred
97MT: Cabin Creek Landing, Marion WYS: Yellowstone, West Yellowstone
98MT: Rosemont, Stevensville

Ordered by City

Alzada: MT50, Lanning Ranch Jordan: JDN, Jordan
Anaconda: 3U3, Bowman Field Kalispell: 17MT, Abel Ranch
Ashland: 3U4, St Labre Mission Kalispell: 22MT, Wounded Buck Ranch
Augusta: 0MT1, Williams Field Kalispell: 27MT, Rahn
Augusta: 2MT6, Sun River Ranch Kalispell: 2MT0, Bates Airstrip
Augusta: 3U5, Augusta Kalispell: 2MT2, Braidwater Farm
Augusta: 3U7, Benchmark Kalispell: GPI, Glacier Park International
Babb: 49S, Babb Kalispell: MT10, Riverside
Baker: BHK, Baker Municipal Kalispell: MT28, Kalispell Regional Hospital
Basin: MT43, Klies Air Strip Kalispell: MT37, Sanders
Belgrade: 1MT1, Krinitt Helicopters Kalispell: MT53, Carson Field
Belgrade: 4MT1, Kreikemeier Kalispell: MT54, Weaver
Belgrade: 9MT9, Pierces Kalispell: MT95, Flathead Lake Sky Ranch
Big Sandy: 0MT2, Big Sandy Medical Center Kalispell: S27, Kalispell City
Big Sandy: 3U8, Big Sandy Kremlin: 13MT, Sorenson
Big Sky: MT94, Ousel Falls Lakeside: MT03, Lakeside
Big Timber: 6S0, Big Timber Lakeview: MT47, Metzel Creek
Bigfork: 53U, Ferndale Airfield Lambert: 20MT, Prevost
Bigfork: 93MT, Masonry Field Laurel: 0MT5, Cottonwood
Bigfork: MT91, North Country Pad Laurel: 50MT, Fly Wm
Billings: 1MT2, Skyrider Laurel: 6S8, Laurel Municipal
Billings: 1MT9, Wilcox Lavina: 80S, Lavina
Billings: BIL, Billings Logan International Lewistown: LWT, Lewistown Municipal
Billings: MT25, St Vincent Healthcare Lewistown: MT31, Central Montana Hospital And Nursing Home
Billings: MT55, Deaconess Medical Center Of Billings Inc Libby: S59, Libby
Boulder: 3U9, Boulder Lincoln: 28MT, Cain Ranch
Bozeman: 0MY1, Bozeman Deaconess Hospital Lincoln: MT21, Nelson Ranch
Bozeman: 23MT, Waterfall Lincoln: S69, Lincoln
Bozeman: 24MT, Haggerty Livingston: LVM, Mission Field
Bozeman: 2MT5, Briar Creek Livingston: MT48, Flying Y Ranch
Bozeman: BZN, Bozeman Yellowstone International Livingston: MT66, Livingston Memorial Hospital
Bozeman: MT71, Edsall Field Lustre: 15MT, Saubak
Bridger: 6S1, Bridger Municipal Lustre: MT04, Olfert
Broadus: 00F, Broadus Malta: M75, Malta
Browning: 8S0, Starr-Browning Airstrip Marion: 0MT6, Hanson
Butte: 1MT8, St James Marion: 97MT, Cabin Creek Landing
Butte: 84U, Butte Aero Marion: MT88, Campbell Ranch
Butte: BTM, Bert Mooney Meadow Creek: 0S1, Meadow Creek US Forest Service
Cardwell: 2MT8, South Boulder Miles City: 1MT5, Holy Rosary
Chester: LTY, Liberty County Miles City: MLS, Frank Wiley Field
Chinook: 4U4, Hebbelman Miles City: MT29, Sunday Creek Airpark
Chinook: S71, Edgar G Obie Missoula: 2MT3, Community Medical Center
Choteau: CII, Choteau Missoula: 90MT, Aero
Circle: 4U6, Circle Town County Missoula: MSO, Missoula International
Clinton: RC0, Rock Creek Missoula: MT23, St Patrick Hospital
Cohagen: 04MT, Pluhar Missoula: MT44, Missoula Unit
Colstrip: M46, Colstrip Opheim: MT09, Floyd Ranch
Columbia Falls: MT18, Hoerner Opheim: S00, Opheim
Columbus: 6S3, Woltermann Memorial Peerless: MT87, Oglesby Farms Inc
Condon: S04, Condon US Forest Service Philipsburg: 1MT6, Bobcat Field
Conner: 4U7, West Fork Lodge Philipsburg: MT67, Granite County Memorial Hospital
Conner: 92MT, Dbear Ranch Philipsburg: U05, Riddick Field
Conner: MT30, Trapper Creek Strip Plains: MT78, Clark Fork Valley Hospital
Conrad: S01, Conrad Plains: S34, Plains
Corvallis: 84MT, Shimmon Plentywood: PWD, Sher-Wood
Corvallis: MT72, Hedditch Polebridge: 86MT, Moose City
Culbertson: S85, Big Sky Field Polebridge: MT60, Langton Airstrip
Custer: MT34, Ruff Polson: 8S1, Polson
Cut Bank: CTB, Cut Bank International Poplar: MT38, Swank
Darby: 7MT5, Kyle Poplar: PO1, Poplar Municipal
Deer Lodge: 38S, Deer Lodge-City-County Port Of Del Bonita: H28, Whetstone International
Dell: 4U9, Dell Flight Strip Red Lodge: MT99, Ccmh
Denton: 5U0, Denton Red Lodge: RED, Red Lodge
Devon: MT02, Hellinger Rexford: MT07, Moose Country
Dillon: DLN, Dillon Richey: 7U8, Richey
Drummond: 2MT9, Gold Creek Roberts: 16MT, Bangart Field
Drummond: M26, Drummond Ronan: 7S0, Ronan
Dutton: 5U1, Dutton Ronan: MT19, Hoversland
Ekalaka: 97M, Ekalaka Roundup: RPX, Roundup
Ekalaka: MT05, Laird Ranch Roy: MT79, Sand Creek Wildlife Station
Ekalaka: MT45, Castleberry Russian Flat: M42, Russian Flat
Ekalaka: MT74, Sikorski Ranch Ryegate: 3MT3, Three Cross Ranch
Elliston: 1MT3, Wood Strip Ryegate: 8U0, Ryegate
Ennis: EKS, Ennis - Big Sky Sand Coulee: 1MT7, Prill Field
Ethridge: 06MT, Torgerson Sand Springs: 8U1, Sand Springs Strip
Eureka: 88M, Eureka Schafer: 8U2, Schafer /US Forest Service/
Fairfield: 5U5, Fairfield Scobey: 8U3, Scobey Border Station /East Poplar International/
Fairview: 5U6, Fairview Scobey: 9S2, Scobey
Ferndale: 2MT4, River Bend Ranch Seeley Lake: 23S, Seeley Lake
Forsyth: 1S3, Tillitt Field Seeley Lake: M35, Lindey's Landing West
Fort Benton: 79S, Fort Benton Seeley Lake: MT39, Black Canyon Ranch
Fort Peck: 37S, Fort Peck Shelby: SBX, Shelby
Fort Smith: 5U7, Fort Smith Landing Strip Sidney: SDY, Sidney-Richland Municipal
Fort Smith: 9MT0, Pale Morning Dun Ranch Somers: MT14, Marco Bay
Fortine: 01MT, Crystal Lakes Resort Spotted Bear: 8U4, Spotted Bear /US Forest Service/
Fortine: 2MT7, Barnaby Lake Medivac Site St Ignatius: 52S, St Ignatius
Frazer: MT51, Zerbe Stanford: S64, Stanford/Biggerstaff Field
Gallatin Gateway: 1MT0, Nine Quarter Circle Ranch Stevensville: 32S, Stevensville
Gardiner: 29S, Gardiner Stevensville: 48MT, The Landing Zone
Geraldine: 5U8, Geraldine Stevensville: 4MT8, Brier Patch
Geraldine: MT01, Owen Bros Stevensville: 98MT, Rosemont
Gildford: 14MT, Sandy Rock Stevensville: MT32, Ckye Field
Glasgow: 07MT, Glasgow Industrial Sunburst: 8U5, Sunburst
Glasgow: 25MT, Blatter Superior: 9S4, Mineral County
Glasgow: GGW, Wokal Field/Glasgow International Superior: MT64, Mineral County Hospital
Glendive: GDV, Dawson Community Sweetgrass: 7S8, Ross International
Grassrange: 08MT, Matovich Terry: 8U6, Terry
Grassrange: 19MT, N Bar Ranch Thompson Falls: 0MT7, Pinehurst Ranch
Great Falls: GFA, Malmstrom Air Force Base Thompson Falls: MT92, Dave's Landing
Great Falls: GTF, Great Falls International Thompson Falls: THM, Thompson Falls
Great Falls: MT27, Columbus Hospital Three Forks: 9S5, Three Forks
Great Falls: MT70, Benefis Healthcare Three Forks: MT42, Hasskamp
Great Falls: MT76, Smith Farms Tiber Dam: B70, Tiber Dam
Hamilton: 0MT3, Stock Farm Townsend: 8MT4, Elk Meadows Ranch
Hamilton: 0MT4, Kimp Townsend: 8U8, Townsend
Hamilton: 6S5, Ravalli County Townsend: 8U9, Canyon Ferry
Hamilton: 99MT, Fox Field Trout Creek: 29MT, Craik
Hamilton: M62, Rotorcraft Troy: 57S, Troy
Hardin: 00U, Big Horn County Turner: 9U0, Turner
Harlem: 48S, Harlem Twin Bridges: 7S1, Twin Bridges
Harlem: U09, Fort Belknap Agency Ulm: MT33, Bair
Harlowton: HWQ, Wheatland County At Harlowton Valier: 7S7, Valier
Havre: HVR, Havre City-County West Glacier: 0MT8, Glacier Heli Tours
Haxby: 10MT, Hoolie West Glacier: 2MT1, Ryan Field
Haxby / Fort Peck: MT58, Nelson West Glacier: 33MT, Kruger
Helena: 1MT4, Lonewood Meadows West Yellowstone: WYS, Yellowstone
Helena: 40MT, Silver Creek White Sulphur Springs: 7S6, White Sulphur Springs
Helena: HLN, Helena Regional Whitefish: 0MT9, Lone Hawk
Helena: MT06, Duncan Whitefish: 58S, Whitefish
Helena: MT15, Fort Harrison Army Air Field Whitehall: MT41, Jefco Skypark
Helena: MT35, St Peter's Community Hospital Wilsall: 9U1, Wilsall
Helena: MT83, Ten Mile Winifred: 9S7, Winifred
Helena: MT86, Bar E Winifred: BB0, Black Butte North
Helena: MT96, Wilhelm Airstrip Winifred: BW8, Bullwhacker
Heron: 41MT, R & R Field Winifred: CW0, Cow Creek
Highwood: MT77, Peterson Ranch Winifred: LC0, Left Coulee
Hingham: 12MT, Lincolns Field Winifred: MT3, Knox Ridge
Hingham: 26MT, Hutchinson Winifred: WH0, Woodhawk
Hingham: 45MT, Pester Winnett: 7S2, Winnett
Hinsdale: 6U5, Hinsdale Wisdom: 7S4, Wisdom
Hogeland: 6U6, Hogeland Wise River: 02T, Wise River
Hot Springs: S09, Hot Springs Wolf Point: MT80, Vine
Huson: MT52, Nine Mile Wolf Point: OLF, L M Clayton
Hysham: 6U7, Hysham Zortman: MT08, Zortman
Jackson: 18MT, Fish Ranch